Zero Tolerance — Yemen

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Even calling him something like that will be no problem for his as long as his hell’s angle’s gang of supporters keep suppporting him and they will. Whenever an issue become too hot for him, he manages to change the subject and the media is more than happy to oblige him on that. He has taken the attention away from Jerusalem, Russia and his complicity, and a variety of other issues, this time by creating baby prisons on the Texas borders, a move so vile that even Ted Cruz, the leach-infested Senator from Texas is trying to distance himself from it.

This is an easy task to this love lorn attention hound. Even his ghost writer has pointed out that he has the attention span of, well, an attention span no greater that 15 minutes. Once he read a state of the union speech and someone asked me what did it prove? My answer was simple, it proved that he was able to read, just so long as he was allowed to say the words as he spoke and knew that it was going out on national television. Otherwise, they know not to give him anything longer than about one paragraph to read and even then to be careful to put his name in it somewhere.

The media has absolutely no interest in pointing this out or even calling him on it except to point it out, but then they go along with the new topic and abandon whatever it was that was giving him trouble in the first place. He is just too good for ratings, sort of the Hell’s Angels of politics. You can see from that, if you can get through all the adds and warnings and permissions, that it was predicted and that it came true. Fortunately, for him, he shot himself in the head when he was 69 and thus never lived to see it. We have to live through it.

He will continue if we let him, and have to let him at least until midterms. If we try to take him out before that, it will be used to get of his voters who normally are a sluggish sort. Still, he was forced to cancell the congressional picnic (Ivanka will miss that, but she doesn’t care) and soon issued an executive order to stop separating children from their parents. Probably the biggest incentive to do this was first the sight on about 10 9 and 10 year old girls being led to a detention center in East Harlem and televised by TV ! In New York followed by nagging from Melania and Ivanka (presumably) and outrage from Republican members who were afraid of what the photos showed back home. (Things look different in Louisville than in Washington, D.C.)

So, he changes his mind. Of course. He will find something else. Perhaps as Cohen says he may flip, finds an attprney that specializes in flipping, and asks Trump to pay his legal fees, we may have something going on there.

So, there may be a change after this order, but now we have a few court challenges. Do not worry, Jeffrey Beaugragrd Session is read for that. He will fuck it up, for sure, but not right away.

Still, it keeps attention away from the Russia investigation, Mike Cohen seeming ready to turn and spill the beans for Mueller rather than spend the next 30 years in a prison cell with a guy named Bubba who will like his ass. He knows where he is headed. Seems nobody is insisting on proof of the 3 million illegal votes cast in the last election and nobody is mentioning the lack of at least a down payment for the wall. Meanwhile, he is praising North Korea because they all sit up straight and listen with rapture at whatever word their ruler says. He even suggests that quasi Geisha who is the lead anchor on North Korean TV wee the lead anchor on Fox news. No bull shit, he actually said that. Of course, he probably forgot.

Anyway, perhaps it’s time for the Cohen show? We heard a lot about MS-!3 as being the gang that is the cause of this and I wondered about them. A friend I knew who grew up in Loa Angeles (I don’t admit to know anyone who grew up in Southern California, BTW) says that they actually started out in LA. They formed in Korea Town off 18th Street near a 7/11 and started to rip off the locals. The Koreans had enough and the cops were not much help as neither culprits were black, so they fought back and the Korean War started up again, and there was no General MacArthur to intervene. Things were getting ugly and the sanitation workers threatened to go on strike as they didn’t like sweeping up body parts so Bill Clinton moved in and deported all of them to South American somewhere. ENOUGH OF THIS, I’M GETTING SICK.

I was about to go back to organizing the first SDS Chapter in a small university town directly north of Chicago, but that means it’s time to finish this and be done with it. Speaking of blood and torture, this is what our beloved friends are doing in Yemen:

A new investigation has uncovered rampant sexual violence against Yemeni prisoners held in prisons run by the United Arab Emirates in Yemen. The Associated Press reports that in March, 15 officers lined up the prisoners in the southern city of Aden and ordered them to undress before searching their anal cavities, claiming they were looking for contraband cell phones. The prisoners screamed and cried and those who resisted were beaten and threatened by dogs.
Hundreds of prisoners reportedly suffered similar abuse. A Pentagon spokesman quoted in the piece said the allegations were not substantiated. The UAE is a key ally of the United States and has partnered with Saudi Arabia in its military assault on Yemen. We speak with Maggie Michael, the reporter who broke these stories. She is the Associated Press based in Cairo. Her latest exposé is headlined "Detainees held without charges decry Emiratis’ sexual abuses." Last year, she reported on prisons in a piece headlined, "In Yemen’s secret prisons, UAE tortures and US interrogates."


zero tolerance — yemen

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Yemen, God, and Orange

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Illustration: Our work in Yemen. Brits helped.

