Long story

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There is a long story that goes behind this, but I’ll just dent it along.


Cone of Uncertainty

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It almost seems like old news now, but this is the orange man’s position on democracy as supplied by Latuff and MONDOWEISS.NET. Good sources both.



Czar Donic

[Ed. Note: One worthwhile that
has emerged from the last few
weeks during the last hurricane is the term “cone of
uncertainty".  Surely,
that describes our current situation
as to the degree of absurdity to come on any specific day, and
hence our

Hello. I’m Czar Donic and you’re not. I’ve been wanting to steal that construction for some time and now its mine.

These are the days for journalism noir. We’ve had it in film, novels, and so on, and now, given current events, journalism.

We can see the start with the inauraration of Trump. “The largest crowd ever to attend an inauguration,” and DON’T BELIEVE THE PHOTOGRAPHS AND TELEVISION COVERAGE!!! People are easily led astray by what they see and hear. We must learn not to listen of watch. Simply take their words for it. Even the person whose professional life was ruined by the lies he told in support later made fun of it on national television at, if we remember correctly, an Oscar presentation.

Almost everyone who has left this administration, according to Anthony Scaramucci, has described the place as insane to work in, in other words, a madhouse. In fact, we would do well from now on the simply use the term “Mad-house” rather than “White-house” in discussions and reports. The Mad-house today confirms that the President is the least racist person in the “whole world,” and also be confirmed as the “Greatest in History, including the President’s close friend Frederick Douglas.” The “Mooch,” recently, has been trying to organize some sort of movement to get rid of this great man and replace him with someone more sane, more typical of the republican party (sort of a contradiction in terms). At least, the “Mooch” came up with a quotable line in speaking about his only11 days working at the Mad-house “I thought I’d last longer than a milk carton.” But even Mike Pence is reported to have once thought of a journal called “Torts Illustrated,” so one line just doesn’t do much.

This is fairly recent: A friend of mine who is a fairly well-known Physicist once demonstrated and then told me “Damn, I had never thought I’d be marching in favor of facts one day!” (He never read much science fiction.) I remember seeing a woman marching hlding a sign that read “Deregulate my uterus.” There was no comment on this from the Mad-house. Yes, the term fits.

[We owe
this to Arthud C. Clarke: in
the ancient days, there was a famous rug maker called Ali
Hasan.  One day at
court, in front of the Calif
(king, leader, whatever), he farted.  He
left the court quickly to avoid being beheaded, packed his
rugs, and traveled
other countries.  He
prospered for many
decades.  Finally,
in his old age, he
wanted to visit Bagdad once more.  He
stopped at an inn where people were talking about the
latest scandals at court
amidst much laughter in which he shared. 
He felt he was quite safe now and relaxed.  After one extremely funny story, he asked
the teller when it
happened.  The
response was “I don’t
remember the exact year, but it was about 5 years after
Ali Hasan farted.”]
Well, the U.S. farted and other countries will never let us forget.

Keeping up with each new fart is simply silly these days. Recently, he decided to buy Greenland. There is a history behind Greenland going back to Erik the Red who “discovered” it, but why bother? As a matter of fact, who remembers the Greenland fiasco now? Disloyal Jews have voted for Democrats, so [draw your own conclusion here]. It is simply not worth it.

One of our readers responded to a reference we made that Thomas Jefferson once said that we needed a revolution every 20 years but that we were not going to try to look it up. Well, he did and here is the full quote as supplied:

“God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion. The people cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented, in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions, it is lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. … And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to the facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.”

~ Thomas Jefferson

Hence, the “resistance” inspired by Daffy Don. Of course, a major problem is posed by Daffy’s supporters, who are the ones most likely to be dreaming of going out and shooting up some mass of people. Few, if any, consider carrying out such a movement against Daffy. It is often said that people get the sort of government they deserve; well, with Daffy, the Republican Party now is saddled by the sort of member it has had coming to it for years of abuse.

Ever heard from Sitting Bull?

The love of possessions is a disease in them. These people have made many rules that the rich may break, but the poor may not! They have a religion in which the poor worship, but the rich will not! They even take tithes from the poor and weak to support the rich and those who rule. They claim this mother of ours, the earth, for their own use, and fence their neighbor away. … If America had been twice the size it is, there still would not have been enough.

Sounds like Karl Marx? It certainly becomes more relevant today.

It is certainly a ticket to an asylum to try to keep up with the blithering, blathering Babbel that comes out of the Mad-House. I certainly expect his protoge Bolisinaro to keep burning down the Amazon forests as he encourages oil and other fossil exploration in Alaska. Why not?

