Science as Ideology

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Illustration: We found this amusing and probably quite true. I do know that at one time Fauci was asked “Why don’t you stop him?" when he was talking about Trump’s remarks. He laughed a bit and said, "What am I supposed to do? Knock him down, away from the microphone?” Fauci’s ability to maintain his sanity in times like this are awe-inspiring.

Let’s Try One More Time


Czar Donic

The entire Covid-19 incident, or pandemic, has not really been very interesting as it has served to make every story or news event into some sort of version or aspect of itself. Perhaps it would be best to establish a few ground rules before we proceed.

In the current Zeitgeist, science has been relegated to the status of just one more ideology. It ranks along with Monotheistic religions, Conservatism, Liberalism, Socialism, Communism, and Fascism – Capitalism was banished during Teddy Roosevelt’s administration to be replaced by Democracy, Manufacturing, and so on.. Often, several of these are linked together. For example, what is now called conservatism is often linked to Christianity (one of the monotheistic religions), often with absurd results if, as we do here, one considers Science as more than simply one more ideology.

It is foolish to try to argue why this independence of Science exists at all, especially when it seems to conflict with one of the other ideologies. If, for example, you believe that the earth is only 6,000+ years old, there is no point in my trying to convince you otherwise. I well-remember one discussion wherein I was provided with what the other consider “proof”. He had seen an illustration of a man, seemingly a “cave man”, walking next to a giant dinosaur. Surely, this was proof enough?

Well, foolishly, I tried to point out that what he had seen was drawn by someone and not real. He described the dinosaur so that I was able to determine that it was, at least a herbivore. He needed clarification. Once he was aware of that, he became more convinced. I pointed out that the animal would first probably take a bite out of him to determine that he wasn’t a plant and then spit him out, but he did not take that information very well. If I remember correctly, he told me that I was “evil” and had best get to church and save myself.

At that point, I ended the conversation and resolved never to argue the importance of Science with anybody, only one of two resolutions I have always maintained. The other was a New Years Resolution never to make another New Years Resolution. I never saw any point in creating my own failures.

So, Science, for our purpose, here, is important.

I have more to say on the subject, however. I recently stated that I saw 300K+ Covid deaths in the U.S. with 500K+ deaths world wide and that we had about 4% of the world’s population. I am now seeing nearly 80K deaths In the U.S. and nearly 300K deaths world-wide. This is quite a disparity. I suspect that the last figures, as of March 15, 2020, are probably more correct, but reliable data is difficult to obtain as much of it has to do with testing and analysis. There are about 15 different private company’s with tests for the virus and each of them requires different machinery and equiptment, a result of private medical research and development. The latest figures given are about 80K dead here and 330K in total. Number of cases is also rather imprecise, the latest I’ve seen listed the states as having about one and a half million, with Russia second with about a quarter of a million or, as our new outlets would have it, Russia is second only to the United States in cases.

Now, I have a bit of a surprise for many and that is that given a random sample, the larger the population, the smaller the sample one needs to establish a reliable estimate. This is very counter-intuitive, but I have personally worked out the math involved twice, and it does hold true. It involves Probability Theory and the word “Theory” always causes suspicion in the common mind, but it does work. (No, I am not about to try to do it again – I’m way too tired and lazy.) However, we need to start with a random sample and even what that is can be controversial – a reasonable definition would be one in which everyone has an equal chance to be selected and that just will not be done. Not with the current economic and political situation. We can point out, however, that the U.S. has about 4% of the world’s population and that figure should indicate that we are not being very effective.

With all of the restrictions imposed because of this virus, movie and television production has been hampered. Late night shows are all done remotely, guests on those shows appear remotely, and it all lends a strangness to the situation. One program on CBS called ALL RISE, a show about an African-American woman who became a judge, was done remotely in an attempt to keep things going, but it has failed. News programs still manage to operate, but they have always relied on remote reporting, especially since CNN began operations using satellite technology.

I need to make a hard transition here, and it is best I simply do it abruptly. There are those of you who are completely tired of contemporary events, the political situation, and so on. Up until this point, I have tried simply to focus on science and its role in society today. From this point forward, we will be commenting on the political manipulation and so on that has been going on, so those of you who do not want to see or read anything about that should simply delete or ignore further from here on.


