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Our Illustrator sent this message last night:

We did it! We brought Cruz down. What power we have! Maybe we can micro manage the whole campaign and get the result we want – President Bernie Sanders and a democratic congress! 🙂

Yes, we are powerful. Remember when Newsweek announced it was going digital and thus challenging the Absurd Times? Well, when’s the last time you bought a copy of Newsweek? Remember when Obama and Hillary announced that Crimea would never choose to be Russian? We told you they would. We also said that the most dangerous Republican running this time was John Kasich. Well, we hereby command him to withdraw or we will go after him.

[Sorry, we had to stop typing and do other things.  I suspect my keystrokes were monitored and the news passed to Kasich – that's fine because I'm tired of figuring out how to spell that name.]

Here is a statement many were unprepared for. More about it after you read it:

Mark Pw Haim

April 30 at 10:30am · Columbia, MO ·
Effective this morning, I’m going on holiday.
No, I’m not leaving town for vacation, but rather I’m taking a break from posting about electoral matters here on FB.
Quite honestly, I don’t have the emotional energy to deal with all the negativity engendered by differences in approach to elections, their meaning and our roles as citizens.
I believe in engaged citizenship. I also see politics as the art of the possible and see voting as something to be done strategically, given the flawed and undemocratic nature of our electoral system.
I recognize that outcomes matter.
I care deeply about the planet, the urgent need to address the climate crisis, and a whole variety of other pressing issues, from court appointments to reproductive rights, from the minimum wage to social security, from immigration to healthcare, the cost of college and so many more on which there are real differences between centrist Ds, and hard-right Rs.
I continue to encourage all in states that haven’t voted yet to support Bernie. Perhaps a miracle is still possible. But I think it’s OK to share candidly my thoughts as to what we might do if Bernie does not pull off this long-shot upset, especially when I’m seeing multiple posts daily urging Bernie to run as an independent or Green and urging people to write-in Bernie, if HRC is the nominee.
Some of the responses I’ve seen to my posts and comments, essentially calling me a "sellout" for urging continued organizing–being in this for the long haul–and strategic voting in November, have been very disconcerting.
I respect the rights of others to view things differently. But trying to point out, in a respectful manner, why, from my perspective, the "Bernie or Bust" mindset is counterproductive has just been a source of acrimony. No, voting for a centrist does not mean one embraces the ideology and values of centrism. It simply indicates one is making a rational choice given a limited set of options.
I honestly just don’t have the time or energy for this. There are places where I need to put my energy. I appreciate and respect everyone I’ve worked with over the past many months on Bernie’s campaign and I thank you all for the time, effort and energy you’ve put forth.
P.S. Feel free to comment if you like, but I’m not going to be drawn in to debating these issues here. For me it’s time to move on.


Well, that’s Mark for you. He is hardly a sell-out and has long been a social activist. I know him and can tell you that if he has any short-coming, it is that he is just too much a believer in the human race.

As for me, it is not Bernie or Bust, not at all. If it is Bernie, I may consider involvement in the political system again – MAYBE. Let me give a brief history.

In 1960, the people tried a new approach, especially in Viet-Nam. JFK was elected and decided to stop interfering. So, the CIA shot him.

The Republicans nominated Barry Goldwater to oppose Lyndon Johnson, the peace candidate. We voted against more war. We got LBJ and more war.

1n 1968, McCarthy proved that the people were still against the war, decided against Hubert Humphrey (for 8 years HHH kept saying things, as Mort Sahl pointed out, "it’s a beautiful day – just as the President promised") and Bobby Kennedy ran as well. Martin Luther king was killed, the Bobby Kennedy, they even threw in George Wallace for good measure.

Nixon promised two things: Bring us together and end the war. He had a secret plan. We didn’t know it was to increase the genocide and expand it and start it up domestically [Kent State]. It does sound like Trump promising to eliminate ISIS but not giving away his plans, eh?

The final one worth voting for was Obama and we know how that turned out. At least he didn’t insult our intelligence every time he opened his mouth, but that was about it.

The jokers and fools who think the choice between Hillary and Donald is significant are very strange indeed. The only fun that is left to come is the spectacle of Fox News having to think up ways to make Donald Trump look good because is is a Republican.

And I promise, this is it for U.S. election drivel.


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