What a Pile of Crap: Johnson and Don of Orange

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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Andres Johnson and Donald of Orange: Impeach and Toss



Johnson: meet Donald of Orange

Illustration: A view of our 19th Century version of Donald the Orange

Johnson is Trump

Erstens: Ich hätte kein Problem damit, dass der derzeitige Bundeskanzler (und Quantenbiologe) ein Handelsabkommen mit Russland eingeht, solange solare Technologie und Lagerung einbezogen sind.

That having been said, let me further say that I have absolutely no desire to comment on the foolishness of Hillary Clinton (who seems to be revealing herself as an underground “Goldwater Girl again).

Further, I have no real interest in American history. However, when our politicians start playing games with the Constitution and act like a freakish cult in public, I feel forced to do something. Therefore, I am publishing the transcript of an interview showing how Donald Trump is very much like Andrew Johnson, the previous legitimately impeached President.

The trial took place way back in 1868 (in the U.S. that is a long time) of the successor to Abraham Lincoln. Understand that at that time the Republicans were closer to the Democrats of today: the positions were, in other words, reversed. There is no doubt that Trump should be tossed out of the white house on his ass, but we can only wait for the inevitable outcome. This interview, however, is most important and enlightening (I even learned from it) and so I am publishing here after checking the facts. Every detail in important and accurate and the only one left out is that in those days the Vice President was a member of the opposition party. This may explain at least part of the motivation for Lincoln’s death.

After a nearly 13-hour marathon session, the U.S. Senate approved by a party-line vote the rules for the impeachment trial of President Trump. This marks just the third presidential impeachment trial in U.S. history. The Senate trial comes a month after the House impeached Trump for pressuring Ukraine to investigate his political rival Joe Biden. Under the rules, each side will be given 24 hours over a three-day period for opening arguments. Senators also agreed to automatically admit evidence from the House inquiry into the trial record. Republicans rejected 11 amendments from Democrats to subpoena witnesses and documents at this stage in the trial. Democrats were attempting to subpoena documents from the White House, the State Department and the Office of Management and Budget. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer spoke early on Tuesday laying out the Democrats’ case for impeachment. “President Trump is accused of coercing a foreign leader into interfering in our elections to benefit himself, and then doing everything in his power to cover it up,” Schumer said. “If proved, the president’s actions are crimes against democracy itself. It’s hard to imagine a greater subversion of our democracy than for powers outside our borders to determine the elections from within.” For more, we speak with Manisha Sinha, professor of American history at the University of Connecticut and author of “The Slave’s Cause: A History of Abolition.”

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