Now, as the the Democrats: right now, we are very far away from there being any such thing as viable candidates. We are inundated with the results of polls constantly that determine the cast of debates to be shown of television. All very profitable media exercises. At present, three are pretty much tied as the leaders: Biden, Sanders, and Warren (listed in alphabetical order as that makes as much sense as any other). In political philosophies, Sanders and Warren are fairly close (although Bernie is still ahead of her on that) and together they comprise about 40% of the vote. Biden 20%, and the others combine to make up the rest.

A problem here arises from ignorance of the voters, or a significant portion of them. There are many who simply hate Sanders since he did not call himself a Democrat officially and who was a male who opposed the female in the last election, a corporate shill called Hillary Clinton. Many females saw this as an attack on their gender. Some Sanders supporters found the statement “Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a grandmother as President?” as ridiculous, and it was ridiculous. During her debate with Daffy Don, he hovered behind her and she did not react. At the time, most wished that she would turn and say “Get back to your box like a good little boy, or do you want a spanking?” (Cortez would have, certainly, and so would Tulsi Gabbard.) She said nothing.

It was clear that corporate forces worked very hard through the DNC to “rig” the nomination for her and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz would up taking the fall for that, but it was a concerted effort. Moreover, it still seems clear that Daffy Don did not expect to win, nor did he want to win. It was simply good marketing. However, that is what happened and is how we would up with him as “White Power” and other such racist groups supported him. (There is simply not enough time to explain why such right-wing corporate types like the Kock-Brothers (one now dead) are not that exhuberant about him.)

Oh, yes, Biden. It does look as if his lead and popularity within the party will fade as time goes by, but there is still a great deal of time left. No polls, especially those with about 5 or 6% (+or-) degree of error have any real significance today. Actually, the only one of them, especially female or otherwise, is Tulsi Gabbard, so they will keep her out of future debates by not taking any polls, even though with the degree of error she could have 8% support.

This is too silly to bother with, but why are the Democrats suddenly or recently against Russia and the Republicans defending it? That goes against the natural order of things. It doesn’t matter, though, nothing matters. Dorian, named after the novel by Oscar Wilde, will do whatever it takes to screw with Daffy Don of Orange. What else? Oh, yes, instead of fake news, why don’t we have fake tweets? Whatever he tweets is fake. He seems to sit of the toilet with constipation and tweet out insults at whomever until he gets relief. Maybe he won’t even complete his term by the time the election takes place. There will always be scandals at the Veteran’s hospitals and so on because once a person leaves the “service,” he/she becomes a human being again rather than government property and therefore a liability. I know because I worked with addicts at the VA for awhile and learned not only how they were treated, but also what they went through.

* * * * * * &&& * * * * * *

Well, after a break, I looked back at this thing and think it’s time to add a few things. For one thing, Dorian skipped Peurto Rico (part of the U.S., whether the orange man thinks so or not) and seems head for Trump properties. Perhaps there is some order in this universe after all.

Too much argument lately over Christianity and God. So far as I can tell, our belief in some infinite creator stems from our habit of noticing cause and effect. In other words, if something happened, something must have caused it. In fact, we have never known anything else. In ancient mythology, the earth was help up by Atlas. Well, what did Atlas stand on? Er, a giant turtle. Yeah, a turtle. Ok, what did the turtle stand on? And so forth. The best answer so far had been, sorry, but it’s turtles all the way down. (In other words, infinity.)

Well, the same problem happens with a first cause. What created the universe? In Physics, this is usually known as the “Big Bang”. Ok, what happened before that? Well, now is where it gets interesting. Einstein managed to get time considered a dimension somehow unified with the three usual dimensions. However, we have since learned that there are other dimensions as well. We need not name them (we really can not), but as we look backward into the original source of the big bang, we find that the gravity and time and the others become co-mingled to the degree that it is no longer sensible to separate them from one another. In fact, time no longer exists by itself as a dimension. (At least this is what Stephen Hawkings told us.) So, without time, cause and effect is meaningless so to even consider a cause of the universe or even the original particle or whatever is impossible since time is essential for cause and effect. Therefore, whether or not there is a God, or first cause, is meaningless. Does that help? No? Well, I don’t have it in me. You can use a search engine. :ook up “History of time,” or “string theory” and don’t worry if it’s Wikipedia (it gets bad press. Still, if you are still somewhat skeptical after all of that, the best recourse is to screw yourself.

Here is a religious tract one sent me recently:

My instinct was to make a sandwich, and play John Prine loudly.