Now, for the two of you who are left: you probably know that Trump recommended people should take some sort of anti-bacterial material, perhaps drink it. It turns out that about 6 years ago, Ricky Gervis (I’m not sure about the spelling, but he is on CBS after Colbert at night – assuming those shows are still functioning) said that the fact that they have to put DO NOT DRINK on bottles of bleach proves that U.S. voters could elect anyone as President. The quote was resurrected (pun intended) just recently. We have also recently heard of an ObamaGate! What does one say to that?

We know that with all the layoffs from the Covis pandemic many have lost their health insurance, but they still are against Universal Health Care. They actually seem to fear some nebulous force called “Socialism”. They swallow without thinking the idea that Pol Pot, the dictator in Cambodia was a Socialist and believe that the same things would happen to them under an American form of the NHS. (Yes, I’ve treated some of our mercenaries who were tortured by Pol Pot’s employees.) Pol Pot was no FDR. He was appointed by Henry Kissinger.

Our corporations are doing well because they have told investors that profits will be higher because they have no intention of hiring back many of the employees that are still alive after this pandemic. Republicans support Trump by 80%, the latest I heard.

Many of Trump’s supporters still support him even though he is responsible for the severity of this disaster. Back when he could have done something constructive, he was afraid it would make him look bad. At that time we had only about 200 cases of the virus and a cruise ship landed with American citizens who had the virus. He blocked their entry because it “would double” the number of cases and “make him look bad.” Look at it now. His followers do not care – as long as he hates Mexicans, he is their favorite. Yes, they are stupid.

Most of Republican support comes from the elderly. One of Trump’s advocates, Lindsey Graham recently said that, regarding Social Security, “some promises may have to be broken.” Even if everyone knew he said that, it would not change a single vote in the next election – if there is one.

In this recent hearing on Capital Hill, Dr. Bright, who was pretty much fired (details are still murky) for saying that a drug endorsed by Trump had no positive effect and sometimes does harm. He has filed a whistleblower complaint. The most information can in a string of rapid questions from Rep. Kennedy who listed them for five minutes and conveyed more information that all the previous members. It will have no effect.

People are now having mental health problems from being confined to their homes as a result of this, so they are being encouraged to go out as if things were normal. After all, if they are going to be mentally sick, why not let them get physically sick too? Then at least they will sense that it is real.

Liz Cheney, one of the more right wing nuts of the past has said: “Dr. Fauci is one of the finest public servants we have ever had. He is not a partisan. His only interest is saving lives. We need his expertise and his judgment to defeat this virus. All Americans should be thanking him. Every day.” Naturally, since he bases his statements on science and fact, he is not popular with Trump Republicans. Trump says he is either confused or trying to have things both ways. He used the phrase “all sides of the equation”. Ever wonder how many sides there are in an equation? Never mind.

This is getting a lot longer than I expected, but bear with me a bit longer. I promise to stop and go off and do something else, somewhere else, sometime.

This is not the Spanish flu – it is a different virus. The population was smaller then. More people died then (so far). There were no wide spead mass media outlets to cover it. Still, the town or cities where the newspapers paid attention to it had far fewer deaths than other cities (such as Philadelphia) that did not. Today, there is so much coverage, both right wing and left wing, that it is as helpful as having none at all.

We can point out that the measels virus has not been eliminated, the black plague virus has not been eliminated, and the only reason they have not been much of an issue is vaccination. Right now, it does seem that Oxford, of all places, has advanced greatly in developing one against this virus. I hope so. It would be more efficient than in the hands of a private profit driven industry.

At any rate, that is enough for now. I am really tired of all of this. Farewell!

11 May, 2020 18:12

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Full length

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It is probably best to link or bookmark this as it is a full length movie.

Dylan and the American Dream

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JVP posted the reference and I recorded it from Spotify.
It is apparently newly released and refers to how we got from JFK to Donald Trump. I would say it is a sad song. It is about as long as Alices’ Restaurant.

Our Title

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This should explain the name of this publication.

Absurdities, Trump, and Gaza


Czar Donic

At one time, we thought that it was pointless to continue publication, as the absurd would be obvious to all. That proved to be an incorrect assumption. We thought it would be needed if Hillary was elected, but it is obvious that not even Trump is absurd enough to alienate enough people. In fact, it is even possible that Trump will be re-elected despite his obvious idiocy. The most recent example was his suggested use of disinfectant, taken internally or by injection, may be a cure to at least preventative measure against the corona-19 virus. This is confirmed by a near deluge number of calls for advice of how to use it or calls for help due to poisoning as a result of people consuming such chemicals themselves.

