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Intercepted Podcast: American Horrors: Regime Change in Iraq to the Rise of ISIS

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Bernie Back: Corporations Crumble

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I had another illustration in mind, but this one came up today! Helps explain why we are the country with so many mass murders.




I am not going to say much this issue. I’ve been looking for a transcript of this for a while and could not find one, so then this one came on. I found Moore’s comments especially refreshing. I should point out that there is a great deal of anger levied at him recently with many idiotic charges. Only idiots would be ready to accept them, but then the networks are ready to spread them.

[Just a final question: why the hell
should so many
people be hugging bitch Hillary for attacking Tulsi?  Why would the Russians be supporting someone
with a 1% rating in
the polls?  Surely Putin
is not a fool,
certainly not as much a fool as Hillary or Donald?]

Here it is.

Vermont independent senator and 2020 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders held the largest campaign rally of the primary season so far on Saturday. An estimated 26,000 supporters packed into Queensbridge Park in New York City. The event was held in the shadow of the nation’s largest public housing development. It was Sanders’s first campaign rally since he suffered a heart attack earlier this month. Sanders was joined on stage by three prominent supporters: Carmen Yulín Cruz, the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico; filmmaker Michael Moore; and Congressmember Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who volunteered on Sanders’s 2016 campaign before being elected to the House of Representatives in 2018. Ocasio-Cortez endorsed Sanders at the rally.

Bernie Back: Corporations Crumble

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Tribute to Those still Trump fans:

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Cogito Ergo Kurd

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Hey, we were just talking about you.

First, I have something to say right now. And you better listen. Enough of this QUID PRO QUO. I don’t wanna hear you use the phrase again. As if you learned some Latin? Come off it already.

Look, it’s like this. The best part of Grad school was writing my Dissertation. I had lots of fun with it. But there was a lot of crap that went on first. See, we needed two Foreign Languages then or “High Proficiency” in one. So, I took the German one and later found that I had scored the highest ever at the school of the Princeton Exam. They said the rules have just changed. So, I had to pick up another, and I looked around. I kept saying “I don’t want to learn another exam," and people would just shake their heads. Until a good friend said “You don’t have to learn a language, all you have to do is pass a test.” That made all the difference, so I studied for three weeks and passed the French exam. (I think, the lowest possible passing score, but I’m not sure and don’t care.)

So, I got through the other stuff and was finally able to work of my dissertation. What I had determined was that Medieval Scholasticism was almost exactly the same as Boolean Logic, except they didn’t have the symbols. What’s why people argue about how many angels can dance of the head of a pin and so on. These are exercises in logic.

Only one problem: everything they wrote back then, everything “important", was written in Latin, so I had to learn how to read that. And there was a lot of it! OK? So don’t try to fucking impress because you learned three words in Latin, second or third hand, from some shyster attorney or TV news reader. Enough already!

Now, let’s go on to see the carry over from the last issue. Republicans made a big deal about the poor Kurds. Trump ran away from them with his tail between his legs when he learned that the Turks were coming. I’m adding this just to complete the story. It didn’t surprise me a bit and I’m glad the Kurds, for awhile, found a new ally. Guess who? Just remember we did it.

Here we go:

Syrian troops are massing near the Turkish border, one day after Bashar al-Assad’s government reached a deal to help protect the Kurds from Turkey’s deadly air and ground assault. On Sunday, the Kurds agreed, in a deal brokered by Russia, to hand over two border towns to the Syrian government in exchange for protection. The Kurds had been allied with the United States up until last week, when President Trump abruptly pulled U.S. troops from northern Syria, paving the way for Turkey’s assault. More than 130,000 people have already been displaced over the past five days since Turkey invaded northern Syria. The death toll is unknown. Turkey is facing increasing international condemnation for invading northern Syria. The European Union has called on all member states to stop selling arms to Ankara. We speak with Ozlem Goner, an assistant professor of sociology and anthropology at the City University of New York and a member of the Emergency Committee of Rojava.

