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Thanks, Latuff, how we look world wide.



Damn it – this is not a play be play thing. Yes, at one time I thought it would be nice to have Bob Costas look up to me and for me to look down on old Harry Carey, but this is not baseball and I’m not 12.

Someone said he had to be incapicatedd to have the 25th Amendment enforced. What about mental illness? He is obviouswly suffering from Sociopathic disorders, paranoiq or projection, and narcissism (fairly rare with low IQ subjects). I let my own certification lapse when I ended my practice and I saw no point in paying for lectures and events where I had to correct the speaker and bring them up to date or untangle logical twists, so that was that. However, there must be plenty qualified and right there in D.C.

So, enough, impeaching is also going on.

Alan Nairn has been missing for awhile, so here he is:

World leaders reacted in horror over the storming of the U.S. Capitol, with the U.N. secretary-general calling on political leaders to demand their followers refrain from violence. Leaders of the U.K., New Zealand, Australia, Canada, India, Japan, France, Germany, NATO and the European Council called for a peaceful transfer of power to Joe Biden. Investigative journalist Allan Nairn looks at what steps Trump may take next, and says despite protestations from President-elect Joe Biden and others that the insurrection was “not who we are,” the U.S. has a long track record of disrupting democratic processes elsewhere. “What has shaken the U.S. population so badly, this assault on the Capitol yesterday, is really nothing by comparison to what U.S. operations have done in Latin America, in Asia, in Africa, in the Middle East, to other democratic movements and elected governments over the years,” says Nairn.

Covid and Apartheid

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This is what is happening.

Covid Apartheid


Czar Donic

I simply refuse to publish the first edition of the New Year by discussing the Neo-Cretin activities in our politics (although this may be unfair to the Cretins). So, while Georgia and the like permeate our news, it is time to look at other aspects of things.

You will hear much about how well Israel is doing with its vacination program, but I doubt you will hear much, if anything, about the apratheid. So, here it is:

Israel has administered COVID-19 vaccines faster than any country in the world, with more than 14% of Israelis receiving vaccines so far. Despite the fast rollout, human rights groups are expressing alarm over Israel’s decision not to vaccinate Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza, where about 1,500 people have died during the pandemic. Israel has defended its actions citing the Oslo Peace Accords, which put Palestinian authorities in charge of healthcare in the West Bank and Gaza. Palestinian officials are facing a number of hurdles in launching their own vaccine campaign, including a shortage of money, lack of access to vaccines and lack of infrastructure to distribute a vaccine. “Israel actually is violating international law because it is denying its responsibility as an occupying power,” says Dr. Mustafa Barghouti, a physician, member of the Palestinian Parliament and head of the Palestinian Medical Relief Society. “Israelis are getting the vaccines, and Palestinians are getting nothing.”


This is a rush transcript. Copy may not be in its final form.

AMY GOODMAN: This is Democracy Now!,, The Quarantine Report. I’m Amy Goodman, with Juan González.

Israel has become the first country in the world to administer COVID-19 vaccines to more than 10% of its population. As of Monday, 14% of Israelis had received a vaccine — far higher than any other country. Despite the fast rollout, Israel’s health minister says a total lockdown is needed to combat the surging number of new infections.

This comes as human rights groups are expressing alarm over Israel’s decision not to vaccinate Palestinians living in the occupied West Bank and Gaza, where about 1,500 people have died during the pandemic. Physicians for Human Rights recently said, quote, “Israel bears moral and humanitarian responsibility for vaccinating the Palestinian population under its control,” unquote. Israel is, however, offering vaccines to Jewish settlers living in the illegal settlements in the West Bank.

Israel has defended its actions, citing the Oslo Peace Accords, which put Palestinian authorities in charge of healthcare in the West Bank and Gaza. Palestinian officials are facing a number of hurdles in launching its own vaccine campaign, including a shortage of money, lack of access to vaccines, lack of infrastructure to distribute a vaccine. Israel has so far been relying on the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, which needs to be stored at minus-94 degrees Fahrenheit. Storing such a vaccine is impossible in Gaza, where residents often go 12 or more hours a day without electricity. In 2014, Israel bombed Gaza’s only power plant in what Amnesty International described as “collective punishment” of Palestinians.

We go now to the West Bank city of Ramallah, where we’re joined by Dr. Mustafa Barghouti, physician, member of the Palestinian Parliament, head of the Palestinian Medical Relief Society, has been leading efforts to manage the pandemic in the West Bank and Gaza. He was infected with COVID-19 in December. He’s secretary general of the Palestinian National Initiative, a political party. And he was a presidential candidate in the 2005 elections.

