Yemen, Israel, and Syria v. Clinton

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Latuff: You said it. More of our adventures abroad and don’t think Hillary will do better. If they hate Obama so much, they will love her.

Below is a transcript on things that are at stake in this election, but for our international friends there are a few things to point out. People in the United States really don’t care or take various positions.

Obama is the peace president, believe it or not. Now this will be difficult to believe given the facts in the transcript below, but it is true. All along, he had to resist Hillary’s more militant and aggressive attitudes while she was Secretary of State. Now the election seems to have come down, and we do mean down, to a choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

The idea that a female would be a more peace-loving ruler is conceived against the backgrounds of Golda Meir and Indira Ghandi. Golda led the war of aggression against several Arab states in 1967 and Ghandi went all out against just about anybody she could find. The U.S. finally stopped hey only when she insisted that Coca Cola reveal its secret formula. I know that sound weird, but remember that Alliende was victim of a coup after he tried to nationalize the phone company and coca Cola. Kissinger was the motivating force against that.

So, here we have the transcript of what we are doing in Yemen. Donald is busy grabbing pussy and Hillary is busy defending a woman’s right to her pussy, so Obama is left with the more serious business of making war on humanity. The only problem is that Clinton will be much worse. Trump? It is not clear what he would do, but one can expect the same subtlety of thought and “strategery” of Bush II and his Oedipus Complex from him.

One final note: a bill to increase weapons to Saudi Arabia has passed. Rand Paul and a few Democrats still oppose it, but it will be implemented. Still, the whole issue is that there are bad optics here. I wonder what the Calculus will be?


· Yemen

· Saudi Arabia



Yemeni journalist based in Sana’a and founder and president of the media service company Yemen Alaan, or Yemen Now.


executive director of Human Rights Watch’s Middle East and North Africa Division. She has made numerous trips to Yemen, including a visit this year to examine the impact of Saudi-led coalition airstrikes.

This is viewer supported news


On Sunday, thousands of Yemenis gathered at the United Nations building in Sana’a calling for an international investigation into the U.S-backed Saudi assault on a funeral. The attack was carried out with warplanes and munitions sold to the Saudi-led coalition by the United States. The U.S. Air Force continues to provide midair refueling to Saudi warplanes. According to the U.N., more than 4,000 civilians have been killed and over 7,000 injured since the Saudi-led coalition bombing began last year. Airstrikes have reportedly caused about 60 percent of the deaths. We go to Sana’a to speak with Yemeni journalist Nasser Arrabyee and Sarah Leah Whitson of Human Rights Watch.


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