The Deep Establishment

Posted in Uncategorized by @honestcharlie on November 5, 2017


Last week, the Earl of Sandwich was born. He invented the sandwich. So much for the good news.


A short time ago, someone posted an update on a new bombing of Yemen. I sarcastically said “At least they didn’t use a pick-up”, as I was fresh from talking about the fuss made over “Allah Akbar” or “Allu Akbar” in NY. Someone had wondered why we didn’t talk about this crisis and I had just told him it was like the Las Vegas thing, now is not the time to talk. So, when I saw that post, I reacted fresh from that discussion. I had to explain where I stood on Yemen and then directed them to the site and suggest they look in the left column where all the topics were listed. It was revealing. I actually had about 12 there or more. So, why am I bothering? Well, these were all new followers or non followers I soon realized. I SHOULD BE MORE CLEAR. BTW: Anybody know what the vowel sound before Akbar should be?


A number of things seem worth mentioning. Next time, we’ll just post the discussion of the ex-Greek Financial Minister on the “Deep Establishment”. Out alt-right morons have adopted the term “Deep State” to describe whatever they don’t like about whatever good the government can still do with the remnants of the New Deal, Roosevelt’s program to rescue capitalism by adopting some of the Ideas of Eugene Debs, a Socialist, who ran for President and was therefore put in prison. It actually made things better for people. It also made rules against what banks could do.

One thing that makes the new Tax program possible is Trump’s base, which right now supports him at even a lower popularity rate than Herbert Hoover’s at the peak of the Great Depression that was made possible by the Republican Party. Since the Democrat Party instituted the reforms of the New Deal, these banks that now control our lives managed to infiltrate that party as well, That is what gave Hillary Clinton the nomination and is now belatedly admitted by Donna Brazil. Donald Trump is happy to see it as it is a handy deflection from the Russia investigation. The complaint that Bernie is not a registered Democrat is just a deflection, as his state does not really have a party designation option.

It doesn’t matter. We have the new tax program now. The idea being used is to get all the lower classes and bigots, the intellectual south, at one another’s throats so that the upper one tenth of one percent can grab more of the money. Class warfare is the real goal behind it all. It is just not the workers against the rich, but precisely the opposite. Soon after then next crash, a new wave of austerity with come as a result of the increased deficit and cuts in more new deal programs will become needed. After all, it’s only immigrants that need social security and Medicare, right? [We still
remember one moron
shouting “keep your government hands off my Social Security”
to Arlen Specter
who promptly had to become a Democrat.]

It is worth mentioning that for the amount that this will cost, the government could instead issue a check for $17,000 to every family in the U.S. As my favorite Math teacher in High School used to say on occasion, “How about them apples?” (Spit).


When the charges started recently against Bill Cosby, I really wondered what the hell was going on. After all, a guy who was that influential and powerful probably had females trying desperately to sleep with him in return for some sort of advancement or just to be able to say the had done it. I thought it was very unlikely. Roger Ailes as a predator I could understand as he was so fat and ugly that nothing would want to even be touched by him. We also had O’Reilly, Weinstein (Fox made a great deal of this because he was not right wing), Dustin Hoffman (really?), and Kevin Spacey who apparently was very drunk and lifted a 14 year old boy across to a bed and lay on top of him. Spacey claims not to remember this 30 year old incident, but does admit he is gay today. The thing is, I still don’t get it.

No, I’m not a novice in Psychology. I have degrees and certifications and all that type of stuff and practiced as well. I understand Paranoids, Schizophrenics, and so on. I even understand that our President is a sociopath. But what is the point of such harassment? Well, go figure. Everybody, listen up! If you have been near someone in a position of power and you don’t like them, go to the papers or news and tell them you were sexually harassed. Men or women. I’d claim it about Betsy DeVoss except I never met her.

And that brings up to another point. How’s this for a nightmare? Watch the show DESIGNATED SURVIVOR. It is about the one cabinet member who has to stay behind in case there is a great disaster during the State of the Union address. Imagine it is Betsy DeVoss and she becomes President. Well, why not?


There is simply too much criticism of Trump not being a Republican. It is true that once he said that if he ran for President it would be as a Republican because Republican voters are more stupid than the others, but he is learning. He has even learned how to speak. Do you Remember Dan Quayle saying that his visit to Latin America was so nice that he wished he has paid more attention in Latin Class in High School? How about Georgie Bush talking about “Strategery”? Well, Donald talked about the “Diverserary” as a sham making our justice system the laughing stock of the world. He took it back saying that’s what people are saying, despite all the tapes of him saying it.


So, they made Perez head of the DNC instead of Ellison. You will hear a great deal of BS about this in the days to come. Again, this is merely an evolution from Eisenhower’s warning about the “Military-Industrial Complex” to the “Financial Force” that has taken over. It is so overwhelming that there is no point in even addressing it other than to say it is now the deep establishment.

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