We welcome you to Democracy Now!, Dr. Barghouti. Can you explain what is happening? How has Israel become the country that has vaccinated more of its population than any country in the world, and yet Palestinians are not getting vaccinated? Who’s in charge of this program? Who should be?

DR. MUSTAFA BARGHOUTI: Well, thank you, Amy. I’m glad to be with you.

Israel actually is violating international law, because it is denying its responsibility as an occupying power. Israel managed to get 14 million vaccines for the Israelis and those who hold Israeli IDs, but gave nothing to Palestinians. So, practically, they are vaccinating 8 million Israelis and not vaccinating 5.3, 5.2 million Palestinians living in the Occupied Territories.

More than that, this system of racial discrimination, which can only be compared, in my opinion, to apartheid system, is doing something horrible in the West Bank. Seven hundred fifty thousand illegal settlers, as you said, are getting the vaccines now; 3.1 million Palestinians in the West Bank are getting nothing. More than that, in the Israeli prisons, Israel ordered the guards in the prisons to get the vaccine, and probably the Israeli criminal prisoners, but the Palestinian prisoners, 5,000 of them, are getting nothing. What can be more clear here than that this confirms that this is really a system of racial discrimination?

And when they speak that the Palestinian Authority is responsible, this is totally misleading. First of all, the Palestinian Authority approached them, asking at least for vaccines for us, the healthcare providers, who are being infected around the clock. And Israel refused. The Palestinian Authority is in charge only of 38% of the West Bank, only. Sixty-two percent of the West Bank is Area C, under full Israeli military control, and Israel is doing nothing for Palestinians there. More than that, if the Palestinian Authority tries to import a vaccine from outside, they will need Israeli permit. And Israel did not allow any permit yet for Palestinians. Israel controls the borders, controls the imports, controls the exports.

And the biggest disaster is in Gaza, because in Gaza you have 2.1 million besieged by Israel, lacking health facilities, lacking equipment, and there, they are not getting any vaccines. And more than that, 70% of them are refugees displaced from their land in 1948. When you tell them, “Go and quarantine,” I don’t know how they can do that, if you have 10 people living in two rooms. It’s impossible.

The problem is that the rate of infection today in the West Bank and Gaza is 36%, while in Israel it’s 4.5%. Israelis are getting the vaccines, and Palestinians are getting nothing.

JUAN GONZÁLEZ: But, Dr. Barghouti, isn’t it in the interest of Israel, from a public health perspective, even if they want to pursue this continued antagonistic policy toward the Palestinians, to have the Palestinians vaccinated, to reach herd immunity in the total area?

DR. MUSTAFA BARGHOUTI: You’re absolutely right. In my opinion, Netanyahu and his government — this man is so racist. He only thinks of himself. He only thinks of his political future. He only thinks of escaping the criminal charges against him and being reelected again. And all he does is to satisfy the Israeli right-wing voters.

In reality, what his government is doing is actually hurting the Israelis, as well, because you cannot reach herd community if you have 8 million people vaccinated and 5.2 million people not vaccinated, especially that 130,000 workers will continue to go to Israel for work and will interact with Israelis, of course, and there are 750,000 other Israelis, illegal settlers, in the West Bank, who will continue to commute and communicate with the 3.1 million unvaccinated Palestinians. So, practically, this is a crime against Palestinians and a crime against the health of Israelis. It’s a violation of the international law, but also it’s, in my opinion, the worst crime against medical ethics, which says nobody should be discriminated against because of anything, which says, “Do no harm, and help people as much as you can as a health professional.”

JUAN GONZÁLEZ: I wanted to ask you — the COVAX facility that the World Health Organization established to help poor countries has pledged to vaccinate 20% of Palestinians. Where does that stand right now in terms of that pledge?

DR. MUSTAFA BARGHOUTI: I am in communication with the head of WHO here. And they are trying their best, but they do not think they can get anything here before four or five months, and if they are lucky. Up ’til now, they don’t know what vaccine they can get in. Up ’til now, they don’t know how to get vaccines. That’s why, given the huge spread now of community infections in the West Bank and Gaza, a very high number of cases — I estimate we have already 600,000 cases. And they approached the Israelis. The WHO approached Israel, asking at least for vaccines for the health professionals. Israel refused and continues to refuse.

