Trump and Yemen-Hate Rules

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Charles I of England was deposed and finally beheaded by Cromwell as part of a revolution, based mainly on the behavior of a bad King.

Monarchies all over Europe protested and had issued tracts and invectives against the English people for this behavior. Cromwell had the good sense to choose Milton as his Latin Secretary (sort of a Press Secretary as all “important” documents were written in Latin) to defend the actions of the English people and no person came even close to matching Milton’s skill.

Of course, his task was made far easier by the fact that Charles I was terrible. We are faced with someone almost as bad, and certainly more stupid.

It was not until the Restoration that the New King, Charles II assumed control that someone was able to defend the monarchy. It amounted to saying that a good king is better than a host of morons. It is by Dryden.

Above are sentiments more closely aligned with the attitudes of most Americans and against Trump.

MSM covered a demonstration against corruption in Moscow making it sound like the police were brutal and aggressive. I swear that it reminded of the show at the N.Y. Republican Convention for Bush II with it’s “designated protest areas”. Cops went on a riot. It was not close to as violent as the police riot at the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago.

Everyone seemed to be watching Sessions. I hate that accent as it reminds me of the racist morons who follow and support Trump. Trump has made bigotry and hate a bit of a fad.

Trump has recently increased attacks in Yemen and here is some information about a cholera epidemic there:

In Yemen, a civilian is dying nearly every hour from a massive cholera outbreak, as the ongoing U.S.-backed, Saudi-led bombing campaign and naval blockade has devastated the country’s health, sanitation and water systems. The World Health Organization says the number of suspected cholera cases in Yemen has now reached 101,820 and continues to rise, accounting for 859 deaths. Yemen’s healthcare system is also on the verge of collapse as many hospitals have shut down because of the ongoing U.S.-backed Saudi war. Only 45 percent of Yemen’s hospitals are still operational. We speak to guests Dr. Mariam Aldogani and Anas Shahari of Save the Children Yemen.


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  1. Barry Wright said, on June 13, 2017 at 10:34 pm

    Thanks, good stuff to remember and study! I had thought it had been Charles II who got chopped and had to look it all up…

    Of course in the meantime Gaza still looks like this, even after the 50th anniversary of the illegal occupation by Zionists.

    And we ALONE fund this disaster. Where’s the outcry, where is honestcharlie? : )



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