Hitler is Offended, Trump Thinks Crowds Are Huge

Posted in Uncategorized by @honestcharlie on January 21, 2017


I believe, owner of the Professional Wrestling Whatever
and Trump nominee for Education Secretary

First, the editor of NeinQuarterly says that “Hitler is getting angry at being compared to Trump,” so cut it out!

We are now told that the best weapon we have against Trump is comedy. Seems he lives in fear of comedians. At least, that’s Michael Moore’s take on it. So, perhaps it is worth a review of some of the funnier things about his administration (sounds funny already).

The first problem with this is the valuable advice given decades ago by Bernard Shaw: “I always tell the truth. It’s the funniest joke ever.” So, we can just report, you decide.

Perhaps the hearings of Trump’s nominees are a good place to start. Betsey DeVoss is the star of this hearing, and quite clearly knows almost nothing about education. This is a good start, because one would think that she then has no nonsense to unlearn. However, as head of the WWE, and sister to Eric Prince (of Blackwater infamy), she wants to privatize the public school system. Now this does not mean allow private K-12 schools to exist, but to take taxpayers’ money and give it to religious institutions.

The two most pertinent senators questioning her were Bernie Sanders and Al Franken. Sanders set her up by asking if she seriously thought she would even be there is she had not given so much money to Republican politicians. She said yes, meaning she was qualified and knowledgeable.

Then Franken asked her where she stood on the debate between proficiency and growth. Now this is an easy question for those interested in education in the K-12 realm, but is a bit confusing for those otherwise inclined. Proficiency is simply the definition of the standards for, say, 4th, fifth, and sixth Grade levels. How many of your students, if you are a teacher, have attained the level mandated? If enough, you win.

On the other hand, growth is more complicated, which perhaps is why she does not comprehend it.. If you are a fifth grade teach, and have several students who entered with a second grade proficiency and when tested after months of your teaching increase to a fourth grade level, you lose. If one of your students enters at the sixth grade level, and you bore the shit out of him and he tests at the fifth grade level, that’s fine. Obviously, growth is more important than proficiency.

Personally, many fellow students who achieved A level evaluations from their teachers while I did not, strangely enough did not test on standardized tests in the upper 1% as I did. Obviously, I was less able to disguise my impatience with stupidity than fellow classmates. But I digress.

Ringling Brothers is closing down it’s circus. Obviously, the competition from a Trump Administration is too much.

The first major debate of the new Administration is the crowd size of the inauguration. Now, I must thank God for the rain on Trump’s parade. I mean that literally (in the correct sense of the word). See, I asked God on Twitter to make it rain on Trumps’ parade. He asked if I wanted toads and snakes or “just the regular stuff”? I said just the regular stuff and he obliged. Thanks again!

So, how many did show up? Not many, especially when compared to Obama’s. However, both were easily eclipsed by demonstrations around the world, London, Paris, Athens, Rome, and of course New York, Idaho (remember them?), Fargo, St. Louis, of course Chicago (go Cubs), and just about any other city. The best sign award goes to Paris, France, of “Down with Stupidity”.

Madonna said something that offended news channels, but I didn’t hear what it was. What the fuck did she say? Any ideas? Ah, piss on it.


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