So, unfortunately, we are looking here at a potential real serious disaster. And as a person who is suffering from COVID-19 now, after nine months of being so protective and trying to be very careful, I can tell you this is a horrible disease. I don’t wish it for anybody. It’s very dangerous. It can be destructive. It can kill the people. And it can also leave them with incapacity for a very long — for the rest of their life.

AMY GOODMAN: So, Dr. Mustafa Barghouti, as you said, you yourself have COVID-19 right now. You’re in the throes of it. We know that Saeb Erekat, chief negotiator, died of COVID-19. You’re a frontline physician. Do you get vaccinated? And what about the vaccines? Apparently, PA has asked the United Arab Emirates to share some of its supply of Chinese-made vaccine, and the Palestinian Authority has reportedly ordered 4 million doses of the Russian Sputnik vaccine. When are these doses going to come? And what are you demanding of the not only Israeli government, but the U.S. government, since it gives so much money to the Israeli government?

DR. MUSTAFA BARGHOUTI: I think I demand from the whole international community to do two things: first of all, to exercise immediate pressure on Israel to allow the passage of vaccines to at least the beginning — in the beginning, to the health professionals that are taking care of people, so that the health system would not collapse, and then to the elderly, of course, etc.; but also, we’re asking the international community to provide aid, bypassing Israel. Israel will not respond. And the international community has a big duty here.

I was not vaccinated. No health professional in the West Bank has been vaccinated yet. And we don’t know when we will get this vaccine. And it is really critical, because the rate of infection is going up, and it is affecting — it could affect everybody in the community. So what we need is immediate pressure.

Regarding the Russian vaccine, yes,, there was a request, but I don’t think the Russians can provide such vaccines, because their capacity of production is still low. They have produced only 500,000, up ’til now, vaccines. And their maximum capacity is 4 to 5 million per month, and they need 100 million vaccines for Russia itself. So I don’t think that is a solution, although the Sputnik vaccine seems to be very good.

I think what we need is to really have a way of getting the AstraZeneca or the Moderna vaccine. Of course, we have a problem with Pfizer, although we have managed to provide some facilities in the West Bank, if we can get it, to give it to people.

But the most immediate need now — now it’s a health disaster. Now it’s a very risky situation. A whole population is subjected to a very big, alarming risk. That’s why it is very urgent to immediately exercise pressure so that Palestinians also get the vaccines.

AMY GOODMAN: Would you describe this as medical apartheid?

DR. MUSTAFA BARGHOUTI: Yes, absolutely. This is the worst form of apartheid: medical apartheid. It didn’t even exist in South Africa. This is just beyond description. Imagine you go to a prison: You vaccinate the guards, but not the prisoners; you vaccinate Israeli prisoners, who are criminal usually, and not vaccinate Palestinian political prisoners. Imagine you go in the cities of the West Bank: The settlers are vaccinated, and nearby Palestinian cities and communities are not vaccinated. Not only they grab our land, not only they settle illegally on our land, take away our natural resources, take away our —

AMY GOODMAN: We have five seconds.

DR. MUSTAFA BARGHOUTI: — sources of economy, but also they back this system of apartheid. I call it — I call it vaccination with racism.

AMY GOODMAN: Dr. Mustafa Barghouti, physician, member of the Palestinian Parliament, thanks for joining us.

The original content of this program is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. Please attribute legal copies of this work to Some of the work(s) that this program incorporates, however, may be separately licensed. For further information or additional permissions, contact us.

There will be plenty of time in the next week or so to churn your stomach at the machinations of the Narcissistic Sociopath "Concrete Thinker" who is desperate to stay out of the courtroom later.

An old friend died — full performance

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Now these are the sorts of people we have living amongst us:

Ok, now that our current moron in chief has been removed, we can once again breathe and actually think.

Of course, you realize that all those tax cuts, 2 Trillion tax dollars with be our gift to the upper .5% of the population, and Biden will have to deal with the consequences. Try explaining that to the American people. Let me give you a few facts about the American people to help you out. They have been described as a form of “Truth Decay,” but point out how ignorance these people are. We have to remember that about 79% of those who voted for Trump (republicans) are certain that the election was stolen.

First, a few remarks about when he leaves. He has many court cases pending. The most important issue, however, for those who worry about the big, bad wolf is to make sure he looses any access to classified documents and new briefings. We should know enough about him to realize that he could and would sell them to the “enemy,” whoever will pay the most.

It is highly unlikely that Trump knew nothing in advance of Israel’s assassination of the lead nuclear Physicist in Iran. Netanyahu mentioned him by name several times in advance, there was a flurry of activity with him and Pompeo and some Arab gulf states, also just in advance. Anything to make Biden’s administration more difficult, don’t you know?

