Now we have Trump

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Remember, remember, the 5th of November
The Gunpowder Treason and plot;
I see of no reason why Gunpowder Treason
Should ever be forgot.

Dulles v. Democracy


Czar Donic

We have just about had it for awhile. There are simply too many things our “free-market” system of arms distribution and “Nation Building,” sine we can not even rebuild Detroit or Baltimore, refugees, wars, etc. to keep up with. Furthermore, there are other things to think about and, when the spirit moves, we will publish those in another forum, made available the same way or through the same channels. Now we have Trump.

We once looked back here in order to find out why each President seemed worse than the last. Of course, Carter was a bit of a relief after Nixon and Obama at least speaks English after 8 years of Georgie and his Oedipus complex, but the serious decline came with the death of JFK. It led to Viet Nam and then eventually Ronald Reagan. How did it come about?

A new book of the Dulles brothers in action sheds some more light on the monumental event. In order to follow, we need to unravel some history and that is never fun. In addition, the careers of the Dulles brothers are so murky that they may never be untangled. And anyway, who cares now? Right?

Allen Dulles was head of the CIA during Eisenhower and Kennedy. He once said that the CIA did nothing without the approval of the “Highest” levels of the government, which meant his brother, John Foster Dulles. Both were from San Francisco and had a law firm in D.C. And were very close to what emerged as Bechtel. Allen had the elected President of Iran overthrown and replaced by the Shah (who is the only leader in the Mideast, except Israel, to ever have any nuclear weapons program).

You may have had of Senator McCarthy and McCarthyism in the 50s. Well, the fascist McCarthy felt that there were “Communists” in the CIA and subpoenaed documents from them. Dulles not only resisted, had Eisenhower block him, but also broke into McCarthy’s Senate office to plant “disinformation”. We might say good for him, but we have to realize that it was Dulles, not CBS, that eventually “neutralized” McCarthy.

Jumping ahead a few years, JFK was elected and happy to see Lamumba elected President, the first democratically elected African leader. Dulles neutralized him, but Kennedy didn’t know this until later. You might want to remember a scene from Godfather II that took place in Cuba: a meeting with a few mobsters, ATT, big food conglomerates, and so on, with Batista, then President of Cuba. Remember also some of the cleaned up scenes of decadent “entertainment” provided for United States investors and tourists. Then the revolution. All during Eisenhower.

Kennedy takes office and already several plots to assassinate Castro are underway and take place without his specific approval. By the Bay of Pigs, he finds out how deeply the CIA is involved and fires Allen Dulles and several of his operatives. Kennedy is knocked off in Dallas, and LBJ forms a “commission” to investigate, named after Warren, Chief Justice, but run by Dulles, one year after Dulles was fired by JFK. Bechtel makes a ton of money in Viet Nam and other wars (LBJ knew how to survive, if nothing else). Robert Kennedy resigned immediately as he had forced Hoover to report to him, not directly to the president (as it should be).

New we can here from the author:

From Democracy Now:

David Talbot, author of “The Devil’s Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America’s Secret Government,” re-examines what happened in Dallas on November 22, 1963, and looks at John F. Kennedy’s relationship with his former CIA director. “The weekend of Kennedy’s assassination, Allen Dulles is not at home watching television like the rest of America,” Talbot said. “He’s at a remote CIA facility, two years after being pushed out of the agency by Kennedy, called The Farm, in northern Virginia, that he used when he was director of the CIA as a kind of an alternate command post.” Talbot also asks why the agency has refused to publicly release travel documents of CIA officials who have been identified for having a possible role in Kennedy’s death.


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