Here I was, quietly thinking about a piece on Yemen, when I got a frantic call, a conference call, from England (Kent) and Berlin. It was all in English, of course, as almost all Germans who can speak and write English and more fluent than I am in Germany. In fact, I imagine my own German is more understandable to a 19th Century German philosopher or early 20th Century poet than anyone else. I imagine I sound much like one of those Brits who visited Germany in Thomas Mann’s Masterpiece Dr. Faustus and was mimicked by one of Adrian’s friends.

Anyway, the call was frantic and somehow came across as a mixture of depression and anger, asking about tariffs, who was Dennis Rodman, are all Republicans insane, and so on, although I have cleaned up the language a bit. So I tried to explain, reminding them that my own views were somewhat morbid as well.

What happened was this: Trump insulted Canada and Trudeau remarked back that Canadians were polite and reasonable, but would not be pushed around. I played a bit of hockey (left-wing) and can verify this. Right afterwards, Trump’s economics advisor was on network television accusing him of stabbing Trump in the back, went apoplectic, and eventually was hospitalized with a “minor” heart attack. This was before his fixer Cohen let slip that he was going to “spill the beans". The German had a bit of trouble with that, but I explained the colloquialism.

Bob Corker, a Republican who quit, started ranting about the cult of Trump, but I personally think this insults Bob Jones and David Koresh. The so-called “branch Davidians, btw, had only 2 guns per person whereas the state of Texas averages four. It seems that Trump’s approval rating in the Republican party in around 90 %. At least, that is among those who admit to being Republicans.

During the negotiations over Korea, Kim was seen parading down the streets of Singapore enjoying himself, but The Orange man was nowhere to be seen.

Meanwhile, the United States seems to be on fire, especially in Durango (which anyone with a background is old westerns will remember as an epicenter of anything vile) Utah, Nevada, Las Vegas, and parts of California. California seems to have had enough of this and voted to divide itself into three states, north, south, and east.

At the same time, at the order of Jeff Sessions, children are even being ripped from their mothers while being breast-fed down on the border. MAKE AMERICAN GREAT AGAIN!.

The crys on the phone were weird: “Gott in Himmel, der Schwein!” and “Bloody Beastlike,” and so on. I tried to explain, but realized that there was no explanation other than stupidity. Sure, I could talk about the Foreign Minister who is also Orange and gives Oxford much to explain, but such things seemed to trifle compared to how we sounded.

So I said “How about Yemen?”

That really cut it. I can’t remember all they said, but they were not compliments to our electorate. Even the mention of Lafarge or whatever seemed weak ammunition. Even the 51% turnover rate in the White House and the fact that they have to throw a job fair to recruit people to work at the White house just seemed to prove their points.

Beware of false prophets. Which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are wolves. Matthew vii, 15.

So, I again started on Yemen when I got a call from a catholic friend of mine screaming “Did you hear Jeff Sessions quoting the fucking Bible for God’s sake?”

For whose sake?

“You know what I mean and then Sarah Sanders continues with it? Hell, I hate these buggers!” And then he slammed down the phone.

Well, I put up the quotation from Matthew just for context’s sake, and for, damn it, I’m going to get on with Yemen. (BTW: The quote he used was a favorate of slave owners on the old south.)

It has been awhile since we taked about Yemen as Palestine is much more serious and helpless. AIPAC has this county’s political system by the balls and it won’t ever let go. Even mentioning BDS is now illegal in some states. But anyway, here is the systematic starvation and intentional disease of Yemen (which Obama one called his “model” for dealing with terrorism) that Trump is intensifying because the Saudi’s have lots of money:

In Yemen, a coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates has launched an all-out offensive against the key port city of Hodeidah. The offensive is expected to be the biggest battle in the ongoing 3-year war between the U.S.-backed, Saudi-led coalition and Houthi rebels. The war has already killed 15,000 civilians, sparked the world’s worst cholera epidemic and pushed the country to the brink of famine. Humanitarian organizations have warned the offensive could be a catastrophe for a quarter of a million civilians living in the port city, and for the rest of the Yemen, which is highly dependent on aid that travels through this port. For more, we speak with Congressmember Ro Khanna in Washington, D.C. He recently co-authored a bipartisan letter calling for Defense Secretary James Mattis to help prevent an attack on Hodeidah.