I believe it was P. T. Barnum who long ago stated that nobody ever went broke by underestimating the stupidity of the American public. One simple example was the problem he had with paid visitors to one of his exhibits. People did not move away quickly enough and thus new paying customers were kept out. He solved this by putting up a sign, leading to a self-locking exit. The sign said “To the egress.” People would hurry up out and find themselves out on the street. Problem solved.

The failure to act when we were first aware of Covid has led to between 50 and 60 thousand deaths in the USA. That is about 25% of the world’s total, and we have about 4% of the population. When Trump is asked "what metric do you use to judge?”, he points to his own head. A helpful book of Republicans is THE REPUBLICAN WAR OF SCIENCE, Chris Mooney, published in 2005. It was endorsed by officials in both the Nixon and Ford Administrations. Now such stands by Republicans will not be tolerated. Science is now seen as just one more ideology, next to supply-side Economics, Christianity, Socialism, Communism, and anti-immigration.

Does anybody remember the idea that every person will get $1,200, announced about a month or so ago? I know of no one who has received it and neither has my bank. Perhaps some have. The IRS website has said the payments will be automatic for many people. There was a section where you could inquire further, but it was “down for repairs” the last time I checked.

You might have fun if if you can see the signer from the Governor of Georgia. I swear that he looks very much like George Bernard Shaw doing some sort of disco dance (I’m not sure how to classify it, to be honest). The President of the American reporters association titles a new article “First Row at the Trump Show”. It seems pretty funny and accurate – a valid definition of the absurd.

Finally, Trump is busy blaming China for the virus and some rumors have it that it was developed in a laboratory near Wuton. Well, Trump supporters have gone after every minority group he has blamed or stereotyped, and Asians are the new target, especially “Oriental Looking" ones. It seems as though the race problem could be solved if the white people and the black people got together and beat up all the yellow people? It is not clear where the brown people would fit into this. While many Mexicans have been classified as “essential workers," Trump has lowered the legal minimum wage for them.

Well, meanwhile, in the Middle East:


This is a rush transcript. Copy may not be in its final form.

AMYGOODMAN: This is Democracy Now!,, The Quarantine Report. I’m Amy Goodman. We’re turning now to Gaza, where fears continue to grow about what a rampant outbreak of the coronavirus might do to the occupied Palestinian territory, already crippled by years of Israeli sanctions. The Gaza Strip thus far has only reported 17 confirmed cases of COVID-19, but this week the Israeli army halted testing there after just two days of administering tests.

On Thursday, the International Committee of the Red Cross donated medical equipment to Gaza hospitals, but its weak medical system remains ill-equipped to serve an influx of patients. The Red Cross reports Gaza has just 93 ventilators for a population of more than 2 million Palestinians. This is Gaza Health Ministry official Abdullatif Alhaj.

ABDULLATIFALHAJ: Facing this COVID-19 as a pandemic, Gaza is facing this pandemic with its fragile and overstretched health system due to lots of factors, like the long years of closure and siege, and the poverty and loss of — I mean, shortage of many resources.

AMYGOODMAN: Crowded refugee camps in the Occupied Territories are particularly at risk. This is Um-Shady, a Palestinian woman living at a refugee camp in Gaza with her family, speaking to the BBC.

UM-SHADY: [translated] We know that here in Gaza there are no resources to fight this virus. We’re all in God’s hands here. … People don’t have enough to eat, and there is no work. Had there been any means to work, we would have helped ourselves. But we can’t go out there. I borrowed money to buy food for this week. But next week, I might not be able to borrow anything to feed these kids.

AMYGOODMAN: For more, we’re joined by Dr. Tarek Loubani, Palestinian-Canadian doctor, emergency room physician, based in London, Ontario, Canada. He volunteers in the Gaza Strip, returned from a trip there last month. Dr. Loubani recently wrote an op-ed in The Washington Post headlined “Gaza is an open-air prison. As covid-19 spreads, it’s time to lift the siege.”

Dr. Loubani, it’s great to have you back on Democracy Now! Talk about the situation there, before we talk about what’s happening in Canada, as you are an emergency room doctor. What’s happening in Gaza?

DR. TAREKLOUBANI: In the Gaza Strip right now, we see a situation in which, very clearly, we’re not able to detect the active cases that are happening and are definitely circulating within the Gaza Strip. Testing is severely limited. There are fewer — there have been fewer tests in Gaza so far throughout the entire pandemic than there were in South Korea yesterday. And so we know that we don’t see all of the cases that exist. We know that we don’t have the capacity to treat. And we know that these cases are not just circulating, but are also about to spike in terms of their severity and consequences.

