Turkey and the DNC

Posted in Uncategorized by @honestcharlie on July 27, 2016


Remember Turkey? Latuff.

Remember Latuff? Banned in Turkey and accused of all sorts of things.

These Two Weeks



In just about the entire world, people know about the staged coup in Turkey. They know about the ISIS terrorist attacks in France most recently and before that Germany. Actually, they know that Daesh not only gives Islam a bad name as nothing about the group is remotely Moslem, but they also give terrorism a bad name.

They also know that there is a new Prime Minister in England and that the funny fat guy who keeps running over children on the football field is Foreign Minister there (the one who looks like a fat Donald Trump).

In the United States, however, corporate media has pretty much blanketed the news channels with 24/7 infomercials about the two largest political parties, the neo-fascist and the neo-liberal, or Republican and Democratic, respectively.

Wikileaks released a ton of e-mails that showed, or rather documented what was already clear, the D party had no intention of allowing Sanders to be elected. Now, there are accusations that Russia, Putin, was behind it. The only real indication of this consists of a few letters from the Cryllic alphabet found in the code, or said to have been found in the code. As any mid-level programmer, or coder, know, there are many places to insert meaningless bits of information in the code that will have no effect, but that will help authenticate the programmer, or forge something. The fact is, however, those e-mails, or leaks, tell us nothing we did not already know. They simply documented it.

This was much like the leaks on Iraq and other glorious foreign policy moves the U.S. has made over the years.

Well, Das ist Alles fur Heute.


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  1. Barry Wright said, on July 27, 2016 at 1:12 pm

    very good.



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