1) A woman dying of Covid, and now dead, kept asking how she could be dying because there was no such thing as Covid-19. Our leaders, and probably her church master, said so. So why did she die? Since, I’ve heard several instances of this from different nurses. They will believe him until they die, and many have.

2) As a result of this election, Republicans will have a free hand to re-district their own states according to the recent census.

3) Another woman, probably in Tennessee, thanked the nurse and said, “This is so much better than that Obamacare.” When she was told that it was Obama-care that did save her, she asked the nurse “Please don’t let any of my friends know?” What is this?

4) Certainly, during the epidemic that is growing, many lost their healthcare, as they were “laid off” which certainly doesn’t sound as bad as fired. But they lost their healthcare, of course. Still, they didn’t want any government health system, even when called Medicare of All, as it was, gasp, SOCIALIST. They would rather die, have parts of themselves amputated, etc.? Yes, better than being SOCIALIST! (Pol Pot, a southern Republican said, Pol Pot was a socialist, and that was that.)

5) We gotta kill all those indigenous people (Indians) up thar in North Dakota because they are talking about the environment. Global Warming? Nah. One Senator brought in a snowball to the Senate Chamber and that proved that there was no global warming. Wake up, citizens.

6) As I write this, millions of people are flying or driving great distances to return from visits to people they presumably think highly of. They will carry infections with them, or pick up infections while there, and then, about the time of the paqan festival of Christmas, will feel the effects and many will wind up in the hospitals, but a new bunch will travel to do the same thing in case they skipped Thanksgiving (which has absolutely nothing to do with Pocahontas who was, in fact, shipped over to England to be observed like a monkey in a zoo). The after-effects are now spreading. Monday, Nove 29 was the biggest travel day.

7) Steve Manuchin of the Tramp Administration has tried to restrict 80 billion for Yellon to deal with and the rest he put under the approval of congress. Whether or not this is legal or works, who knows? Trump will try to do other things to complicate world and national matters in order to make things as difficult as possible for the new administration.

8) The Donald, his ex-Attorney (and how many have that distinction) has warned, under oath, that he is capable of starting a war to stay in office.

9) His people, if such they can be called, agreed with him against mail-in voting, to the point where they did not mail-in votes much. Just one final Example of stupidity.

10) All of this simply reinforces the point that he has only one priority: “What’s in it for me.”


Well, the so-called “Black Friday” once was explained the time of the year when accountants of large businesses could move from using read ink to black ink, meaning they were ahead. It has become besmirched to the point it is a sales gimmick and it seems we have had a Black November. So now, it is time to think up some gimmick for December.

A few years ago, a very prominent Astrophysist named Neil DeGrasse Tyson posted something like “on this very day, December 25, a babe was born that changed the way we view the universe, saved us from the errors of the past, and gave us many things ranging from the simplest daily tasks to a prediction of the end of days. His name was Issac Newton.” Well, the response was overwhelming and furious. He was under attack for a long time on social media and eventually his show was cancelled, with “sexual harassment” given as a reason. I have no ideas about his sex life, so discount that. But with all the controversy over the 25th, I think it is best to forget about that date as one to celebrate. [If you are at all interested, Newton predicted
that the world would not end BEFORE 2040. Nothing more precise is available to

In addition, this year, so many covidiots (a new term listed by the Oxford English Dictionary) went to family gatherings in distant places so spread of it will really be taking its toll about that time. The 16th would be optimum time for such a celebration, and I have my own candidate any way. It also has the virtue of being pre-Winter Solstice.

This time of the year, especially this year, leaves less and less to celebrate. In fact, there is hardly any reason to celebrate anything anymore. There may be a few happy moments here and there, but the senseless killing that continues leaves no ritualistic period untouched. This particular week, we have seen only stock market reports and airline delays as well as major highway shutdowns and deaths on our interstate highway system, all precipitated by a few days off for those fortunate enough to still remain employed during which they are obligated out of habit to spend money they do not have to send things to people they have no real use for and whom they would just as soon never see again.

The new celebration!