AMYGOODMAN: And talk about the latest news that we have out of Gaza. But first I want to go to the world-renowned linguist, political dissident Noam Chomsky. I just had a chance to speak with him a week or two ago from his home, where he’s sheltering at home in Tucson, Arizona, and asked him what the coronavirus pandemic means for Gaza.

NOAMCHOMSKY: International institutions have pointed out that by 2020 — that’s now — Gaza will probably become barely livable. About 95% of the water is totally polluted. The place is a disaster. And Trump has made sure that it will get worse. He withdrew funding from the support systems for Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank — UNRWA, killed the funding; Palestinian hospitals, killed the funding. And he had a reason. They weren’t praising him enough. They weren’t respectful of the god, so, therefore, we’ll strangle them, even when they’re barely surviving under a harsh and brutal regime.

AMYGOODMAN: If you could expand on what Professor Chomsky is saying, Dr. Tarek Loubani? And, I mean, you have direct experience in Gaza, have been there a number of times. In fact, you were shot by the Israeli military when you were there, as you were there as a medic helping people in Gaza involved with a nonviolent protest, who were being gunned down.

DR. TAREKLOUBANI: The situation in Gaza has been terrible for years. I’ve been going there for about a decade. And one of the things that always shocked me is that each trip I think to myself, “This cannot possibly get worse,” and then, each trip, it does. And this was truly one of the worst visits that I had had.

You know, we had some improvement in electricity. We were up to five or six hours a day of electricity, and people thought, “Wow! That’s so wonderful!” But in the hospitals, all of our supplies were out, in general, even without anything. We barely have enough gloves to proceed day to day. For example, usually I would carry a pair of gloves in my pocket and then only put one when I treat a patient, so that I would spare the other one, and then, with my bare hand, would try to touch maybe areas that weren’t as contaminated or sensitive.

It’s really a situation in which something like the coronavirus is bound to keep spreading, and a situation where I understand that there are lots of geopolitical factors that are at play here. And I just think that what we need right now, if Palestine is this open-air prison, or if Gaza is this open-air prison, is just a moment’s parole. This situation is so severe and so dire that it’s not only going to impact on the Gazans — though I think that they should be the main consideration — but it’s also going to impact on everybody around. The virus does not care about the geopolitics. It will go to Egypt. It will go to Jordan. It will go to Israel. And it will affect all of those populations and make it impossible for them to control their COVID situation.

AMYGOODMAN: So, what has to happen there, Dr. Loubani?

DR. TAREKLOUBANI: Absolutely the first thing that has to happen is an unrestricted permission for all medical aid, medical supplies and medical personnel to enter. That is number one. It must happen, effective immediately. And we have all, within the medical community, not been requesting or demanding that the Israelis do this; we’ve been begging that the Israelis do this. This is not a situation, I think, in which there can be much pride or ego about it. This is a situation of absolute catastrophe. And the Israelis really do, in a big way, hold the keys here. And so, that’s why so many of us are imploring them to just stop for a moment with the severity of the siege. And then, you know what? We can go back to status quo once this disaster is addressed.

The second thing, of course, is we can’t treat what we can’t see. And so we need those tests to resume immediately, even if there isn’t an unrestricted lifting of the siege for medical personnel and medical equipment. At the very least, the tests have to start flowing.

And then, thirdly, of course, one of the disasters that’s happening right now, there are about 2,000 people in quarantine, but the people who are trying to support them in quarantine don’t have any PPE. And so, the first two cases were people who had come from outside, but the next 15 cases were people who had been in contact with those people, in Gaza. It’s slightly different in the West Bank. And so we need, really, personal protective equipment. We’re trying, the Gazans are trying, and people in the West Bank are trying to make their own, as they are elsewhere. But it’s impossible to do that under the current conditions.

AMYGOODMAN: Finally, we only have a few minutes, but I wanted to go where you are right now, to Canada. You’re based in London, Ontario. You’re a Canadian doctor, emergency room physician. Can you talk about how Canada has approached this, how it compares to the United States — the massive lack of testing and PPE, personal protective gear, for the doctors, the nurses, the custodian, the cleaning staff at all of these hospitals? What has it been like in Canada?

DR. TAREKLOUBANI: Obviously, the situation in Canada is much better than the United States. And I think we can really chalk that up to a couple of factors. One of them is the fact that we have for medical care system that will care for anybody, under any condition, without payment at the point of care. Of course we pay for our medical system, but we don’t do it when we show up to the hospital. Nobody asks for a credit card or a bill. And if people aren’t able to pay who aren’t covered under the health system, then we take a risk-based approach, and, obviously, for public health, everything is covered.

