Election as a Disease

Posted in Uncategorized by @honestcharlie on September 12, 2016


Putin and Obama and Syria peace talks. By Latuff

“Listen world and you shall hear

Of electoral nonsense happening here.

A mainstream media sputtering agog,

With all the wisdom of a flatulent frog.

Our overseas readers, especially, would like to know more about what is happening in our election, things such as positions and policies and the like. Well, they will be disappointed for some time to come and should know that many Americans simply wish it were all over. However, here are a few incidents and observations:

We have a one party system with two wings, Democratic and Republican. The third and fourth parties are not likely to have any real effect.

The Libertarian candidate recently was asked about Aleppo. He asked, “What is Aleppo?” Perhaps he thought it was some sort of Italian sports car?

There has been quite a bit of speculation about Hillary Clinton’s health and Donald Trump said that He would take a physical exam, perhaps implying that she should take one too? Perhaps it would be better for all concerned if he took a written exam.

We have had a great deal of controversy over the issue of 9/11. Wasn’t that the day we staged a coup against Alliende in Chile and replaced him with Pinochet? This was during the Nixon administration. On opening day of our 9/11, now called “Patriots day,” many professional football players did not stand during the national anthem. Donald Trump thinks they should move to another country. President Obama said it is a First Amendment right. Hillary remains silent.

These networks have to keep talking for 24 straight hours every day, and the newspapers are not much more helpful (unless you check some online media). Still, the degeneration of the English language needs some attention. Since when has “optics” become a recognized way of saying “it looks good,” or “It looks bad”? No, we have bad “optics,” which I thought had to do with eyeglasses and telescopes and the like. Nobody writes anything anymore. “Authored” is bad enough, but now they will use “inked,” when none of them have a fountain pen and usually use a keyboard. Also “penned,” seems to becoming popular. Has nobody written anything lately?

This has been personally inked, penned, and authored by the Absurd Times, just for the hell of it. They are all comments that simply used too many characters for Twitter and might me censored by Facebook.


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