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From Latuff on Mondoweiss




Now, isn’t Trump’s travel ban rather stupid? Yes, of course, but it really takes our minds off serious issues. This ban will be thrown out of court eventually. Perhaps it will wind up in front of our ridiculous Supreme Court one day, but that will take awhile.

However, the anti-BDS forces are at work with a passion. Cuomo (I don’t care how he spells it, really) of New York has already made it illegal to get any state funds for anyone who supports BDS. We do have a First Amendment (we published it here earlier as we knew it was needed) that says we can speak. Really, that is a right we have. Well, of course, they want to tinker with it, but it is still there. In fact, this court actually voted to give corporations the same legal status as people under the constitution, even though the articles of incorporation always make profit for the shareholders the ultimate motive and thus they are legally obligated to be sociopaths. [We could go on about this as it is a fascination topic, but we'll stay with BDS for now.]

Israel, however, has no such thing. In fact, if you say something they don’t like, they will lock you up, shoot you, and/or torture you, whatever. "Speech Scmeech" seems to be the official position over there.

Obama, who had treated Israel so generously, was constantly attacked, especially after Hillary left. Kerry, after all, had actually had experience with different cultures. That is frowned upon in our politics.

Now things are worse: much worse under Trump (what a morbid image). His practice of TWC (Tweeting while constipated) manages to keep the media’s focus off of what is really going on. Israel has made its own travel ban against anyone who seems to be in favor of BDS and outlawed the Moslem Call to Prayer.

In the following interview or transcript, we hear from some people who can discuss this and what it is like living there. One was making a movie about what it looks and sound like when a Palestinian’s home is wrecked and smashed by the Israelis. They wanted it to look realistic, so they included real furniture. It seems they were trying to contract with someone to wreck on so they could film it when I Israeli Government sent a wrecking crew there and did it for them. Free of charge. What could be more ludicrous?

Here is the interview:

While President Trump has made international headlines for his attempt to temporarily ban refugees and residents of some Muslim-majority nations, one of Washington’s closest allies has instituted a travel ban of its own. Earlier this week, Israeli lawmakers approved a law barring supporters of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, known as BDS, from entering Israel. The BDS movement is an international campaign to pressure Israel to comply with international law and respect Palestinian rights. The Israeli parliament voted to ban non-Israelis from entering the country if they, or any organizations they are a part of, support the boycott. After the law was passed, the Israeli parliament posted a message on its site reading, "In recent years calls to boycott Israel have been growing. It seems this is a new front in the war against Israel, which until now the country had not prepared for properly." We are joined by three guests. Rebecca Vilkomerson is executive director of Jewish Voice for Peace. Also with us are two guests connected to the new film "Junction 48." Israeli-American filmmaker Udi Aloni directed the film, and the Palestinian actor Tamer Nafar is the film’s star.


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