Cogito Ergo Kurd

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I;;ustration: Since a lot of religion gets missed into these issues, here is the Christian side, by Redd Foxx.

Syria, the World, and the Kurds


Czar Donic

I’ll start out with letting all the hyperemotional Kurd lovers a note of equal time. At the bottom of this is a long interview illustrating how poorly the Kurds have been treated over time and how we should weep for them. OK? So, scroll down and weep and feel good about yourselves. I want to talk about what is really going on.

First off, Assad bears a great deal of the blame for being too much of a nice guy. Let me tell you a little bit about Homs, or Homa, or whatever. Assad’s Dad ran the country for a long time until the Moslem Brotherhood tried to overthrow him. Here is what happened: “In response to an attempted uprising by the brotherhood in February 1982, the government crushed the fundamentalist opposition centered in the city of Hama, leveling parts of the city with artillery fire and causing many thousands of dead and wounded. During the rest of Hafez al-Assad’s reign, public manifestations of anti-government activity were very limited.” (I just stole that to avoid having to type it out again. If you know about Syria, you know it’s true. If you don’t, trust me. In other words, he stopped the crap in one month and that was that. He also helped stop a civil war in Lebanon and many other things.

So, he dies (as people do). His first son is supposed to take over and he was trained for the job and ready. He dies (as people do). The lines keep going until Hafaez (the current one) winds up in charge. Now this guy, who was an eye doctor in England, a good one, and doing well. That’s all he really wanted to be. Well, he winds up in charge and has to move there with his British wife. The last thing on his mind was running Syria on the Border with Israel and so forth. His assessment of Endogen of Turkey, live on the BBC-TV, was that he “wants to be an Emperor.” In other words, he wanted to go back to the old Ottoman Empire. (Forget I brought that up – we don’t have time for it now.)

So, during the so-called “Arab Spring,” which the U.S., Hillary was a major force, this turned into a major campaign of “Regime Change.” Sisi, the guy we have in charge, was trained by us (so was Morsi). Anyway, back to Homs: this time it is some group calling itself “democratic” and then the “Free Syrian Army” starts to cause trouble. Instead of bombing the crap out of them, Assad starts to negotiate and try to get along. Then comes ISIS (trained by us, the leader was a graduate of Abu Gharab (once a College of Agriculture under Saddam), ISIS starts to take over the Mideast. It’s a bunch of weird, nutty fanatics. They slice people heads off, auction off girls and women to each other and so on. Bashir just wanted to be a damn eye doctor! So now, he starts to get pissed. We join in, Russia joins in, Nato joins in, Turkey joins in, and the Kurds join in.

Well, now it’s time to remind you of something that sound a bit out of context. Remember the “Pirates off of Somalia?” The Blackhawk down, and so on? Why do you suppose that stopped? Well, these pirates kept stopping ships and getting ransom, one after another, until they made the mistake of capturing a Russian ship. Putin blew the whole dam thing up in the water, and we never heard about another pirate at all (except for Hollywood movies). Well, that’s what they should have done in Syria. We would never have had the problem in the first place.

Ok, so now they go on with the ISIS part of this. Everyone hates ISIS. The Kurds were supposed to get their own homeland as the west divided up the Mideast after WWI and gave a large chunk of the Ottoman Empire to them. (The Russians had already made their own deal.) Trouble is, we ignored the problem when Turkey decided to keep that chunk. The only country to give them any autonomy was Iraq under Saddam Hussein, limited Autonomy, and they just kept wanting more, and more. Iran said “no way.” Sure Saddam gassed them. Is that any worse than what turkey is doing and what we did in leaving them there? The truth is, no country wants them. The only reason they fought ISIS was that they thought they would get a chunk of Northern Syria as a result. We see what happened as a result. So, there it is.