The other big aspect here is that people, of course, are worried about poverty. Canada is no panacea, but they are not as worried about poverty, because there are some social safety nets. And so, the real pillars of the response are things like making sure that everybody can access healthcare — well, we have that in Canada; making sure that everybody can stay away from work and not be worried about ending up on the streets — well, it’s not as good as we want it, but we have that, in large part, in Canada. Canada has many problems, of course, but when we look to our neighbors in the south, it’s obvious that the way in which Canada has set up its system and guaranteed care has reduced the caseload tremendously and is giving us a fighting chance.

AMYGOODMAN: And finally, you just had one of the worst massacres in Canadian history, 22 people dead, it looks like, at this count, in Nova Scotia. You have this 51-year-old man who posed as a police officer. Apparently, AP is reporting he had just had a fight with his girlfriend. She survived this attack. But so often these mass shootings are related to domestic violence and abuse of women. Now Prime Minister Trudeau is talking about tightening gun rules in Canada. If you could just, overall, comment on what this has meant for Canada? There will be a news conference today, where they’ll be releasing the latest information around this?

DR. TAREKLOUBANI: I’m from the east coast of Canada and still have family there, so this did hit close to home for me. I think, as an emergency physician, we see the impacts of gunshot wounds, and we see the impacts of domestic violence, as well. And, of course, in domestic violence situations, having the availability of a gun is a surefire ingredient in the recipe for disaster. And so, of course, as an emergency physician, I applaud the Canadian government for doing what they can to improve gun control regulations. I don’t know enough about the situation in Nova Scotia to comment very intelligently, but, in general, with what we see with gun-related violence, it’s obvious that even though Canada, again, does a better job than the United States with gun control, there’s still some way to go. And Canadian doctors have called for this in a concerted way over the past few years.

AMYGOODMAN: Dr. Tarek Loubani, we want to thank you for being with us, Palestinian-Canadian doctor, emergency room physician, based in London, Ontario, Canada. We’ll link to your piece in The Washington Post on what’s happening in Gaza.

Democracy Now! is working with as few people on site as possible. The majority of our amazing team is working from home.

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Solar Power Holds Rock Steady At $000,000,000.00 Per Barrel

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Just brilliant.

The Out And Abouter

sunsteal An unknown man packs nearly $0,000.00 worth of sunlight into his trunk, as solar markets hold steady.

Carrying on a trend that started 4.6 billion years ago, and is expected to endure for at least another 20 billion fiscal quarters, the energy blasting towards Earth in an unbroken stream from the sun continued to demand exactly $000,000,000.00 per barrel on the open markets today. 

“Look, the bad news is no one made a killing on this energy source we like to call ‘daylight,’ this week,” said solar market expert Max Helios. “There have been no new nearby suns discovered for a very long time, and the energy is difficult to monopolize, falling as it does in an even pattern of life-giving brilliance on the upturned face of our planet.”

“But the good news is no one is having to pay anyone else to take their solar energy. And never…

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Czar Donic

Below Noam Chomsky continues and tells us about the World Health Organization (I suppose, the real cause of the Chinese virus as Trump would have it) and Gaza. The rest of the world has not been mentioned lately, especially not Israel’s policies and the increased attacks on Arabs who are Israeli citizens, information printed only in Hebrew.

But first, I have a few of my own points to cover. It is established that men are twice as vulnerable to COVID-19 as women. Why is that? The only answers I have heard are entirely the sort old B. F. Skinner would come up with and all have to do with what slobs and pigs men are. Men smoke too much, neglect high blood pressure, and ignore basic hygiene — they even don’t put the toilet seat back down. I guess they deserve to die, the selfish swine.

I have not heard one scientific answer yet, let alone a cognitive one. Does two x chromosomes v. and x and a y explain anything? Is their any genetic or even resultant DNA markers thus unique that could explain it? I did hear one scientist offer one acceptable answer: “We don’t know and haven’t looked at the issue." Just something to think about.


The President has not yet understood the 10th Amendment. He can be excused as he understands nothing but his own self-interest, but there is no excuse for the Mike Pence muddling. He might have been fired a long time ago, but he was elected. Also, he was in Law school and people there, presumably, are introduced to the Bill of Rights. The most intelligent thing he ever said (that I know of) was that he wanted to start a magazine called “Torts Illustrated". Today, he is simply worthless.