This is a rush transcript. Copy may not be in its final form.

AMY GOODMAN: We begin today’s show in Yemen, where a coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates has launched an all-out offensive against the key port city of Hodeidah. The offensive is expected to be the biggest battle in the ongoing 3-year war between the U.S.-backed, Saudi-led coalition and Houthi rebels. The war has already killed 15,000 civilians, sparked the world’s worst cholera epidemic and pushed the country to the brink of famine. Humanitarian groups have warned the offensive could be a catastrophe for a quarter of a million civilians living in Hodeidah, and for the rest of the Yemen, which is highly dependent on aid that travels through the port. The World Health Organization estimates 8.4 million people in Yemen already face pre-famine conditions. The offensive comes just days after the U.S.-backed, Saudi-led coalition bombed a new Doctors Without Borders cholera clinic in Yemen’s northwest Abs region.

On Tuesday, I spoke with Democratic Congressmember Ro Khanna. He represents Silicon Valley in California. He recently co-authored a bipartisan letter calling for Defense Secretary James Mattis to help prevent an attack on Hodeidah. I asked Congressman Khanna to lay out his concerns.

REP. RO KHANNA: It would just be a catastrophe of civilian casualties. An attack on Hodeidah would mean thousands and thousands of women and children and civilians would die. Second, the port of Hodeidah is the only place right now, for practical purposes, that food and medicine can get into Yemeni civilians. So, this is—one would think it just should be common sense that the United States and the international community would be doing everything in our power to keep that port open. In the past, even Ambassador Nikki Haley has talked about the importance of that port for civilians. And it would be really a dereliction of our own values to not do everything in our power to stop that attack, and do everything in our power to stop refueling the Saudis from their bombing campaign in Yemen.

AMY GOODMAN: What do you know about this Doctors Without Borders cholera clinic that the Saudi regime just bombed? They said they gave their coordinates to the Saudis. We have heard this so many times before in other places, for example, in Afghanistan.

REP. RO KHANNA: Well, it’s really shocking and unconscionable. And this is not the only incident. We’ve had reports over the last year, year and a half, about the Saudis indiscriminately bombing civilian sites, bombing relief workers. And that’s not something that the United States should in any way participate in. Our refueling of the Saudi planes is something the Saudis desperately rely on. We started doing that as a sop to Saudi Arabia when we did the Iran deal. We thought, “OK, we’re going to do this Iran, and the Saudis are insistent on this. So, let’s provide some assistance.” It was a mistake. I don’t think anyone would have anticipated the level of humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen.

It’s important to understand that this is not a counterterrorism operation in Yemen against al-Qaeda. This is an active interference in the Saudi effort to bomb the Houthis and engage in a civil war. So the United States needs to stop our role in furthering the Saudi effort. And we certainly need to do everything in our power to stop the Saudis from attacking the port of Hodeidah.

AMY GOODMAN: Congressman Khanna, The Wall Street Journal is reporting the Trump administration is weighing a request by the United Arab Emirates to expand the U.S. role in the war in Yemen by providing direct assistance to the impending offensive against the port city of Hodeidah. So you’re talking about, oh, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates. These are the countries also that particularly Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law, senior adviser to President Trump, is very close to. What does this direct assistance mean? And how is this happening without congressional approval?

REP. RO KHANNA: Well, there’s been, candidly, a lack of transparency by the Trump administration. In the past, when Secretary Mattis has testified to the Armed Services Committee, on which I sit, he has been very clear that our efforts in Yemen are largely limited to counterterrorism operations against al-Qaeda and that he has said that the United States does not have an active role in assisting the Saudis in their fight against the Houthis. But then we are hearing reports that that is not true and that they’re considering expanding our aid to the Saudis, not because of counterterrorism interests, but really because of the civil war, which is a proxy war with Iran. And so, that is what prompted several of us to write Secretary Mattis a letter.

