Brussels Deconstructed

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Everyone marching the wrong way. Latuff.

Brussels Deconstructed


Post Modernist Frankfurt Existential Avaunt Guarde, Ph.D.

When I heard the New York response to the attack, sending the Hercules force into action, I suddenly know what the attack meant and was about. We have a couple interviews that actually speak meaningfully on the incident and do not focus on the deaths, who, where, Jihad, and such fare and are worth reading, but first an insight here.

Hercules was faced with several impossible or inhuman tasks, one of which was cleaning out the Augean stables, essentially an endless supply of unmitigated horseshit and other foul substances thrown in for good measure. We have been suffering though our own Augean stable of domestic politics here to the point it is futile and meaningless to even comment on them. In the last worthwhile gesture, Sanders decided not to visit the charming gathering called AIPAC and also pointed out that we are fighting a war with a terrorist group, not a religion. This is actually a bold statement this year, so you have an idea.

Well, finally, someone cut through the crap and said something meaningful about the situation.

Belgium has begun three days of mourning after at least 31 people died and over 230 were injured Tuesday in bombings targeting the Brussels Airport and a crowded subway station near the headquarters of the European Union. ISIS took responsibility for the Brussels bombings and claimed more would follow. The bombings took place just days after authorities arrested Salah Abdeslam, a suspect in the November Paris attacks that killed 130 people. A massive manhunt is underway for a 24-year-old Belgium man named Najim Laachraoui, who is suspected of being involved in Tuesday’s attack as well as the Paris bombings. Over the past decade, hundreds of young Belgian men have left their home to fight with ISIS and other militant groups in the Middle East. We speak to three guests about the Brussels attack and how Belgium should respond: Frank Barat in Brussels, journalist Joshua Hersh and Yasser Louati of the the Collective Against Islamophobia in France.


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