Another Week on Insanity — Make America Sane Again

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The Absurd Times

I do not remember the source, but this is an advance copy of the new cover of Mad Magazine, apparently still in print. If there is a problem with copyright, I’ll be happy to delete it. I’ve seen enough, anyway.

A week or so of Insanity


Eman Nep

The question asked on media today is “Is America Safe?” The real question should be “Is America Sane?” It is at least befuddled.

Another bombing in England dismissed by Trump by misquoting the Mayor of London (a Moslem, so it fits right in with practice). He actually said that citizens should not be concerned by the increased police visibility. Some reports are that he got the quote from Drudge (or Sludge). Sending prayers? Trump’s prayers? I’ll leave it at that. Trump’s tweet is both gauche and incorrect and also self-serving as he seems intent on forbidding any Moslem from entering the country.

The Mayor was asked for a response, and his office issued a statement to the effect that “The Mayor is far too occupied with other, more important matters, to be bothered with responding to Donald Trumps tweets,” or words to that effect.

In Oregon, an advanced state, there was a demonstration against Trump. His supporters are demonstrating as well. In addition, a group of people dressed in black assembled to “meet violence with violence,” as I understand it. I have heard no statement from this crowd, but the underlying idea is not that much out of line. In practice, I am also ignorant. They call themselves “anti-fascists”.

I can tell you my impression of the typical Trump supporter. I am reminded of a statement made by Gene Wilder in a Mel Brook’s film called “Blazing Saddles.” The new sheriff, a black man, in a western town is not well received by the populace and is somewhat depressed. He is consoled by Gene Wilder who says “These folks are the slat of the earth, the common clay, you know, morons.”

Bill Maher is now being attacked for using the “N” word. Well, white people should not use the “N” word. Furthermore, they should not wear baseball caps backwards. It is nuts, unless they have been catchers and even they prefer to wear them properly. Come on guys, have a little respect for baseball, if nothing else. You are not “cool”, and that is it.

Trump’s visit to Europe brought back the stereotype of the “Ugly American.” Merkel and Macron know better, but even they see Trump as an Ugly American. So do I.

The whole Kathy Griffith episode is ridiculous. I have never considered her a good comic and still don’t. Baron Trump is in Trauma, we are told. Has he not been in such a state for years now? I would have been.

Is the Comey testimony such a big deal? I have no idea. Still, it will be interesting for awhile.

Trump said he represents Pittsburgh, not Paris. The Mayor of Pittsburgh said “Hold on, there. We are with the rest of the world.” At one time, Pittsburgh shared the bottom of the National League in Baseball with Chicago and so I enjoy them, anyway.

One of Trump’s supporters said in his defense that he was avoiding the example of Chamberlain. It is about time to end references to Hitler and Chamberlain with a few facts. England was not ready for war with Germany at the time, while Germany, with its citizens suffering from what out leaders now like to call “austerity” (only in far greater degree) was preparing for years – with the help of Henry Ford and other Capitalists. More to the point: Hitler always maintained that Chamberlain “double-crossed” him simply to give England time to prepare for its defense, time it desperately needed. Whether this was Chamberlain’s intention or not, that was the effect it had. Our own preparation, increasing our war production (it is time to stop the façade of the term “Defense”) and budget at the expense of programs at home is hardly benign.

The following interview concerns the recent attack and it is reasonably short:

Twelve people have been arrested in London after three attackers killed seven people and injured 48 more on Saturday night. The three attackers were shot dead by police. It’s the third terror attack in the U.K. in three months. British Prime Minister Theresa May has vowed a sweeping review of the nation’s counterterrorism strategy. All of this comes as the country gears up for national parliamentary elections scheduled for this Thursday. Prime Minister May has also called for increased web surveillance so the internet is no longer a “safe space” for terrorists. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump used the London attacks to call for the United States to impose his proposed Muslim travel ban. Here to discuss all of this with Democracy Now! is Guardian columnist Paul Mason.


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  1. Barry Wright said, on June 5, 2017 at 1:07 pm

    Love it all! But also check out this great Nation article on our unconditional ‘alliance’ with Israel.



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