Trump/Bannon v. the World

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Above: Israel given the “green light” by Trump/Bannon.

Germany looks at Trump’s behavior, Der Spiegel.

We have a new writer and he may or may not introduce himself”



Alan Shore

I want to begin by calling for a commemoration. Every 9/11 we commemorate the victims of that terrorist attack. Yet we have no day of commemoration for the victims of the Bowling Green Massacre. Fake news media, such as the New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and so on claimed it never happened, but try telling that to the victims. Are we to ignore it simply because it did not happen in Kentucky?

We also have to explain Putin. Fake news has show photos and clips of children affected by strikes in Ukraine, that received the loan of Chechnya from Nikita Khrushchev, but those photos never identify the direction from which the missiles hit. Are they taken from the South or the North? They seem to indicate that they are taken from the south, and that makes for better lighting, and in that case the attacks came from the west, Kiev, not from the West. Until that is resolved, we cannot really tell.

Putin has demanded an apology from Fox news for calling him a “killer,” but they are unlikely to do so. Remember, you heard it hear!

Finally, Teresa May of Britain seems to have been the last international leader to talk to Donald while he was still somewhat sane. Since then, his behavior has become such as the people of that country have petitioned Parliament to have him disinvited for his official visit, one reason given as it would be an embarrassment to the Queen. As best I remember, about 200,000 signatures are needed to force a debate in Parliament (not sure at all on that), but that petition is approaching two million signatures. The Speaker of Parliament has announced that if he comes, he will not be allowed to speak in Parliament. Some others have suggested that he be allowed to visit, but stopped at the airport and, I might add, be handcuffed for 5 hours just as a five year old was handcuffed in the U.S. as a result of Trump’s “Executive Order”.

A temporary restraining order will be debated on the West Coast (a place Bernard Levy, author of “The Wisdom of the Jews” or something like that has called anti-Semitic). Supposedly, that argument will be on live stream at 2400 GMT from some court’s feed, but this is “fluid” as people enjoy saying.

Here are some more remarks by an American expert on foreign policy:

We turn now to look at President Trump’s emerging foreign policy. Last week, Trump reportedly abruptly ended a call with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull after complaining about the terms of a refugee deal between the U.S. and Australia. Meanwhile, during a call with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, Trump reportedly threatened to send U.S. troops to Mexico. Trump’s national security adviser, Michael Flynn, also announced the United States was putting Iran “on notice”—but it’s not clear what that means. And Trump’s first covert operation in Yemen went disastrously wrong: One U.S. Navy SEAL and as many as 23 Yemeni civilians died as a result. We speak to Harvard professor Stephen Walt. His recent piece in Foreign Policy is headlined “Trump Has Already Blown It.”


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