I heard Allah and Buddha were singing at the Savior’s feast
And up the sky and Arabian rabbi
Fed Quaker oats to a priest
Pretty good, not bad, they can’t complain
Cause actually all them gods is just about the same
Pretty good, not bad, I can’t complain
Cause actually everything is just about the same“

Greta just landed in her yacht from Sweden (so chosen as to leave as little “greenhouse” effect behind). Not just carbon dioxide by also methane gas is dangerous. If you don’t believe it, well …. Let me tell you a story: In High School once I was making Nitro-Glycerin in Chemistry lab. (If you try it, don’t forget the hydrocloric acid to drain off the water.) Now, I know, teen age stuff, sure. But this ape next to me, Steve (long slavick name ending in ick) asks me what I’m doing and I tell him and say “Now, don’t mess with it.” Well, he decides to be a hero, grab the tube, and throw it out the window. Well, we were on the third floor and the window faced a brick courtyard. As the contents of the tube descended downwards, they seemed to pop like shots from a gun. The teacher got up on the desk and shouted, pointing at me. (I have no idea why he would think I would be responsible for something like that and I said “Well, he threw it out the window,” pointing to Steve. After that, the glycerin was locked up.

Now, why do I mention that? Well, if you fart, what you fart is combustible. Once, a friend of mine challenged me about it and I said ‘If you don’t believe me, next time you fart, hold a match to it.” He actually decided to challenge me on that. When asked about what happened, he confessed to the others “I nearly blew my ass off.” So, I guess that proves that we do have climate change.

Even Fox News now uses the term on occasion, and the Orangeman has now added it to the area of “fake news,” leaving nothing left as one is not supposed to believe what you see or read, either. I am afraid; we also are beset by fake tweets.

Well, finally, as it is now September: Two mass shootings in Texas, but rest easy. As of the first of September, you all in Texas can carry guns into your local church. That way, if someone wants to interrupt your prayer to Jesus, you can draw yer gun and shoot him down. Modern day smiting! Lots more in the Walmart, but they were Mexicans. Seven in Odessa. Yes, we have Odessa in the U.S. In Illinois we have Cairo and, I seem to remember, Damascus. Who needs the rest of the world?

Of course, when Orange Leader found out that his property was in peril, he sent Magic Mike (Pence) to Poland instead and stayed here to protect the twelve Trump loosing properties in Florida. Had to be here to sign the insurance claims. If you suffer from Trump fatigue, you are not alone. During that last hurricane he warned people in Alabama to shelter in place, so the Governor of Alabama had to get on the media and tell everyone that Dorian was not headed for Alabama.

Now, he says that if he is not re-elected, he will not leave. So, what we have to do (and I’m sure the Secret Service will co-operate on this one) is go in, lasso him, and drag him to New York. From there, he can be shipped to the other Odessa. Problem solved.

Now, I’ve already spent too much of my time and yours on this crap, so I’m sending it along. Also, send your thoughts and prayers to Texas, or anywhere else but here.

Crap, I forgot, all this gun violence is caused by video games and mental illness so rather than spend money on the mentally ill, we might as well keep electing them to Congress. Actually, I think any more time and thought on this subject will lead to madness, or, as Shakespeare put it, “That way madness lies.”


Cone of Uncertainty

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Guns, Twerps, and Trump

Tsar Donic

Well, El Paos, the “west texas town of El Paso/ I saw a sign of more things to come.” About 12 hours later, Dayton Ohio was shot up. I was asked “Who did it?” I had no hesitation in saying “Some white guy.” The response was relief as Moslems are always nervous that there will be some sort of reaction. Nope, a white guy, domestic terrorism, white superiority. (Or is it supremacy?) Now what is so supreme about get a damn machine gun and shooting up a place? The logic escapes me.

Shouldn’t there be some sort of requirement that you have a photo ID to buy one of these things? It can be done more easily than voting in many places.

Almighty God has already said that they have no more room for all the thoughts a prayers people keep sending, so maybe voting will help? Maybe get a photo ID if you don’t have one.

What else? Really, comparing Boris Johnson and Donald Trump is simply too depressing to contemplate. One thing I can point out is the Johnson apparently studied Greek and Roman classics when he was younger. Trump, however, in uncluttered by such epitude, and thus has no excuse.

Now, I have to send this off before there is another mass murder here in the US. I figure I only have about 8 hours left at a minimum.



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Offline Message from czar donic

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Reason is Dead

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<rTthe Absurd Times

Werner put this up, so it must count, right?

The Death of Reason

Some time ago, Max Horkheimer published the Eclipse of Reason. Then, along with Adorno, he published The Authoritarian Personality. Who would have imagined that Americans as well as other cultures were afflicted by it? Well, that was the last time our government asked his opinion on anything, as we all know.

Below, in a rather strange format, are some exchanges I’ve had recently on Twitter. Now there are a few advantages there not available on other platforms. I can simply ignore idiots or, if I follow them back, I can either block or mute them. If I mute them, at least I don’t have to see their nonsense while they may have to see mine. I can also block them, meaning nothing either from or to that person need be dealt with further. Donald Trump had blocked the author Stephen King. I then blocked Donald Trump. For one thing, I see and hear too much of him anyway. For another, I somehow enjoyed the action.