Now, here are the Kurds talking, openly, plenty of freedom to present their opinion, as Amy can always be counted on doing for anybody:

The Kurdish side:

Turkey has launched an aerial and ground assault on northern Syria targeting Kurdish-controlled areas. The offensive began Wednesday, just days after President Trump ordered U.S. troops to fall back from their positions on the Turkish-Syrian border. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reports at least 16 Kurds have been killed so far. Turkey is claiming the death toll is far higher. The Trump administration has faced widespread criticism from both Republican and Democratic lawmakers for abandoning the stateless Kurds who had helped the U.S. fight ISIS. Turkey is claiming the assault is needed to establish a “safe zone” in northern Syria where Turkey could relocate Syrian refugees who fled over the past eight years of fighting, but the Kurds see the offensive as part of a decades-long attack by Turkey to crush their attempts at greater autonomy. The Kurds have been responsible for holding over 10,000 ISIS fighters and their families in detention. While Trump has claimed Turkey will take control of the makeshift jails, there is growing concern many former ISIS fighters will be able to escape during the Turkish assault. At least one Kurdish prison has already been shelled. To discuss the implications of Turkey’s assault, we speak with Elif Sarican, a Kurdish Women’s Movement activist and anthropologist at the London School of Economics. We also speak with Ertuğrul Kürkçü, honorary chair of the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party in Turkey, known as the HDP. He is a former member of Parliament in Turkey.


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[Ed. Note:  It is
clear that recently readers overseas have lost as much
interest in the idiocies of this administration as the
management.  Our readership is about the same overall, but
international interest has declined significantly.  This
come as no surprise, but it will soon be rectified.  Our
attention will soon focus on subjects of more interest and
importance to all concerned, even though the international
spread of nationalism and consequently Neo-Fascism has
spread world-wide.  We will have more to say in these
issues in coming publications.  Art.]

I don’t want to see her again, but here is an example of a double standard.

Impeaching the Right Way

(A Perfect Article)


Czar Donic

Despite all the discussion on impeachment, it is important to go over it once more and know what we are getting in to.

It helps to know the line of succession. After Trump is gone, comes Mike Pence, mentioned below as a Christian Fascist (pretty close). After him, Nancy Pelosi and I could live with that. Next comes Chuck Grassley. After that, Mike Pompeo. Obviously, the next election will be very important.

If we count all of Trump’s achievements, perhaps the most interesting is the Supreme Court nominee. He at least had a defense for his poor behavior both towards women and in making judicial opinions: “I like beer.” It does explain a great deal. Nothing else has made any sense at all. Donald of Orange, I understand, just recently used Twitter to announce he wanted a “moot” along the Mexican border filled with snakes and alligators. Where do we get such a moot?

Now, what is so important about impeachment? Even if he is impeached, it would take 2/3rds of the Senate to get rid of the guy and then we would have Pence sitting there. The only justification for impeachment is that these Representatives took an oath and to impeach would require it to be fulfilled. Additionally, on this last vacation or recess, they are finding that most of their constituencies support or accept their decision, especially in heavily Republican districts. They really have no real ethical choice. Here is a discussion of what it means:

* * *

House Democrats subpoenaed President Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani Monday, seeking documents related to his work in Ukraine. Last week, Guliani admitted on television that he had urged the Ukrainian government to investigate Trump’s political rival and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. This comes as House Democrats continue to build their case for impeaching the president, following a whistleblower complaint focused on a phone call in which Trump asked the Ukranian president to do him a “favor” investigating the actions of Democrats, including Joe Biden and his son Hunter. Meanwhile, Trump is continuing to threaten lawmakers who are pushing impeachment, and publicly admitted he is trying to find out the identity of the anonymous whistleblower, in possible violation of whistleblower protection laws. We host a debate on impeachment with John Bonifaz, co-founder and president of Free Speech for People, one of the organizations demanding Trump’s impeachment, and Chris Hedges, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, award-winning author and activist.

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