At the very least, we need transparency from the administration about our objectives in Yemen. They are relying on the 2001 AUMF, authorization of force, which allows us to go after al-Qaeda or its affiliates anywhere in the world. That was overly broad, but even under that authorization of force, there is no authority to go after the Houthis. And the administration just needs to be far more transparent. And we’re going to demand transparent answers from Secretary Mattis and others.

AMY GOODMAN: What about the United Arab Emirates? It’s United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. What is the U.S. interests in both of these places?

REP. RO KHANNA: Well, we see them both as allies, candidly, to contain Iran. And this type of balance-of-power politics has gotten us into a lot of problems in the Middle East. And, unfortunately, we’re continuing the same type of thinking, saying that we need to ally with countries that may be a check on Iranian expansion. Unfortunately, the administration has continued down that path of thinking, without any authority from the United States Congress. But the first step is to really understand what our involvement and role is in Yemen. The administration has been very coy about admitting that we’re actually aiding the Saudis in a proxy civil war, aiding the United Arab Emirates in a proxy war in Yemen against Iran, because they know that has absolutely no authorization under congressional—by Congress.

AMY GOODMAN: And talk more about this, for people who are not familiar with the U.S. role, why the U.S. is at all involved in this on the side of Saudi Arabia. Under Obama, for a period, they were directly assisting. Then, as you pointed out, they put some limitations on that assistance. If you could explain what that was and what caused that, and then how Trump himself is responding? Do you think he has any understanding of what’s happening in Yemen, with—I mean, not even to mention the deaths, something like 15,000, but talking about just people afflicted with cholera, the worst situation in the world? Over a million Yemenis are suffering from cholera. The Doctors Without Borders clinic was a cholera clinic.

REP. RO KHANNA: Well, you’re right to point out the humanitarian catastrophe. I mean, this is the single worst humanitarian crisis in the world. And, unfortunately, in this case, unlike in Rwanda in the past or in Bosnia, the United States has had a role, because we initially provided aid to the Saudis, and we continue to refuel their planes.

The reason for our aid to the Saudis was as a balance to our supporting Iran with the Iran deal. We were negotiating with Iran to have the Iran deal. The Saudis complained to the Obama administration at the time, saying, “We feel insecure with the normalization of the relationship with Iran.” And the administration made a decision that they would provide some assistance to the Saudis, partly to make sure that the Saudis still felt secure in their relationship with the United States. Now, when you talk to most of the former Obama administration officials, they will say that was a mistake, that they could never have fathomed the level of brutality of the Saudi regime in Yemen. They couldn’t have fathomed the civilian casualties.

They tried to wind it down. Well, then they realized that the Trump administration was coming in, but it was too late for them to wind down the efforts and the support to the Saudis. And then the Trump administration comes in, and they redouble their support of the Saudis and the United Arab Emirates as a check on Iran. The Trump administration is singularly focused on containing Iran, on supporting allies of ours that may help us box Iran in. And so, the administration has doubled down on aiding the Saudis in this catastrophe and with a huge civilian loss of life.

AMY GOODMAN: Democratic Congressmember Ro Khanna of California. To hear him weighing in on the North Korea-U.S. summit, you can go to

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Yemen, God, and Orange

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Gaza, the Weird, and the Orange

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This is a volunteer 21 year old nurse from Gaza, or was. She wanted to go on the further her studies, but she decided to try to help those who were wounded in Gaza. Israel called her a "human shield used by Hamas.” She was killed by Israeli snipers in order to prevent another holocost.

Our interview today has to do with Gaza and Israel’s treatment of the people. One thing that the death of Anthony Bourdain reminded of was his visit to Gaza. He has asked why the fish were so tiny and found out that it was because Israel had moved the outer sea boundary to 3 miles instead of the 6. He was attacked for this. Imagine.

Things have been difficult lately. I’ve seen the fat, orange man blather away and been told that blacks are now supporting him. He claims to have won the battle over the flag by un-inviting the pro-football team from the White House, but now the news people finally realized that only maybe ten were going to show up anyway. This does show the difference between newscasters and sportscasters. The sportscasters get used to relaqting facts, mor or less, and it does them no good to say that the baseball was not caught when the player actually caught it. There is no way of disputing it. So they get in the dangerous habit of reporting what is actually happening even though it is politically inexpedient not to do so. Anyone who listens to a sports station knew already that almost none of the Philadelphia Eagels ere going to show up for the grand reception sometime ago. It is only recently that this news got onto the “news” networks.

