Our Election by Dobro Pozlaovat

Posted in Uncategorized by @honestcharlie on September 1, 2016


This pretty much explains itself. It also shows what a great achievement was made by Carlos Latuff to be voted 3rd in the last noted list of anti-Semites as ranked by a Zionist group. To surpass so many millions is a true accomplishment. The pressures from Israel and its supporters to such so many more billions in aid from the US are simply immense. Also, New York has directly attacked the 1st Amendment by instituting penalties for anyone advocating the BDS program.




It is now patently clear that whatever the results of the next election, the policies will be worse than in previous elections.

The absurdities of Trump’s campaign, if one can call it that, are obvious.

The Clinton policies are not yet so clear, so we will reveal them here and now. Her administration will be better internally for U.S. citizens than Trumps’. Other than that, externally, she will be worse.

It is clear that the Democrats and Republicans have managed to give the impression that theirs are the only programs worth considering, despite the obvious evidence to the contrary evidenced by the Sander’s campaign.

Third parties have been pronounced as irrelevant, so the media leaves us with what is basically a one party-system with two wings. As is pointed out below, both “Parties” claim to be different and appear different despite the fact that they agree on almost everything. The only matters that are discussed in our media are those few items on which the two wings disagree so the impression is given that there is a vast difference.

Here is the reality:

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald looks at the foreign policies of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. “You have President Obama, who himself has been very militaristic—he has bombed seven predominantly Muslim countries in the last seven years—and yet Secretary Clinton’s critique of his foreign policy is, in every case, that he’s not aggressive enough, he’s not militaristic enough,” Greenwald said. “And in Syria, in particular, they seem to really be itching to involve the U.S. a lot more directly and a lot more aggressively in that conflict.”


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