One wonders how many Beethovens, or potential Beethovens, or great artists have either been killed by war or aborted by poverty or economics. This winter solstice is the anniversary of Beethoven’s premier performance of his fifth symphony, as well as his fourth and fifth piano concertos, all at the same concert, with Beethoven as conductor and pianist. How often in the history of the universe does a phenomenon such as that occur? Yet I know of no mass celebration of what is clearly one of the greatest accomplishments of humanity. Beethoven spent his life yearning for international peace and brotherhood and eventually expressed it in his 9th symphony which you may hear this season, complete with the text of Schiller’s "Ode to Joy". The best version of it remains the 1963 recording of the complete symphonies conducted by Herbert von Karijan (although he did do the complete cycle two more times as technology improved). I shudder to think how many people may sit through a performance of it out of a sense of duty.

Is it too much to believe that such accomplishments can be duplicated? In 1595, in England alone, perhaps 100,000 people were able to read and write English, and this is being generous. Out of this came Edmund Spenser, Sir Philip Sidney, Nash, Greene, Ben Jonson, William Shakespeare, Sir Francis Bacon, and many others whose literature survives and lives to this day. Imagine any city or town with a population of 100,000 and imagine what would come out of it today? In addition, at that time, 95% of everything written was written in Latin, the remaining 5% in the various "living languages." The King James Version of the Bible was to follow, as was John Milton.

And it was not a matter of these people, these great artists, being unrecognized in their own time. Beethoven himself was widely praised, most prominently by Haydn who had also praised Mozart. However, Goethe and Beethoven were reportedly walking together down a street and passersby would wave. Goethe lightly observed that these people should stop flattering him with the recognition and Beethoven reportedly asked, "How do you know they are not waving at me?" There was no contradiction.

So we can think of Goethe and Beethoven, Shakespeare and Spenser, and look for our modern parallels. Perhaps Nietzsche was right when he said that Darwin had it wrong, that "survival of the mediocre" is the rule. Even more of a warning is the thought that they both were right — the fittest are the mediocre.

My favorite line from that period (Elizabethan) is one I am often tempted to use, more often since the last four years, is “Ha! I fart at thee,” by Ben Johnson. A line often attributed to Shakespeare was actually by William Congrieve in 1667. (It is complicated, just take my word for it. The line is often spoken “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but that is actually a shortened version of it — you see…, oh never mind, who cares?)

At any rate, Beethoven’s birthday is the most fitting for us to celebrate. He even contributed to the war effort against Nazi Germany. How could this be? Well, the first four notes of his Fifth Symphony were used as the sign on for the BBC during those times and those notes signaled “V”, for Victory, in Morse Code (3 short and one long), Churchill’s rallying sign for the British.

The last part of the last movement of his last symphony is constantly played at New Year’s Even and other festive occasions (the Ode to Joy, lyrics by Schiller, music by Beethoven). On day he gave a birthday cdoncert where he gave the premieres of the 4th and 5th piano concertos as well and conducted the premier of his Fifth Symphony. Now I submit that he contributed more than anyone else I know of who was born about that time and is worth of celebration. So, January 16 is the day to celebrate. Furthermore, WETA, available internationally via internet, will spend the entire day playing only Beethoven.

Well, happy 250th.

Updated Trumpiad

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The Absurd Times: The Trumpiad

The Trumpiad

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So reader! if your mind is sufficiently stoic

To finish reading this peon with attitude heroic,

It will end with couplets that are called heroic,

After of ‘hero’ whose value is quite below it.

Homer had heroes aplenty for what he called the Illiad,

And Virgil a few enough to get the term the Anead.

But nothing here qualifies but that which once England had,

So along came A Pope to write the Dunciad.

So this need a name but so far none I’ve had,

Or even tried tells us the best title is the Trumpiad.

Invoke not the muse and get her incredibly bitter,

There’s inspiration enough just lower yourself to Twitter.

Every time I sit and muse on it,

In other words while taking a crap,

I can hear these monstrous quatrains emit

Words of nonsense ‘bout Donald and his pap.

So if you bear with me even when I’m frenetic,

And spout doggeral endlessly,

It’s cathartic for me,

In other words a healthy emetic.

So here follow couplets too many,

And quatrains as well,

Nothing really worth a penney,

At least I’ll avoid the bastard in hell.

The latest on the Fauci (whose truth is dreaded)

Is that he quickly be beheaded —

His head on a pike as Bannon hath saided,

"Learn from the prince you aided and abetted."

Of course they will properly call it for Biden,

For awhile, Trump even went into hiding.

Just try to find a rhyme for orange, so he is yellow,

No rhyme exists, no matter even if you drink yourself mellow.

Yes, the bombing to the west Bank continues,

As Covid and Trump utilize the news.

Of course they will properly call it for Biden,

For awhile, Trump even went into hiding.

