In Escalation Of Diplomatic Dispute Saudi Arabia Bans Ice, Apologies, Canadian Tuxedos

Posted in Uncategorized by @honestcharlie on August 8, 2018

The Out And Abouter

As Saudi Arabia continues to show that it will not allow itself be told that human rights apply to women, fortuitous oil does not a good leader make, and Canada walks quietly but carries a goalie stick, the economic sanctions being levied by the Middle Eastern kingdom against the northern nation have officially moved to “Unnecessary Roughness” on the Canadian Index of You Wanna Take This Outside?

With the Saudi Ice Organization (Canada’s third largest purchaser of last year’s snowmen) saying earlier today that it will no longer buy frozen water mixed with carrots from the Canucks, an announcement that was quickly followed by a statement from the Saudi Agency For General Civility saying that apologies – a social mechanism whose mass production is widely attributed to the Canadians – would be ceased in the kingdom by royal decree, it is now clear that the oil-rich but equality-poor Arab state intends…

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