As can be expected, I mute most things I find ridiculous, so this is obviously a biased sample. However, at least it is not disgusting.

It seems, however, to be a world wide movement for all nations around the world now to think of themselves as superior to all other nations and to find people from a different ethnic group disgusting or at least offensive. In this country a great deal of people drive around with Confederate battle flags flowing from their cars, none knowing that both the former President of the Confederacy and the main military leader, Robert E. Lee, both said, on different occasions, words to this effect: "Ok, knock it off you guys. We lost and that’s that." No, these people do not listen to their ancestors. The are probably ignorant of what they have said.

If Heller’s Catch-22 came out today, he’d be prosecuted for treason.

I can not think of a better time and place to say goodbye. So, fare thee well!

Love Bertrand Russell. He was hilarious. His book _Why I Am Not a Christian_ is a classic. Loved his debate series with Copelston; he pretty much dominated until the argument from contingency which is an intriguing offer from Copelston.

My favorite is the nun bathing fully clothed so that the Lord would not see her naked. Words to the effect "He can see through concrete, steel, and wodd, and yet is foiled by your garment is beyond me."


Bollocks to depression. It fucking sucks. Secondly bollocks to Brexit. Directly linked to the downturn here due to uncertainty. Thank you each and everyone of you that fell for the lies. My family has lost a true friend. #ItsOkNotToBeOk

It is a part of International Nationalism and hatred of others. Everyone is joining in. What fun! I guess it really was a 1,000 year Reich. We just didn’t know it.


Trump on the 1776 war of independence " Our army manned the air, it took over the airports" This shit isn’t funny anymore, he needs to be removed on the grounds of stupidity /insanity #TrumpParadeFail

I am incapable of responding other than to say Once More?

NextWhere are human rights? From this heinous crime, Israeli terrorist soldiers used the apartheid regime against civilians in the State of Palestine. More than 50 gunmen. Can you justify this?

Replying to @yousefalhadda17 and @zenjk0

I wouldn’t even hazard an attempt. The answer is no.


Completely lacking the will to live or smile today. Never felt as lonely as I do right now. Too many battles to fight irl I’m overwhelmed with it all Post me some joy … sobs in a mush of patheticness This isn’t the me I know

Replying to @RED660 and @meNabster

All I can tell you is that suicide is not worth the effort. Others will continue to live and some are stupid enough to be happy.


Immediately thereafter:

just need to say to you all that you are absolutely amazing. I didn’t expect so much love and I’m blown away by it all. I’m still a miserable old moaning grump but I feel less alone & some me has crept back out of her hole. Tomorrow is a new dawn THANK YOU

You are welcome.


Mine alone:

July 4, 2019 This is what we celebrate: Did You Know? Three prominent U.S. Founding Fathers and Presidents, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Monroe all died on the U.S. Independence Day, the 4th of July, (in 1826, 1826, and 1831, respectively).


Rob Reiner




We can all make fun of this idiot citing air travel in the 1700’s, but what’s not funny is this sick soulless excuse for a human being has our nuclear codes. If this man is not impeachable, no one is. #ImpeachTrumpNow

Replying to @robreiner and @ProgressWeekly

He is much too Absurd to be impeached which is a process that employs reason. Reason is now dead.

(I left the name is as he is a public figure.)


Narcissism doesn’t have an "off" switch. He’s only capable of doing what he believes will benefit him. In this case something like "if I show off the military my ratings will be great." That’s really all there is…

Replying to

We regret to inform you that you are correct.


Alert: Turn off trump when kids are present. He’s single-handedly dumbing down America. Yesterday’s head shakers, airports taken over in Revolutionary War & Alexander Graham Bell an American when he was first an immigrant. Proof positive anyone can be an illegitimate potus.

Replying to

Wrong. He is the leader in that, but he has lots of help. He is a sociopath while most of his closest people are psychopaths,. I’ve said it before, the 1,000 year Reich continues in various guises.


I feel shame, sorrow, anger and rage. I see it equal to the South African Apartheid flag or the flag for Germany between 1935 and 1945.

Replying to @maria_engstrom1 @StandWithUs and @Israel

I see it as a continuance of the 1,000 year Reich. It simply changes names and flags and call itself different things, but it is all state nationalism combined with hatred for the other.






Thanks for letting Me decide who deserves peace, John! Glad all those genocides in My past didn’t disqualify Me!

Pastor John Hagee


· 16h

Peace is given, not achieved, and it is given to those with whom God approves.

Replying to @almightygod

I think he has read too much Calvin.

(I thought these deserved credit for their remarks.)

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