Palestine, Korea, Facts — Anyone Care?

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Most of this is about Palestine, but some on Korea as well. The guy on the left has realistic fears for his country. The other is not real. Also, a tale of two leaders.




Much has been going on in Palestine lately, but this is baseball season so our media isn’t covering it. Also, too much free entertainment provided live by announcements by Sean Spicer and worthless executive order signings. In addition, clips of Donald’s true love Ivanka getting booed for supporting her father as an advocate of women’s rights. “”Oh Daddy, Daddy, so good.”

We have a few drawings by the great Latuff on Palestine. Once some Zionist organization in the U.S. ranked him as the third most anti-Semitic person in the world. For this we congratulated him, for only two beat him out as the leader, while in fourth place were European Football (Soccer) Fans. That one category includes millions, so his achievement cannot be overlooked.

After that, we have an interview with Barghouti on Palestine, followed by one with Noam Chomsky that reminds us of WHY Norther Korea is so concerned about us.

(Not Latuff)

And some info:

And now for Barghouti, after Israel arrested him for trying to come here, but finally got here to accept his award:

As more than 1,000 Palestinian prisoners have entered their ninth day on a massive hunger strike inside Israeli jails, we are joined by the Palestinian activist Omar Barghouti, who has come to the United States to receive the 2017 Gandhi Peace Award for his work as co-founder of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions, or BDS, movement. At the award ceremony, Barghouti dedicated the prize to Palestinians on hunger strike. He was almost prevented from attending after Israeli police arrested him, seizing his passport and forbidding him from leaving the country. An Israeli court eventually temporarily lifted the travel ban.


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  1. Amin jarrar said, on April 26, 2017 at 1:01 pm

    In occ palestine a lot of IOF crimes against Palestinian people on a daily basis get overlooked by puppet MSM .


    • @honestcharlie said, on April 26, 2017 at 3:19 pm

      It seems to be policy.


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