Erdogan, Israel, and our Election

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Remember Latuff? Banned in Turkey and accused of all sorts of things.

Emperor Erdogan, Trump, and Other Stuff


Papa Yaga

Nobody else at this publication wanted to publish anything for a long time, so they asked me. I said, “why not?” And so here I am.

One of you said that whoever keeps their mouth shut the longest in this election would win. Obviously, Trump has not listened. Ever.

This has all been quite silly. A Pakistani Muslim suggested that Donald read the Constitution, especially Amendment 14 of The Bill of Rights. Well, Trump claims he has read it. Nobody seems to know that only the first Ten are called the “Bill of Rights,” insisted upon before all states would agree to join back then.

Instead, Trump has talked about Islamic Terrorism. There is no such thing, but then, sometimes thinking makes it so?

Another example is Trump calling Obama the “worst President in history”. Actually, he is no great one, but he hardly qualifies as the worst and there is not likely to be an improvement anytime soon. Most of the worst that come to mind have been Republicans, BTW, including Nixon (see below), Herbert Hoover (look up depression), Grant, and there is no point in continuing the list.

He also blamed their son’s death on Hillary Clinton although George Bush II was President at the time. He has never been a history buff.

Nude photos of Trump’s wife have been published lately. Who cares? Fortunately, no nude photos of Bill Clinton have appeared. Yet. Trump is unpredictable, after all.

Hollande of France says Trump makes him want to vomit. I think he is the only foreign leader to say that – in public. Others, well, they have their own ideas. All I can say is that Trump is sort of a Groucho Marx without the humor.

Anybody know why Trump keeps praising Putin? Putin doesn’t. But what the hell? It would be in his best interest, and the interest of most of Europe, if the U.S. were in the hands of Trump. Balance of power and all that.

This actually goes back to after Hillary pushed the “reset” button. Then, a U.N. Resolution to “protect innocent civilians” from Libyan bombing – that’s all. It turned out to be regime change with catastrophic results for all concerned and neither Russia nor China has believed anything we said since.

A more recent issue is whether we paid ransom for the people in Iran, the 200 million dollars. The brilliant Gore Vidal once said, and we remind you of this many times, that this should be called the “United States of Amnesia.”

This is what happened: during the 70s, the time of two great Republicans, Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, who was appointed by Gerald Ford as his successor in order to be pardoned for his crimes, and the semi-Democrat Jimmie Carter (who today looks like a flaming left-wing liberal), the Shah of Iran paid the U.S. 400 million dollars for some weapons (we love to sell weapons). The Shah had to get out of Dodge, Iran, and appointed Shapur Baktiar (remember him?) as his successor. The weapons were never sent, although Ronnie Ray Gun did have a deal involving Iran and Honduras to overthrow the Sandinastas. The international court found us guilty, but we didn’t care. Another case involved the 400 million dollars we still kept but never sent the weapons for. The 200 Million is part of that payment and has nothing to do with hostages.

Oh well – this is a very tiring season. No wonder nobody else here wanted to write anything about it.


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