Have you heard that the Argentine Football Team decided not to play in Israel? Not is you live in the USA, you haven’t heard. You may have heard that Trump did not invite Moslem Leaders for THE dinner, but not that they knew damn well that none of them were coming and many sent refusals ahead of time. In case you wonder, it was about ten days early. Just imagine pending a month of all day no eating, ddrinking of any kind, no smoking, tec. And at the end, dinner with Trump? No way. Already the Caps, the D.C. Hockey team has guys announcing they will not show up and the finals are not even over. Both Basketball teams in the playoffs have made the announcement as well. Just to focus on sports for a bit, the reason given for this boycott by the Eagles is that those sports are mainly black. Ok, maybe. But then how do you explain the Hockey players? We can not remember the name of a single pro hockey player who is black, although there have been a few. I can quote you the late, great Richard Pryor on why: “Are you kidding? We ain’t that stupid. Imagine one of us getting on ice skates in the middle of an ice pond with a buch of angry looking white guys and they all got sticks. No way, brother.” Now it is possible that Sheldon Adelson wil try to force the Las Vegas hockey team to go because he has a lot of money and Trump moved the embassy to Israel, but he doesn’t understand the mind of a pro hockey player. Even if a few of them go, I have fun imagining what they will do in the white house. (In Russia they disconnected a chandelier in the room below while looking for bugs. There weren’t any, but the people in the room below were certainly surprised.)

We just could not keep up. Just as the D.C. Hockey team won its championship, Donald of Orange left the country to meet the honorable “rocker man". Intelligence experts questioned about the health and processes of the Leader of North Korea say “Well, we really do not know much. So far, the only American who has spent much personal time with him is Dennis Rodman. OK, so much for diplomacy.

With characteristic hype, the networks tried to make the primaries look in doubt, especially in California. Well, the guy running for governor as a Republican got 9% of the vote. It was a clean sweep. Lots of women won as well across the country as the orange man has really pissed many of them off. I think only one of them was, pardon the expression, a Republican, but I wouldn’t swear to it. I can’t take this nonsense any longer. Hunter Thompson once said, "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro." Well, he had a valid point as only someone with a sense of the weird could even tolerate much less make any sense of this, but it is tiring. Here is the interview:

n Gaza, thousands of Palestinians have resumed protests against the Israeli blockade. Israeli soldiers have killed at least 119 Palestinians and wounded more than 13,000 more since the Palestinians’ nonviolent Great March of Return protests began on March 30. A week ago today, Israeli forces shot dead Palestinian medic Razan al-Najjar as she was helping evacuate wounded Palestinians at a protest near the separation fence between Israel and Gaza. At the time of her killing, she was wearing a white medical coat and a medical ID card. The following day, thousands of people poured into the streets of Gaza to attend her funeral. Her killing has also sparked international outrage. Earlier this week, the Israeli military said Israeli snipers had not intentionally shot at Razan. But the Israeli military is now facing widespread criticism after it released a short video Thursday, that was heavily edited, in efforts to claim the slain medic was acting as a “human shield” for Hamas when she was shot dead by an Israeli sniper exactly one week ago. We speak to Muhammad Shehada, writer and activist from the Gaza Strip and a student of development studies at Lund University in Sweden.

Gaza, the Weird, and the Orange

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Football and BDS

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Football and BDS

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Wednesday, June 06, 2018



by desertpeace

First, they were nominated for the Noble Peace Prize …
Now this;

Argentina’s Soccer Association cancels the friendly soccer match between Argentina and “Israel”, planned to be held in occupied Jerusalem soon, in response to BDS
Image by Carlos Latuff