The Trumpsters, after Trump conceded the right to make decisions, then began to demonstrate against Governors. These morons were supported by Trump only in States with Democratic Governors and which he won by slim electoral margins. I believe he is still liable for prosecution in several areas but that the statute of limitations will run out while he is in office if he is re-elected. Besides, his wealth accumulates while he is President and a result of being President. His hotel down the street from the White House has been very profitable. Other examples are too numerous and depressing to list.

At one point, he was behaving so irrationally about this COVID-19, that Jerrold Kushner actually had to explain things to him. That is how low we have sunk. At last count, we had 20% of the world’s deaths from the virus and managed it while having only 4% of the world’s population. At the same time, we have more people incarcerated than any other country.


Just one more idea: the latest blame from Trump goes to China and, naturally, his supporters have recently taken to physically attacking the “Yellow People”. The solution seems to be that the black people and the white people, along with select brown people, should all get together and beat up all the yellow people. That’s brotherhood!


And for the rest of the details, here is Noam Chomsky again with his report:

“We continue our conversation with world-renowned political dissident, linguist and author Noam Chomsky. He responds to President Trump’s cuts to U.S. support for the World Health Organization and the surge in deaths in the United States to another record high, and discusses conditions in Gaza, the rise of authoritarianism around the world, and the progressive response. “This is typical behavior of autocrats and dictators. When you make colossal errors which are killing thousands of people, find somebody else to blame,” say Chomsky. “In the United States, it’s unfortunately the case, for well over a century, century and a half, that it’s always easy to blame the ‘yellow peril.’”

Drug Commercials

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Even those of you who hate anything lesser than Bach or Wagner must have seen the commercials. The strange things is that the ads with the most dire warnings seem the most effective.


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Illustration: When you think Republican, think Trump. Lincoln is so 19th Century.

This is Too Much Shit


Czar Donic

Let’s start with this: he has to go before we all die. Bernie set the tone so that his agenda is so deeply accepted that Biden will have no choice but to follow his usual pattern and do what is popular and compromise this time with wisdom instead of war with Iraq. Last time, when he was VP and Barack was wondering about Afghanistan, he argued against a surge while Hillary argued for one. Hillary won that argument and it is that sort of crap that got her defeated against the TV guy with the Orange hair.

Biden knows damn well that the shit that support Mr. TV will never vote Democratic – they want Robert E. Lee next and never will vote Democratic or in favor of sanity. Only in Utah, where they hate Trump, for good reason, will Republican morons not support him again. The rest of the populace, including Republicans, is ready for flushing Trump down the bathroom of politics, just be sure he doesn’t clog it up on the way down.

He is perhaps the most vile and repulsive agent of shit ever to hold the office. And remember, Biden is not Hillary. Forget the idiot #metoo militants, they type that wanted Al Franken kicked out and eschew that blond bitch that drove him out and support Mr. TVs flushing.

On to Chomsky, the real genius. The first I ever knew about him was in a linguistics class where he studied his grammar. I wrote my paper on him, and sliced it to pieces as his first argument was against the ancient minded grammarians who were clearly wrong but obscured things with their terminology. He then went on to explain, in that absurd terminology why they were wrong, so what the hell was that all about? The only real sense was that language skills were most available before puberty and a few other points. Well, I got an A on the paper and the professor wanted to submit it for publication except for the fact that Chomsky had retracted almost all the idiocy, called it idiocy, that I had attacked in the paper!! So I asked this prof what the fuck was I faced with the damn thing for. He wrote that the changes just came out. I checked the book’s publication date and it was only a year old. Thanks a hell of a lot.

So, later on, I found his political writings and they made great sense. I also saw his debate with B. F. Skinner, the guy who was pushing behavioralism. They were scheduled for 3 debates and Skinner ran for the hills after the first one. Chomsky was right with his cognitive behavioral school, anticipated by Albert Ellis with his REBT (look it up).

Anyway, here is discusses what the hell went on with Sanders and Biden and once again, he is right, so wake up those of you who want a third party now of all times:

“How did the United States — the richest country in the world — become the worldwide epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, with one person dying of COVID-19 every 47 seconds? We spend the hour with Noam Chomsky, the world-renowned political dissident, linguist and author, discussing this unprecedented moment in history, and its political implications, as Senator Bernie Sanders announces he is suspending his campaign for the presidency. Chomsky also describes how frontline medical workers and progressive organizing are giving him hope.

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