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Played center field for the Cubs. Once said “It’s either me of Willie Mays in the All Star Game. Me for my fielding, Mays for his hitting.”

No, I kid you not. It was impossible for the Cubs ever to win the world series. Ever. Yet it happened.

Let us look at some of the glory days:

Dick Drott, Cubs pitching ace.

Dick Drott is best remembered for being ejected from a game for wheeling Moe Drabowski in a wheelchair after Moe had an altercation with an umpire about that umpire not calling it when he was hit in the foot with a baseball and therefore entitled to first base. He argued so much that he was thrown out of the game.

Here, of course, is Moe. Other than the wheelchair incident, he is also known for giving up Musial’s 2,000th hit. Stan said “I’m glad it came off a good pitcher.” That is his main claim to fame.

But now, the Cubs have won the world series. If the Cubs can win the World Series, Donald Trump can be elected to the Presidency of the United States. Nothing is impossible anymore. That is the lesson of 2016 and the flag that will fly at Wrigley Field for a year.

So, remember, you heard it here.


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