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Guns, Twerps, and Trump

Tsar Donic

Well, El Paos, the “west texas town of El Paso/ I saw a sign of more things to come.” About 12 hours later, Dayton Ohio was shot up. I was asked “Who did it?” I had no hesitation in saying “Some white guy.” The response was relief as Moslems are always nervous that there will be some sort of reaction. Nope, a white guy, domestic terrorism, white superiority. (Or is it supremacy?) Now what is so supreme about get a damn machine gun and shooting up a place? The logic escapes me.

Shouldn’t there be some sort of requirement that you have a photo ID to buy one of these things? It can be done more easily than voting in many places.

Almighty God has already said that they have no more room for all the thoughts a prayers people keep sending, so maybe voting will help? Maybe get a photo ID if you don’t have one.

What else? Really, comparing Boris Johnson and Donald Trump is simply too depressing to contemplate. One thing I can point out is the Johnson apparently studied Greek and Roman classics when he was younger. Trump, however, in uncluttered by such epitude, and thus has no excuse.

Now, I have to send this off before there is another mass murder here in the US. I figure I only have about 8 hours left at a minimum.



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Offline Message from czar donic

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Reason is Dead

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<rTthe Absurd Times

Werner put this up, so it must count, right?

The Death of Reason

Some time ago, Max Horkheimer published the Eclipse of Reason. Then, along with Adorno, he published The Authoritarian Personality. Who would have imagined that Americans as well as other cultures were afflicted by it? Well, that was the last time our government asked his opinion on anything, as we all know.

Below, in a rather strange format, are some exchanges I’ve had recently on Twitter. Now there are a few advantages there not available on other platforms. I can simply ignore idiots or, if I follow them back, I can either block or mute them. If I mute them, at least I don’t have to see their nonsense while they may have to see mine. I can also block them, meaning nothing either from or to that person need be dealt with further. Donald Trump had blocked the author Stephen King. I then blocked Donald Trump. For one thing, I see and hear too much of him anyway. For another, I somehow enjoyed the action.

As can be expected, I mute most things I find ridiculous, so this is obviously a biased sample. However, at least it is not disgusting.

It seems, however, to be a world wide movement for all nations around the world now to think of themselves as superior to all other nations and to find people from a different ethnic group disgusting or at least offensive. In this country a great deal of people drive around with Confederate battle flags flowing from their cars, none knowing that both the former President of the Confederacy and the main military leader, Robert E. Lee, both said, on different occasions, words to this effect: "Ok, knock it off you guys. We lost and that’s that." No, these people do not listen to their ancestors. The are probably ignorant of what they have said.

If Heller’s Catch-22 came out today, he’d be prosecuted for treason.

I can not think of a better time and place to say goodbye. So, fare thee well!

Love Bertrand Russell. He was hilarious. His book _Why I Am Not a Christian_ is a classic. Loved his debate series with Copelston; he pretty much dominated until the argument from contingency which is an intriguing offer from Copelston.

My favorite is the nun bathing fully clothed so that the Lord would not see her naked. Words to the effect "He can see through concrete, steel, and wodd, and yet is foiled by your garment is beyond me."


Bollocks to depression. It fucking sucks. Secondly bollocks to Brexit. Directly linked to the downturn here due to uncertainty. Thank you each and everyone of you that fell for the lies. My family has lost a true friend. #ItsOkNotToBeOk

It is a part of International Nationalism and hatred of others. Everyone is joining in. What fun! I guess it really was a 1,000 year Reich. We just didn’t know it.


Trump on the 1776 war of independence " Our army manned the air, it took over the airports" This shit isn’t funny anymore, he needs to be removed on the grounds of stupidity /insanity #TrumpParadeFail

I am incapable of responding other than to say Once More?

NextWhere are human rights? From this heinous crime, Israeli terrorist soldiers used the apartheid regime against civilians in the State of Palestine. More than 50 gunmen. Can you justify this?

Replying to @yousefalhadda17 and @zenjk0

I wouldn’t even hazard an attempt. The answer is no.


Completely lacking the will to live or smile today. Never felt as lonely as I do right now. Too many battles to fight irl I’m overwhelmed with it all Post me some joy … sobs in a mush of patheticness This isn’t the me I know

Replying to @RED660 and @meNabster

All I can tell you is that suicide is not worth the effort. Others will continue to live and some are stupid enough to be happy.


Immediately thereafter:

just need to say to you all that you are absolutely amazing. I didn’t expect so much love and I’m blown away by it all. I’m still a miserable old moaning grump but I feel less alone & some me has crept back out of her hole. Tomorrow is a new dawn THANK YOU

You are welcome.


Mine alone:

July 4, 2019 This is what we celebrate: Did You Know? Three prominent U.S. Founding Fathers and Presidents, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Monroe all died on the U.S. Independence Day, the 4th of July, (in 1826, 1826, and 1831, respectively).


Rob Reiner




We can all make fun of this idiot citing air travel in the 1700’s, but what’s not funny is this sick soulless excuse for a human being has our nuclear codes. If this man is not impeachable, no one is. #ImpeachTrumpNow

Replying to @robreiner and @ProgressWeekly

He is much too Absurd to be impeached which is a process that employs reason. Reason is now dead.

(I left the name is as he is a public figure.)


Narcissism doesn’t have an "off" switch. He’s only capable of doing what he believes will benefit him. In this case something like "if I show off the military my ratings will be great." That’s really all there is…

Replying to

We regret to inform you that you are correct.


Alert: Turn off trump when kids are present. He’s single-handedly dumbing down America. Yesterday’s head shakers, airports taken over in Revolutionary War & Alexander Graham Bell an American when he was first an immigrant. Proof positive anyone can be an illegitimate potus.

Replying to

Wrong. He is the leader in that, but he has lots of help. He is a sociopath while most of his closest people are psychopaths,. I’ve said it before, the 1,000 year Reich continues in various guises.


I feel shame, sorrow, anger and rage. I see it equal to the South African Apartheid flag or the flag for Germany between 1935 and 1945.

Replying to @maria_engstrom1 @StandWithUs and @Israel

I see it as a continuance of the 1,000 year Reich. It simply changes names and flags and call itself different things, but it is all state nationalism combined with hatred for the other.






Thanks for letting Me decide who deserves peace, John! Glad all those genocides in My past didn’t disqualify Me!

Pastor John Hagee


· 16h

Peace is given, not achieved, and it is given to those with whom God approves.

Replying to @almightygod

I think he has read too much Calvin.

(I thought these deserved credit for their remarks.)

Reason is Dead

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Noam Chomsky

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Noam Chomsky

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It has been awhile since we have posted something from Noam. It is time to see or hear what he has to say about a few recent developments:

Something to drive by

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Like many people, when I drive, I do not look at monitors or screens. I don’t read texts or even books. I kinda look out so I don’t get hit by some maniac who does read a cell phone. I do like to listen to stuff, though. So, here is something you can put on tape or cd or whatever you use and listen to while you drive or otherwise don’t feel like opening your eyes. (I have 4 more in case your want more, just let me know. I had to cut this so GMAIL would send it and not put it in some file somewhere nobody can find it.) Part one of five. The rest is up to you.

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