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Illustration: Pre-Enlightenment vision of the Cosmos – Shared today.

Illustration: This is a fundamentalist vision of how the cosmos is arranged. The concepts of “down in Hell,” and “up in Heaven” are quite clear. Hanging from a chain or string from Heaven is the universe and if you are really good, you get to go up. From there you are either let in, or sent down to “burn in Hell.” This is not made up. Most Evangelicals or “Born again Xtians” believe this, but would be hard put to draw it. That Universe was made 6,000 years ago after Lucifer and 1/3 of Heaven’s Angels revolted, staged a revolution, and were sent down to a newly created Hell. The date of this even is not clear. These are the people voting for Ted Cruz and Donald Trump today.




I honestly could not think of anything else as a title, so there it is.

Some people get the idea that important issues have not been mentioned lately on American television because of the Republican Debates. Actually, Racism, Poverty, Freedom of the Press, Equal Rights for Women, Right to Choose, Sexual Identity, the need for true investigative reporting, and corporate greed were all mentioned live on television in the past few weeks, only it happened to be at the Oscars Awards, not during a Republican Debate.

NEWS FLASH: NANCY REAGAN IS DEAD! She is most remembered for her remark that the best way to avoid addiction is to “Just say NO.” It may have been good advice as NO = Nitrous Oxide, or laughing gas.

To understand the voting so far in the American primaries, the “Super Tuesday,” and most recent states holding elections, come from an area with a population that overwhelmingly believes that the universe is as depicted above. Remaining states will be much more sane and reasonable and this should be remembered when the delegate count is totaled. In addition, Sanders is much more popular with all American voters when compared to Trump than Hillary. Most of Hillary’s support with African-American voters is due to their proximity to the bible belt racists on the other side. Anyway, that is enough of this silly season report.

Israel is taking great advantage of this interlude to both expand and increase its pressure of both the Palestinian people and our election. Recently, there has been attempts to compare Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler because he asked for a show of support at a rally and that was just like Hitter at the Holocaust. Raising ones hand in support is a far cry from the Nazi salute, but Trump is increasingly coming under attack by Zionist activists because he said that we should be more “neutral” in our relations between Israel and the Palestinians.

It should be clear that Mr. Trump’s campaign is operated much like P. T. Barnum’s publicity practices and the theme is subject to change at any time depending on how popular it sounds. Most of those supporting him have no real idea that he is one of the 1%. They are unhappy with the political situation as it stands today and that is about it.

If the Nazi salute is an issue we should take seriously, Mr. Foxman, what about this Nazi salute?:

A 50 year old mother was killed in Palestine as a “Terrorist.” She had no weapon. Her offense, it seems, was giving birth. This is arguably a bad thing, but it is hardly akin to the holocaust.

90% of the Ukrainian soldiers that were in Crimea prior to its independence have chosen to stay there. The other 10% returned to Ukraine. This is hardly a mass defection or expression of discontent.

At any rate, here is some more on foreign policy and the election:

In a recent article, historian and retired Colonel Andrew Bacevich raised six questions that have been ignored in the 2016 presidential race. Most notably, he says, “Nearly 15 years after this ‘war’ was launched by George W. Bush, why hasn’t ‘the most powerful military in the world,’ ‘the finest fighting force in the history of the world’ won it? Why isn’t victory anywhere in sight?” Bacevich joins us from Boston to talk about the race and these missing questions. His new book, “America’s War for the Greater Middle East: A Military History,” will be published next month. He is professor emeritus of international relations and history at Boston University.


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