The Press Gets it wrong, again

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Illustration: I’m not sure where the NY Times fits into this.



Adrian Leverkuhn

One of you sent this reaction to events of late. This person usually send two or three at a time and I’ve quoted them an the order posted:

If anyone can win without submitting to Israel, it will be Bernie. I like that he said he had more important things to do than go visit Aipac or whatever they call themselves. While all the others sickeningly went and bowed and scraped and said I am the biggest supporter of Israel blah blah blah blah.

Well if it is Kasich, I will probably sit it out. If it’s Trump vs Hillary, I’d be tempted to vote Trump. If is is Cruz vs Hillary, I might have to vote for her- tho I’d hate myself for it.

My 99 year old aunt in Alton said she wanted to see a woman president before she died. But just lately she went to St Louis and heard Sanders and was very impressed.

And then:

Trump is right- Cruz is a Trojan Horse. The rapers [Republicans] are using him to deflate Trump and then they will dump Cruz for someone else at the convention. How duplicitous, but typical raper strategy. Looks like Hillary is the next president by default.

[Quoted verbatim]

I cannot disagree with anything he said, but would add a bit. Lately you will see a great deal of back and forth between Hillary and Sanders about “qualifications,” as this all comes from an interview with the New York Post. So, once the interview was over, the results were distorted in the writing and then allusions to it further inflamed the situation as they were even more distorted. For this reason, I am reprinting this interview with someone who was actually there and who reports on it. He is very accurate in general and there is no reason to think he is unreliable here:

Much of the corporate media has been openly criticizing Bernie Sanders’ performance during an interview with the New York Daily News editorial board. The Washington Post ran an article titled “9 Things Bernie Sanders Should’ve Known About But Didn’t in That Daily News Interview.” Former Obama adviser Dan Pfeiffer tweeted: “The Transcript of Sanders’ meeting with the Daily News Ed Board is almost as damning as Trump’s with the WaPo.” We get a different perspective from someone who was actually there: Daily News columnist Juan González.


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