Argentina cancels football friendly with Israel in Jerusalem

The match was expected to be played at the Teddy Stadium in Jerusalem which was once home to a Palestinian village.
Argentina‘s national football team has cancelled an upcoming friendly match with Israel, Argentine news sources reported.
Argentinian sports website Minutouno reported on Tuesday that Saturday’s game in Jerusalem had been “suspended” amid an “escalation of violence, threats and criticism” directed at captain ‘Leo’ Messi.
Argentina, a major contender to win the World Cupthis summer, has made four previous pre-World Cup visits to Israel since 1986.
The fixture between the two teams was set to be played in Jerusalem’s Teddy Stadium on June 9, which is built on land that was once a Palestinian village that was destroyed in 1948.
Israeli media reported that in light of this latest development, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will speak to his Argentinian counterpart Mauricio Macri by telephone.
The ambassador of Palestine in Argentina, Husni Abdel Wahed, had expressed his opposition to the friendly.
“This match would be similar to us celebrating … the occupation of Malvinas,” he told Radio Cooperativa on Tuesday, referring to the Falkland Islands.
Abdel Wahed went on to say that the match was part of the celebrations of Israel’s 70th anniversary since its establishment in 1948, after hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were forcibly displaced from their villages and lands by Zionist paramilitaries.
“For us, it is unacceptable to hold this game in Jerusalem because it is occupied territory, and it is painful to see that the team, which has the love and support of so many Palestinians and Arab citizens, support the violation of international law,” he said.

‘Nothing friendly about military occupation ‘

Last month, the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement launched a campaign urging Argentina to pull out of the fixture.
“There is nothing ‘friendly’ about military occupation and apartheid,” the movement said, which calls for an end to the occupation of Palestine, the right of return for Palestinian refugees, and equal rights for Palestinians citizens of Israel.
“Don’t play Israel until Palestinians’ human rights are respected.”
BDS criticised the fixture as “political”, and accused Israeli officials of using it to cover up attacks on Palestinians “on and off the field”.
As part of the campaign, Mohammed Khalil, a Palestinian footballer, directed a message towards Argentina’s beloved forward Lionel Messi.
“I call on the Argentinian team and especially captain Lionel Messi – because he is very popular in Palestine, particularly in the Gaza Strip – to stand in solidarity with Palestinians and to boycott the scheduled game with Israel, which is occupying our land,” Khalil said.
Khalil was shot by Israeli snipers on March 30, during the first Friday protests of Palestinians demonstrating east of Gaza, demanding their right to return.
He was shot in both of his legs, and one of his kneecaps had to be removed, putting an end to his footballing career.
Earlier this week, the head of the Palestinian Football Association (PFA) Jibril Rajoub slammed the friendly as being opposite “a game of peace”.
“The Israeli government is trying to give it political significance by insisting it be held in Jerusalem,” Rajoub said.


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Check it out. It is almost impossible to get real info on this in U.S. media. Net even mentioned so far except on Democracy Now. Essentially, no mas!


First, they were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

Now this;

Argentina’s Soccer Association cancels the friendly soccer match between Argentina and “Israel”, planned to be held in occupied Jerusalem soon, in response to BDS 

Image by Carlos Latuff

Argentina cancels football friendly with Israel in Jerusalem

The match was expected to be played at the Teddy Stadium in Jerusalem which was once home to a Palestinian village.

Argentina‘s national football team has cancelled an upcoming friendly match with Israel, Argentine news sources reported.

Argentinian sports website Minutouno reported on Tuesday that Saturday’s game in Jerusalem had been “suspended” amid an “escalation of violence, threats and criticism” directed at captain ‘Leo’ Messi.

Argentina, a major contender to win the World Cupthis summer, has made four previous pre-World Cup visits to Israel since 1986.

The fixture between the two teams was set to be played in Jerusalem’s Teddy…

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The Absurd Times THE DEEP STATE — NRA — Ollie North

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Thoughts and Prayers from the NRA

[Editor: After long weeks of searching for Dr. Czar Donic, I sent out hunters who located him being held prisoner by the deep state. The reports are that he refused to leave as "at least these people do their jobs," but wiser heads prevailed and all realized that the mean old Stockholm Syndrome had entrapped him. They finally extricated him by quoting several paragraphs from the F.A.R (Federal Acquisitions Regulations) and they had to surrender him. He is now back and we have water boarded him, using Gina Haspell as oversight manager, to give an report of what has happened while he was hiding out. I had to swear at him in German before he finally gave in as the waterboarding proved futile. That did it.]

Ok, so I’ve been rescued if you want to call it that and the curse by Art was chilling: HERRGOTTDONNERNACKEINMAL! A literal translation does nothing to explain – you simply have to imagine Arthur Schopenhauer shouting that at you at the top of his hearty lungs to get the idea. (Or as he would have it, his idea, and all is his idea.)

Now my only escape is to summarize what has been going on in the insane world dominated by images and verbiage of the fat orange oligarch and try not to get sidetracked.

