The Absurd Times Exorcising Trump

Posted in Uncategorized by @honestcharlie on June 24, 2016


Obviously, reason will not work, so let us try some magic!

We are going to have to use the latest insights of Noetic Science to Exorcise Donald Trump, and perhaps Hillary, from the campaign. We will need all to concentrate on the magic square below and precisely 24:00 GMT and consider the flowing truths about it. The date will be 6/29/2019.

16 3 2 13
5 10 11 8
9 6 7 12
4 15 14 1

Here are the ideas to focus on. Add all the numbers in any row, or top to bottom and you will get 34. This is any row.

Well, try it on a column, from left to right. 34.

Try adding any diagonal. 34.

Take any quadrant; say the four squares in the upper right hand corner. 34.

Upper left hand corner? 34.

Lower left hand four? 34.

Lower right hand four? 34.

How about the quadrant in the center? 34.

The middle four squares? 34.

How about the four squares in each corner? 34.

If we all focus on that, and say "34, Trump’s a Whore," he will collapse.

Start over and say, each time, "34, Hillary Whore," and maybe it will work.

If not, we will need an 8 x 8 square for here.

This one, courtesy of Albrecht Durier, 1514 a. d. , the two numbers in the center bottom.

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