New York Senate Approves Sweeping Ban On Funding of Student Groups Supporting Israeli Boycott and Other Forms of “Intolerance”

Posted in Uncategorized by @honestcharlie on June 20, 2016

This, for me, is New York. Everybody there should leave.


Seal_of_New_York_svgWe have been discussing the arrest of people in other countries for participating in protests to boycott Israel and other measures. These actions raise serious free speech issues. Some states have created laws barring contracts with companies that join the boycott of Israel. Now, a controversial measure has passed the New York Senate that bars the funding of any student groups that encourage boycotts of Israel and other allies as well as those groups involved in “hate speech” and “intolerance.” However, the bill introduced by New York state Senator Jack M. Martins (R-Nassau County) is so ambiguously worded as to defy definition of the underlying violations — a critical flaw under first amendment analysis. However, over the objections of various groups, the bill has garnered growing support among politicians.

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