Legal Justifications for Impeachment

Posted in Uncategorized by @honestcharlie on May 25, 2017


“No, my son. I have it on the Highest authority that you’d best enjoy yourself here, for afterwards there is no chance for you.”

So, we will finish with the impeachment now.

  • Emoluments: Anything he does enriches himself, including visitors at Trump tower near the White house. Also, the only bank that would even consider loaning him money was Russian owned. Not clear how much he owes. Every act so far designed to enrich the upper 1% (he is one of them).
  • Treason: Ample evidence of sharing top classified information with Russia – in the White house!
  • Firing Comey, stating the whole reason was to hinder the investigation into him, his staff, and Russia: All clearly obstruction of Justice and admittedly so.

The Constitution uses the term “high crimes and misdemeanors”, not clear what the latter is in this case, but the crimes part is pretty clear.

Below are discussions of it in more detail, including one congressman, from Texas, who openly called for the impeachment. Some phrases had been blanked out as [expletive deleted], but we used linguistic techniques to reconstruct them.[1]

Last week, Texas Democratic Congressmember Al Green became the first congressmember to call for President Trump’s impeachment from the floor of the House of Representatives. Since then, the African-American lawmaker has received a barrage of racist threats, including voicemails in which callers threaten to lynch him. For more, we speak with Congressmember Green.


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