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Latuff and Trump: Muslim Ban

Israelis and Trump


If you think things cannot get any worse, you have not been paying attention.

So, quick updates:

The day after we sent out the edition on the WAR ON FACT AND SANITY, we received an invitation to subscribe to the Scientic American help fight the War on Fact and Truth.

Trump talked on the phone with the Prime Minister of Australia. He told the Aussie that he was sending “the next Boston Bomber” to the United States, the Aussie said the “talks were frank and …. .,” Which is diplomatic speak for “Shove it up your ass!” He reportedly hung up on him, or vice versa. Australia is al lot like the U.S. in its attitudes, well represented by the likes of Paul Hogan and Slim Dusty (best song: “The Pub’s Got No Beer,” actually better than many of what passes for Country these days).

Next call to Mexico: “Stop sending those ‘bad Hombres’ here. Your Army is afraid of them, but ours isn’t. We can send ours in.” Right.

Administration warned Iran about their recent missile test: “You are hereby on official notice!” What the hell does that mean? “Nothing is off the table,” just announced a few minutes ago. So, still, what the hell does that mean? If we abandon the treaty, Iran is free to start its nuclear production.

Trump says to the people of the United States about his rude and obnoxious behavior on the phone to foreign leaders “Don’t worry about it.” Somehow, that is not comforting.

Speaking of nuclear: Trump announced his Supreme Court nomination. It is actually a move toward diversity since there are already all Catholics and Jews on the court, this one is a Protestant. He has told the senate to confirm him, even without the needed 60 votes for debate.

His Vice President, Pence, will probably have to cast the divided vote of him Secretary of Education since two Republicans will vote against her. Murkowski and Collins. “I just can’t vote for her,” said Collins.

So, at a national prayer breakfast, Trump called for a number of prayers, INCLUDING A PRAYER FOR ARNOLD SCHWARTZENEGGER! This defies comment!

Trump currently has a higher approval rating in Poland than in the United States. This may be because people in Poland don’t live here. There may be other reasons for it.

This is getting ludicrous. One bright spot is Trump’s failure to specifically mention Jews during Holocaust Memorial day. It may move AIPAC to reduce its approval of Trump?


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