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Ship of Women Attack Zionists, Pussy v. Putin


Thanks to Latuff, sorry it took this long to put it up.

A documentary was made in 2014 of the concentration camps and released. Actually, the U.S. And British war machines were producing it and they abandoned it and it was only lately that it was released. I only saw this think this morning and reflected on how absolutely low and vile Israel has become when, a few hours later, I reflected again on its current practices and action against the Palestinians. The temptation to link the two is too overwhelming to resist, so I’ll leave that to you. All we can really say is that Zionism today is a modern form of Nazism. And lest anyone try the standard pitiful defense of "anti-semitism," present Zionism is in no way in keeping with any of the tenents of the Jewish faith and an overwhelming number of Rabbis concur.

83 billion dollars in military aid has been promised to Israel, by Obama, and they hate him because he is a "Schwartzer," and because he is "anti-semitic," or at least not supportive enough. Imagine, thinking there is something wrong with the eviction on hundreds of Palestinians from their homes! What a pussy!

Frankly, the whole topic disgust me to the extent that I can not continue. I am putting an interview next that is more measured about how Israel "detain" a boat of women, 44 miles out in International waters, to protect the poor beleaguered oppressed Jewish people from these wild Amazons.

First, however, just a mild comment that was too long for twitter: Some academic, a visiting Professor from some eastern European country, a guy older, doesn’t get out much, is buried in his books, put on the TV during the debates (he is not used to American Television either) was quoted as calling a colleague and saying "Otto! You haff to zee ziss. A strange man is schtalking a voman on a schtage in Mizzouri!"

[No, I can't let it go that easy, not now.  The pussy grabber is making a major announcement on TV about how many liars there are and how the women are out to get him, but also we have the Clinton e-mails on Wikileaks.



Has Assange no shame?  Why we hear that Vlad Putin is behind all this and that makes Putin a pussy grabber enabler.  We can't have that.  Well, how do we know that the Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming are behind all this?  Well, because, anyway, the only real argument I've heard for that is the fact that they (probably that bastion of American Democracy, the NSA) found Cryllic letters in the code used and where would you get that kind of lettering?  Hmm? Y'all?  Where, here are a few in the following, using the paragraph just finished:



Имеет Ассанж не стыдно? Почему мы слышим, что Влад Путин стоит за всем этим и что делает Путину киске граббер активатора. Мы не можем этого. Ну, как мы знаем, что русские идут, Русские идут позади все это? Ну, потому что, во всяком случае, единственным реальным аргументом я слышал, что тот факт, что они (вероятно, что оплот американской демократии, АНБ) нашли Cryllic буквы в коде используется и где бы вы получить такую надпись? Хм-м? Y'all? Где, вот некоторые из них в дальнейшем, используя этот пункт только что закончил:



On the other hand, I've been given information that Ukranians are behind it.  See, Ukranians know that alphabet and that missle that hit the Malaysian airplane was made in Russia, after Kruschev, a Ukranian, gave Crimea to Ukraine.  I've been told that everyone knows that there are some great hackers in Odessa and Kiev and other places.  They do services for equipment that they want.  There was also a great deal of evidence concerning proxys and IPA addresses and other such geek speak that I didn't follow, but the case seems pretty solid given the source which of course is classified by me.]

But, after all, we need to get to the real story about the evil women on the boat that attacked Zion:

Und das is alles fur heute!


· Palestine

· Gaza

· Gaza Flotilla



retired Army colonel and former U.S. diplomat. She was one of the 13 passengers on the Zaytouna-Oliva, the Women’s Boat to Gaza attempting to break Israel’s nine-year naval blockade of the territory. Wright’s recent article is titled "Women’s Boat to Gaza Participants See the Israeli Imposed Perpetual Darkness on Gaza." She is also the co-author of the bookDissent: Voices of Conscience.

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A flotilla bound for Gaza carrying food, medicine and other humanitarian aid was intercepted and seized last week by the Israeli Navy. The Women’s Boat to Gaza had set sail from the Spanish port city of Barcelona in mid-September in efforts to break the ongoing Israeli blockade. Organizers say the Israeli military seized the boat and detained the 13 human rights activists aboard in international waters about 40 miles away from Gaza’s shore. The Israeli military towed the boat to the Israeli port of Ashdod and detained the women for up to four days before deporting them. We speak to passenger Ann Wright, retired Army colonel and former U.S. diplomat. Her recent article is titled "Women’s Boat to Gaza Participants See the Israeli Imposed Perpetual Darkness on Gaza." Wright spent 29 years in the military and later served as a high-ranking diplomat in the State Department.


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