Why Impeach Trump?

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On Impeaching Trump


Arthur Schopenhauer

Many of you will not like the points made here. Too bad.

A recent survey indicated that the most popular American candidate for President right now would be Bernie Sanders, despite his use of the term “socialist” and statements otherwise objectionable to the wealthy. In addition, we know full well that many who voted for Obama with his message about hope and change, and eliminating the “politics of fear” (meaning George Bush and other Republicans who were then in power) this time voted for Trump. The only possible reason for this is that the vast majority of the country does not like the way healthcare is handled, how wealth is distributed, how people are treated.

For awhile, blame cast upon minorities will allow the “elite” (meaning the few with most of the money) to escape and divert blame. However, ultimately the idea of a coalition of the very poor and the workers along with much of the middle class will emerge as a dominate force, unless of course military force is used against them by their own government which is not an unbelievable sernario.

Many American voters, having been stupid enough to vote for Donald Trump, are now regretting it. Calls for Impeachment abound, and the accusations of “collusion” with the Russians to elect him are based on the basic notion of treason. The point here is to explain why this is not a great idea, how this came to pass, and what would come to pass if such a movement were possible and came to fruition. The focus, however, would be on motive and consequences.

The idea that the largest nuclear powers could come to an agreeable truce of sorts and cooperate, at least to avoid a deadly conflict, is propagated as somehow evil and bad for the working class. The working class, thinking that the real enemy consists of Mexicans and Moslems has so far been diverted, but there is no real evidence that this will continue. The prospect of an arrangement with Russia has even led to terrorists attacks inside Russia, this time in St. Petersburg.

There is no real evidence that Putin set out to get Trump elected, none at all. In fact, there is more evidence that he despised Hillary Clinton than anything else, so let us forget about hacking and all that. As best I can make out, since I speak no Russian of consequence, and the Cyrillic alphabet is an enormous barrier here, Putin once said that Trump was “Flashy.” That was translated, incorrectly as “bright,” and such a mistake is clearly possible. Given Trump’s personality disorder, details to follow, he easily interpreted that to mean Putin considered him a “genius.” Hence his admiration for Putin as far as it goes.

Now why would Putin detest Hillary? To understand that, you have to understand a bit about Putin. The Stasi, or Staatssicherheit (State Security) will come in a bit later in connection with Merkel.

Putin was in East Germany during the fall of the Wall. He was completely alone, cut off from Moscow, expendable part of the KGB, but did burn countless documents as East Germans threatened the building. He went out alone and told the crowd that it would be best for them not to enter as there were countless armed defenders and that he would hate for them to be shot as he considered them brothers. They refrained and he returned to finish burning papers. He eventually made his way to Moscow and after the farce of Yeltsin, became President.

After his first two terms under the new constitution, he had his friend take over for a few years and then ran again. Hillary, then Secretary of State, led a charge against him, and used every means possible to overturn him, without success. She then (and the tape exists somewhere) conferred with NATO allies to depose the pro-Russian government and replace him with what she called “Yaz”. (Some of you may know who I mean.) Putin never forgot. There is little doubt that if he could punish her, he would. The fact that Trump would benefit was “collateral damage,” if nothing else.

Further, for centuries, every conflict Russia had was with attacking border states. The U.S. does not seem to take this into account. It was, in fact, the reason for the Warsaw Pact. The Pact was abandoned on the assurance that there would be not encroachment on Russia. The U.S. has expanded NATO to the point where Russia is now surrounded on its west by hostile countries with the lone exception of Ukraine, a country populated by a vast Russian population. The entire Eastern part of Ukraine is predominately ethnic Russian. Crimea was glad to join the Russian Federation as the Wages of each worker increased fourfold as a result. Clinton was very much in favor of any and all expansion eastward. Putin and most Russians saw her as a clear threat to their own peace.

There is also doubt as to whether the Russians did in fact do any hacking as the CIA is perfectly capable of forging Russian programming code and, more importantly, nothing that was leaked was erroneous. Podesta’s email account had a password. It was PASSWORD. Is it unlikely that someone would try that, perhaps an eleven year old? Anyway, the whole point is moot. Surely, we would never interfere in another country’s election.

