The Absurd Times Brexit, And Boris, and Trump, OH MY!

Posted in Uncategorized by @honestcharlie on June 28, 2016


Brexit, and Boris, and Trump, OH MY


Czar Donic

The UK has voted to exit the European Union. This is bad for Briton, the EU, and capitalism in general and, hence, a good thing, although few see it that way.

I asked a journalist in England, who had for a short time been an MP, and then decided he could accomplish more through journalism whether he though Boris Johnson looked like Donald Trump after being locked in a pizza parlor for three months. At the time, he was hospitalized, so I said I could wait until he recovered. His response what that he didn’t have to wait, he agreed. [You can get his podcast called "The Three Muckrakers" off the net.] I should point out that someone sent me that poster (above) right after the response from Dennis.

I understand that Boris started out as a comedian, but he obviously do not ven come up to Rodney Dangerfield status and so went into politics and became Mayor of London. Many consider this the best joke of his career, until now.

Upon hearing of England’s decision to quit, Germany seems to have said, and I translate freely, using some of the words literally and adding a few, "Ve must make zis bloody! Ze must feel pain! Ve vill build U-Boats!"

After the voted, Google announced that the two most Googled terms from England were "What happens with leaving the EU?" and "What is the EU?" Perhaps the greatest blow to England’s prestige is that the people have lost the right to look at American voters as more stupid than they.

For some reason, the Labour Party is splitting and some are calling for the resignation of Jeremy Corbyn, perhaps the only sane politician in the entire fiasco. Cameron, of course, will resign.

I am told that both Johnson and Cameron attended Oxford. If this is true, Oxford University now has a great deal to apologize for.

It has been awhile before someone thoughtful has commented on this situation. Trump said it was good for golf. One of its supporters said "Well, I was lying when I said it would mean 350 million pounds a week to the health service".

However, below, we have a thoughtful analysis:

Britain remains in a widening crisis days after voters chose to leave the European Union. British Prime Minister David Cameron has announced his resignation. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is facing a coup within his own party as more than a dozen members of his shadow cabinet have resigned or been sacked. Scotland has announced it will take any steps needed to stay inside the European Union, including possibly holding a second independence referendum. Meanwhile, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is headed to Brussels and London to discuss the political and economic upheaval caused by the Brexit vote. To make sense of what’s happening, we speak to longtime British journalist Paul Mason, who has worked at the BBC and Channel 4. His new book is titled "Postcapitalism: A Guide to Our Future"


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