For Kushner warned him “Don’t do that schitck,

“Cause the Hatch Act will require you to pay the legal bills.”

Donald protested “But Oren was a good guy and loyal

Why should he act against my pronouncements Royal?”

The Kush did as usual and put on a face so bland,

Not even the orange face lent him a hand.

I avoided a road block here:

Just try to find a rhyme for orange, so he is yellow,

No rhyme exists, no matter even if you drink yourself mellow.

So the Kush escaped and looked for daughter dear.

Orangeman shook his head and mused ‘cause he wanted her,

Wanted her so bad his hormones made him want to do,

Well, you know what and he still longed fer,

A chance, but then she became a Jew, he knew.

Ah, what a loss to suffer at this this hectic time,

And he could not stop the stiffening of his penis,

And here I need a rhyme and a few feet so “Thyme”

Usually found in the wild mountain, not for a stable genius.

Little he knew as he returned from his golf course,

As nobody dared speak of this ignominious defeat,

As toward the White House the glittering limosine sped,

The driver densed if he didn’t speed he was dead,

But Orange beamed as he saw a crowd Up just ahead,

And assumed the danced and cheered as they stomped and acted like jolly jesters,

He did not anticipate out his windows certain reported gestures.

Oh brass bands played,

And people jubiliated,

He was indeed betrayed,

But not a bit humiliated,

“Call my lawyers” he angrily shouted!

But just then Barr and Giuliani,

Could not be found sor several reasons,

He was speaking at the four seasons.

Yes he was, but not the one awaited,

But at a building site far away so named,

He stood in front of a lot,

Looking at the porn shop with its own

Customers in line, eyes blurring quite a lot,

But not for him or his slurring tones,

And what we heard he spouted as the wholly word,

All in all amounted to a political and rambling turd.

Still he was the master of all things foreign and domestic

He said he’d drain the swamp and he did,

You are forced that he is another Mr. Magestic.

We just didn’t realized how the swamp’d be weeded,

He picked the foulest creatures the swamp infesting,

And conscripted them to join his list of creatures we found detesting.

And as they saw what he was doing they would vomit,

And leave their post and left curses upon it.

(And yet again my chronology is off) He shouted,

At his driver so softly grinning,

“Get us the fuck outta here and fast,”

“Yass suh,” he replied with dreams of soon with whiskey,

“Faster so I get away from that heathen Antifa,”

“Yass suh” was the answer with the engine running more briskley,

“I mean fast and I mean fast don’t make angry you dolt”

“yas yas sir” was the answer, for this called for both whiskey and coke.

But still the Orange has such cause for jubiliation

When you tally the votes cast by folks of the nation,

True he is four million short there’s no need for this grill-ion,

For both got over seventy million,

And so many votes I believe doth positively demean

Half of a hundred fourty million with minds so scum filled,

That they would choose this orange Ape for President,

And keep him as the White House resident.

Think of all the indictments his Presidency has provided,

More than the gin-soaking Richard Nixon,

And all that from the White House house officially resided,

Put together and added if you really want your fingers fixin,

To punch all those keys on an adding machine

For to force one to try it would be simply mean,

A task so onerous even for a masochistic humper

That only could be designed by some onerous Trumper.

But most I go on with this most important epic,

For such it is, and epic, so defined by brilliant twaddle,

Anyone with a pen can argue with that if he is half into a bottle,

That he is his own Aristotle,

And I say it is and assertion is 9 point of the truth,

The other can be found in the Book of Ruth,

You know it was just a short while ago what was ruthless,

“Without pity” is what it means, of course unless the source was truth-less.

Where were we now, I have to pause to think,

I know it had something to do with a limosine driver and drink,

Oh yes, so Orange barged into the house that was White,

And looked for someone to bite,

And ah he found someone he could he could call a pinko,

Some heard it differently and it sounded like “Twinko”,

This I think must be rejected,

For knowledge since the 80s Orange has neglected.

Secretary of defense and a few from the Justice Department,

For it is another instance of cruddy comportment

Yet something such as this is important,

No longer are aligned with the Trump compartment,

This all In the Orangeman’s organization,

Will cause so many a precipitous vacation.

Note that the best farewell song on I-Tunes wishing luck Trump,

Carries, oh my, how can I write this here? Is titled Fuck Trump.

In fact it is the time for the couplet to end this garbage,

For a stanza for every idiocy he commits is to large.

Why it would run longer than the dullest Psychoneurosis,

To devote a stanza to every aspect of his tangled hoses.

Too much time to find an appropriate Rhyme

And even then it would not be worth a dime.