Trump did much to spread good will when Angela Merkel was here by suggesting that they were both wiretapped by enemies (Obama). For her, growing up under the Stasi, this was a remarkable statement and she looked at him as if he were insane. She was close. He is simply neurotic.

On to the impeachment.

First, let’s look at the line of replacement. After Mike Pence, Paul Ryan, Orrin Hatch, Rex Tillerson, and so on. Not a very nice thing to contemplate.

So let’s look at Trump for the next two years after taking a look at the personality disorder he exhibits. This is ultimately from DAM V and is, in my opinion, a bit sketchy and the entire edition has too many problems to go into here, however, it is a starting point:

DSM[i]-5 criteria for narcissistic personality disorder include these features:

· Having an exaggerated sense of self-importance

· Expecting to be recognized as superior even without achievements that warrant it

· Exaggerating your achievements and talents

· Being preoccupied with fantasies about success, power, brilliance, beauty or the perfect mate

· Believing that you are superior and can only be understood by or associate with equally special people

· Requiring constant admiration

· Having a sense of entitlement

· Expecting special favors and unquestioning compliance with your expectations

· Taking advantage of others to get what you want

· Having an inability or unwillingness to recognize the needs and feelings of others

· Being envious of others and believing others envy you

· Behaving in an arrogant or haughty manner

One need only have a certain number of these symptoms, and requiring constant admiration, a sense of entitlement, and inability to unwillingness to recognize the need and feelings of others, etc., are certainly there. The constant admiration is a centerpiece. Also, he has an exaggerated sense of self-importance. In other words, he is more or less oblivious of special outside interests. All of the others in the line of succession want to privatize Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and eliminate any of the reforms of the FDR administration. One the other hand, Trump only wants what will help enhance his sense of self-importance, the rest be damned.

Let us take an example: Obamacare. He would easily sign a bill repealing Obamacare, but if it repealed the Affordable Care Act, he would veto it. Many people who benefit from the ACA like it, but hate Obamacare. It is like the woman in the earlier tea party days who shouted at Arlen Spector of Pennsylvania “Keep your government hands off my Social Security!” They are morons, but they love Trump and his idiotic rants.

He has no idea of where Neil Gorsuch stands or how good a judge he is. He got his name from a list provided by some “Heritage” right wing group, eliminated the female judges, and settled on Gorsuch. He can only distinguish a judge by how much money it will cost him and how it will affect his brand name. He does not care that the Judge was Hispanic, he did care that he would rightfully rule against him. Trump is not a sharp legal mind.

The reason he did not ban Moslems in the gulf states, for example, is that Trump hotels and the like are there with his brand name on them. Somalia? Ok, they are all black anyway, aren’t they? (Sessions assured him that they were. Guliani helped out with the deal of the ban.) So what if it is stopped in the courts? He will fight and look good to his bigot fans.

At one time, I was extremely angry with Nancy Pelosi for not allowing the Democratic Majority impeach George Bush because of the proven lies about the Iraq war. He truly deserved to be impeached, but that would have, after all, left Dick Cheney in charge. That would have been even more horrible what with his penchant for shooting friend and foe alike.

Certainly Trump is disgusting and has made it fashionable for white supremacists to attack Blacks, Moslems, and Jews, but these attacks have also led to greater harmony amongst those groups. Hispanics and women also and yes, I know there are Hispanic women. The point is, Trump is so ridiculous that he may do something that does not fall in line with the big money if it leads to further unpopularity or is otherwise a blow to his ego. His lack of comprehension of any real ideology other than self-love or esteem is easier to tolerate than the ideological likes of the other Republicans.

The only real answer is for the Democratic Party to become a progressive, people centered party. So far, it has not done very well, allowing the Zionist lobby stop Ellison from becoming head of the DNC. Still, it is the only real solution.

His family now rules the country. Kushner will bring peace to the middle east, restructure the U.S. government, stimulate scientific progress in “innovation,” and still keep Ivanka satisfied.

The Romanovs thought the same about themselves, but they did not end happily.

Trump will always be happy, as he is, by his own definition, superb.

Besides, he will now make us safe from a nuclear attack from North Korea. After all, a missile could reach the West Coast in 20 minutes and we could not detect it as it is limited by the speed of light and our many jets would be useless, no?

At any rate, with the structure of state such as it is right now, impeachment is a futile gesture and would only perpetuate matters.


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