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Since our news is preoccupied with the tweeting Trump, someone has to talk about something else. (More about that later.)

Above are a couple self-explanatory illustrations. One is even a note from Albert Einstein and people in physics tend not to think much about politics. Hawkings eventually skipped a visit once he figured out what was going on there. The most surprising bit on information in the letter, at least to us, is the opposition of Franz Kafka – it must have given him nightmares to think about an Israel.

They do raise questions about the term “anti-Semitic”. If used in a genetic sense, as in racism, it could hardly apply anywhere except amongst Trump followers. The recent spate of not only attacks on Black Churches, Mosques, Synagogues, and Sihks (“go back to your home,” (meaning Iran), is an example of the sort of moronic behavior Trump’s words and actions make quite attractive to many of his followers who believe that they now have official license to carry out these actions. (And, if you want to use a public bathroom, be sure to gring your birth certificate.)

Lunacy of Trump.


Sergi Kissmyarz

If you do a search on Trump Lunacy, you will get about half a million results. Islamic Terrorism will yield about 77 million, all in less than a second. I imagine one day, in the dictionary, next to lunacy will be a photo of Trump.

The media seems fixated on the subject. The kindest interpretation is that he tweets out insanity in order to change the focus. Otherwise, he actually means what he says. Both interpretations are rather unpleasant, but he was elected and will be President for 4 years or until he is impeached, whichever comes first.

There really is little else to say. He did claim that Obama had his phone tapped. Now think about that for a minute. Do you think that Obama, during his last months in office, would want to spend them listening to Donald Trump talking on the telephone? I wouldn’t.

Now, the NSA does collect just about everything everywhere. It then stores it. You can see 77 million references to Islamic Terrorism just on a public, free, search engine. Now what code words would they have to use to dig out something worth listening to? Perhaps “Nude” would yield even more results, in fact I’m almost certain it would, but why bother?


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