Over a dozen lies a day he spouted,

And Fox is seeking ways not to be outed.

But a seperate stanza for every lie?

You could’nt read it, in fact you’d rather die.

The first lady just went back to her Slovenia,

But found too many signs saying “Keep out Melenia!”

His followers found an error in the vote count in Georgia,

Population? Oh damn that’s the country, sorry recount will gorge ya.

So that’s enough, perhaps I’ll visit you anon,

As soon as the south finishes its love affair with q-anon.

Return of Kieth

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No more oversight or corporate censorship.
these are straight — and funny.
Worst Person in the World by Keith Olbermann #12: Trump Needed A Debate … via @YouTube


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A pictoral representation of the equation devised by Goins to finally arrive at a mathematical solution to the Higgs Boson — what he called "The God-Damn" particle. I found it, of all places, after searching just about anywhere else, on Wikipedia. It has doubtless been revised and attacked, but that’s your problem.



Czar Donic

It is really getting far too weird for me, so I’m going to start with something else than usual.

Recently, someone quoted Stephen Hawkings as saying there was no God to create the universe. Well, it is true, but it takes awhile to get there and, believe me, I’ve simplified this as much as possible. The math is out and the ideas, still debated, and pared down to the point that we are discussing an Alpha-Romeo by seeing one of its tires. Still, I hope I’ve been able to get across how far the God Squad has to go to establish a viable alternative as to the origin of the universe(s). It is mind-stretching.

We have to start with the Higgs Boson, sometimes called the “God” particle. Well, lets get rid of that idea first. It come from some physisist/mathemetician (the boundaries have not existed for decades now) who was assigned to work on it and he got so frustrated with the mathematics of it that he called it ‘THE GODDAMN PARTICLE”. So, sorry, there is no real metaphysical significance to that term, (one would suppose).

It’s value is that is is the particle that gives mass to all the other subatomic particles, starting with hydrogen for that had been missing since the 50s at least. Finally, they were able to find it a CERN (still the one superconductingsupercollider of distinction). Gerogie Bush wanted to build an even bigger one, but would listen to nobody with any knowledge and tried to build it in TEXAS (of course). Well, ants kept eating it, so it never really got built. (But I digress).

So, where does the string theory come into this? Well, before anything else, at the big bang, these strings, not particles, came out and each represented a dimension. The Higgs particle/space generates 30 dimensions in itself. However, there are other particles and theories, each with their own plethora of dimensions. The easiest to wrap your mind around (you still there? Ok.) is the idea of a two dimensional model that combines all the dimensions but requires a mirror to be understood. (Don’t ask me, I was lost about 2/3rds of the way through this.) This gives rise to plausible idea of multi-verses. I’ll just stick with out own and focus on earth. That’s enough for me.

All of our ideas, theories, beliefs, etc., depend upon some sort of cause and effect, and that requires the dimension of time. I started out as Physics Major in college and had read a great deal about relativity, thought experiments, nuclear reactions, and so forth, but such topics were never even considered in the official classes we took. All of them, without exception, seemed to be designed for the education of civil engineers. The focus was on Newtonian mechanics with a bit of newer ideas thrown in, but nothing beyond electricity (which they were still debating as to whether is traveled in waves or particles) and related topics. Gauss and then Maxwell seemed to be the most abstract thinkers they could follow – and I mean the "Professors".

I remember very vividly once, having heard of the activity of the hyperon where the reaction took place a micro nano second before the action and was eager for direction on where to search for more information. I raised the question in class and was answered with “when we want to be talking about that stuff, we should all be wearing along beards!” He chuckled, hoping for a class agreement and was greeted with yawns. Such was the intellectual climate. I also had trouble in a mathematics class because I used a novel solution (I thought) to a Calculus problem and nearly flunked for the sin of reading ahead to the next semester. Naturally, I hadn’t and it was the first time I had ever been attacked for actually reading anything in these textbooks before I absolutely had to and the only thing that kept me awake was looking for spelling errors or omissions of proper exponents. It was also the last. (I think I had suddenly, with no reasoning at all, applied what was known as “L’Hospital’s Rule, a clever rearrangement of sine and cosine.) Never mind. At least this is more intriguing than thinking about Donald Trump.