More mass shootings, this time in Texas. A speech by the head of the NRA (Ollie North????) to the effect that the cause of such things is Ritalin. Ah, that explains it. We have to remember who this Ollie North is, the boy scout of the Ronald Reagan era who gave up his career as a spokesman for 20 Mule-Team Boraxo and General Electric on DEATH VALLEY DAYS to enter the world of politics as a spokesman for all corporate interests. It marked the first time in his career that he was ever considered an actor. (When I say Reagan, it means not only him, but his sponsors, from now on).

Reagan made a deal with the Ayatollah of Iran not to release the hostages in the American Embassy until after the election so Carter would be defeated, the liberal swine that he is, and still is. We would give them back their money, at least lots of it, and they would do us a favor. The favor came due as the Sandinistas came into power in Nicaragua and we supported the "Contras," a right-wing neo-fascist group that needed more weapons to overthrow these socialists out of power. Imagine, an open election won by Socialists. It just would not do. The trouble was that a law had been passed forbidding giving arms to overthrow governments as we were above that sort of thing. So, we asked Iran to supply the arms.

In return for immunity, full immunity, Ollie North testified about the entire ugly deal. People asked if Ronald was ever told about such a loathsome affair, and most concluded that "Yes, he was told, but he forgot." A few years later it became clear that he had Altzhimers and so it all worked out. Ollie North was the major engineer of this action, and the world court found the U.S. Guilty. We ignored the verdict. Today, this scum is Head of the NRA. Ollie North. Ritalin.

Nowadays, Mike Pompeo, the brilliant U.S. Ambassador to everything, is negotiating with North Korea. He has given then the choice of accepting our terms. Otherwise, he will not be allowed to join "The League of Nations" (his term – Woodrow Wilson would be aghast as he is still angry with Eugene O’Neil for throwing a brick through his window – now Mike Pompeo is after his legacy? He is happy to be dead and buried. Well, at least he is buried.

Deep State Memos
So, while I was a hostage of the deep state, I questioned members there to learn more about what was going on in the reign of Don of Orange, as they call him. FBI agents tell me I can use the information so long as I say it is from the deep state – that way, no one will believe it.

The biggest gripe they had right now is Don’s leaking of secret reports from the Israeli Mossad to the Russians in the White House. I asked them about the Russian movement to attack Hillary, and they confirmed it, but when I asked about the millions of dollars contributed by Zionist interests along with the UAE, they became very angry and didn’t want a word out. They already had enough trouble cooperating with the Mossad as things were and didn’t what anything more to get out so I was "on your own," in that respect. Still, they did nod as I went on and on about the campaign here and the movement of the Embassy to Jerusalem. The numbers of dollars involved amounted to 100 K but the Russians and over 1 million by the Mideast consortium, led by Eric Prince, the head of Blackwater (which still exists although it has changed its name several times). One of Eric’s rewards was the awarding of Secretary of Education to his sister. This was only allowed providing that she never be the designated survivor in case of the destruction of the government during the State of the Union address.

They really don’t care about Kushner who will have a place of honor so long as he doesn’t interfere with Donald and Ivanka. I learned about this as my Virgil (who spoke no Italian or Latin) led me into a large room with the words "Es Geht Alles Vorbei" inscribed over the door. I looked at him and he told me it was the motto of one of the German experts we imported after WWII. All of these Deep State people represented groups with initials and said they read the ABSURD TIMES. I asked why and they told me that while they had all the data, they had no conclusions. I told them I had plenty of conclusions, but no data. It worked out fine.

I asked about North Korea and everyone started laughing. One said he would nominate John Bolton for the Nobel Peace Prize. They said they tried to tell them that saying "Libyan Model" would not play well, but that is what got them called the "Criminal Deep State" and that I would be better off if nobody knew about this. I told them nobody would believe it but them, and no one listened to them because they knew what was really going on. All in all, we had a great time in that soundproofed room. They also said that they advised Pompeo to say "Community of Nations instead of "League of nations" and they said that will stick. Too many things were discussed, but all were football fans and had a few nasty things to say about the owners. About the only good thing the owners ever did, they said, was to keep Don of Orange from owning his own team. After that, things began to get very strange, but I was "rescued" by my editor who ran in shouting obscenities in German and dragged me off. I was in Virginia, I found out, at that time, but now I’m back and ready to report again.

Posted By Czar Donic to The Absurd Times at 5/24/2018 11:49:00 AM

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