Turkey, Nice, and Black Lives Matter

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NB.: Latuff is banned in Turkey. (So you know he’s right)



Czar Donic

Too much going on for just a succinct title.

Erdogan is demanding the mastermind of the recent “coup” to be sent to him. This mastermind is ensconced in the hotbed of Islamic Thinking, Pennsylvania, the Pocono’s, on a farm. Oh yes, he planned the coup and ordered it. “I send people to the U.S. all the time,” he said.

Kerry, Secretary of State, explained that there are procedures to go though first. What a wimp.

So, to save the country for himself, er Democracy (sorry), Erdogan jailed about 2,800 soldiers and about as many judges. Pity our democracy does not allow Obama to just throw Clarence Thomas in jail, but we have so much red tape, don’t you know?

But at least Turkey is still a good place for the U.S. to launch jet bombers and drones over Syria.

Nice (Neece)

A guy got into a truck and drove it down the road in Nice, France, killing about 200 and wounding many others. He was killed.

Now, it turns out he had a wife who divorced him and threw him out of the house and got a restraining order against him. Of course, France locked her up. She shouldn’t have pissed him off, I guess. She was NOT arrested, just “detained”. She is still “detained”.

ISIS snapped into action and claimed he was a “Soldier in their cause,” although from what little has come across about his life, he was a two-bit thug that no self-respecting mobster in the U.S. would hire. But then, perhaps standards are different in Nice.

As of yet, no judges have been arrested in France.


Not until self-proclaimed hero of 9/11, Rudy Gulliani, said that “Black Lives Matter is racist” did it seem worth investigating and explaining what that phrase means. It can be confusing, even to some well-meaning people of privilege, as an immediate response seems to be “Of course, all lives matter.” Such a reaction, however, shows a lack of reflection.

It should be clear, even to such literalists as our staff, that the motto is an affirmation that police kill blacks as if they do not consider them human. The phrase is a way of calling attention to the fact that they are.

So place this recent rise of racist sentiment with the election of Obama, but such thinking does not take into consideration the proliferation of hand-held devices that can record and even transmit live sense of killing and beating of blacks by white officers. The reverse incident in Dallas is much more rare, but still the hand-held cameras are what made it so prominent.

We have had enough for now, thank you.


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