Anyway, now we have the background. The concept of a God or “Creator" relies on our experience in the four, or two, dimensions we confine ourselves to, all of them not in existence until AFTER the big bang. Using the dimensions that we are able to detect and in which we live, we have developed a prejudice in favor of cause and effect, and this idea depends on these dimensions. Essentially, it states tha one thing causes another and that means one thing happened before another, and the relies on the dimension of time. Space is another dimension, although we usually divide it into three, length, height, and width. In any case, none of this happened before the dimensions emerged, and the idea of cause and effect only makes use of two or three of them. Thus a “creator" is a ludicrous concept.

So, the Senate Republicans want to confirm someone to make sure that healthcare is more expensive, skip the idea of helping those who are out of work as a result of our mishandling of Covid, and make sure that the current occupant remains in the White House, eh? Let’s have a good laugh at that one! Then realize tat a majority of our population is stupid enough to vote for him. Talk about String Theory being a puzzle.

The Higgs boson is an elementary particle in the Standard Model of particle physics, produced by the quantum excitation of the Higgs field,[8][9] one of the fields in particle physics theory.[9] It is named after physicist Peter Higgs, who in 1964, along with five other scientists, proposed the Higgs mechanism to explain why particles have mass. This mechanism implies the existence of the Higgs boson. The Higgs boson was initially discovered as a new particle in 2012 by the ATLAS and CMS collaborations based on collisions in the LHC at CERN, and the new particle was subsequently confirmed to match the expected properties of a Higgs boson over the following years.

String Theory

String theory began as bosonic string theory, whose 26 dimensions act as many fewer. Yet this modeled only bosons, which are energy particles, while omitting fermions, which are matter particles. So bosonic string theory could not explain matter. Yet by adding supersymmetry to bosonic string theory, fermions were achieved, and string theory became superstring theory, explaining matter, too.

(In versions of quantum field theory that include supersymmetry (SUSY), each boson has a corresponding fermion, and vice versa. That is, each energy particle has a corresponding matter particle, and each matter particle has a corresponding energy particle, yet the unobservable partner is more massive and thus super. These superpartners might seem an extravagant prediction, yet many theorists and experimentalists favor supersymmetric versions of the Standard Model, whose equations must otherwise be tweaked extravagantly and sometimes arbitrarily to maintain predictive success or mathematical consistency, but with the superpartners align.

Trump: I love Wikileaks

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Assange on Donald Trump and Wikileaks. It seems that Trump’s people promised Assange a pardon (if he would tell then who gave him Hillary’s e-mails). It has always been a main feature of Wikileaks that they don’t even know where they get the material (or if they do, they are certainly not going to disclose it).

Legendary Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg says Julian Assange’s extradition hearing in London could have far-reaching consequences for press freedoms. The WikiLeaks founder faces an ever-evolving array of espionage and hacking charges related to the release of diplomatic cables that revealed war crimes committed by U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. Assange faces almost certain conviction, if extradited, and 175 years in prison. “The American press has remained in kind of a state of denial for 40 years, really, since my case, that the Espionage Act has wording in it that could be aimed directly at them,” says Ellsberg, who testified in Assange’s defense at his extradition trial via video stream from the United States. “Now the American press is staring right down the barrel at the use of the Espionage Act against American journalists and publishers for doing journalism.”

Supreme Court

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By Czar Donic

It is obvious that the fake justifications for not allowing Obama’s last nomination to even be considered (Garland, with 11 months left before the election) will show what the Republicans really are. Moreover, they are intent to overturn a number of cases such as Roe v. Wade and the ban on pre-existing conditions). This is being used as a way to get trump’s incompetence in dealing the pandemic which has killed more than all of our wars combined, or at least will. Some months ago, back in March, I predicted, simply on mathematical intuition (if there is such a thing) at least a quarter million will die. It seems as though I underestimated.

At any rate, I’ve been asked and here oblige, with an interview about Ginsburg in Democracy Now:

* * *

We look at the life and legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, as well as the future of the Supreme Court, in a wide-ranging interview with Dahlia Lithwick, senior editor at Slate, where she is the senior legal correspondent and Supreme Court reporter. Ginsburg died September 18 at the age of 87 after serving 27 years as a Supreme Court justice, where she became the most prominent member of the court’s liberal wing. Her death just 46 days before the November election sets up a major political battle over her replacement, with President Trump and many Senate Republicans vowing to nominate and confirm a right-wing judge to fill her seat by Friday or Saturday. In 2016, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell refused to hold confirmation hearings for Merrick Garland, President Obama’s pick to replace Justice Antonin Scalia, who died 269 days before the election. “Hypocrisy doesn’t begin to touch on that,” says Lithwick. “The court is profoundly misaligned both with popular opinion polling and with the will of this country.”

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