The Confusion of the Amerikan Primaries — Explained

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Illustration: Hillary in whatever a meme is.

There seems to be a great deal of interest overseas in our election this time as it is even stranger than usual. This is an attempt to clear up some of the confusion for international audiences.

The Democratic side seems strange because of how the delegates seem to stack up. You only need one simple rule to tell how Bernie Sanders is doing against Hillary Clinton and that is to subtract about 400 delegates from what seems to be a large total. The 400 are so-called “Super Delegates” who are establishment party members whose vote is really fungible as it could be changed at any time. The rest are earned delegates as a result of primaries. Hillary won a large number of delegates in South Carolina, which seems to make her popular, but it is worth considering that the Democratic Party has not carried that state in a general election for 40 or 50 years. In short, they are meaningless so far as winning is concerned.

Sanders uses the term “Socialist” as in “Democratic Socialist” and in previous years this alone would be enough to defeat any attempt he made. This year, however, almost all Americans are “fed up” with the system. While an attempt is made in the corporate media to make this a black v. white issue as Hillary has great support from black voters in South Carolina, the reality is that with support from Dr. Cornell West and Director Spike Lee, Sanders has considerable black support. If anything, the division is one of IQ rather than race.

Hillary’s foreign policy is easily summed up as dealing with international issues through “Regime Change,” including killing such leaders as Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein, Assad (if only we could), putting “YAZ” in control in Ukraine, and, of course, helping Israel liquidate anybody who bothers it.

Sanders is relatively against intervention in other countries as there is considerable need for intervention here. There is talk about his age, but then he is only 6 years older than Hillary. To be more explicit, he was an undergraduate activist at the University of Chicago, put in jail one night for civil rights protest, while Hillary was a graduating senior in Park Ridge parading around as a Goldwater girl. (At any rate, this is close enough for politics in the Chicago area.) None of the “Super Tuesday states she won are likely to vote for any Democrat, not her especially.

On the Republican side, Donald Trump is the clearest of them all on his positions, but the Republican candidates share them all. One noticeable exception is that Trump says he will be neutral in the Palestinian issue and says that regime change is a foolish foreign policy. He maintains that killing Saddam Hussein led to ISIS and also Iranian influence in Iraq and it is difficult to refute this. Putin reputedly likes him. This is said as an attack on Trump, but whoever is President will have to deal with Vladimir Putin anyway.

The Republican party is advertised as anti-government as this is what draws support to Trump as he can say that he is not funded by special interests. Obviously, he is one of the 1%. Many “Christians” here actually believe that “Israel” in the Bible refers to the United States. At this point, we see no purpose in discussing these people any further.

We do have another illustration for you. The guy on the right is one of Hillary’s favorites and the one on the left, who wants to be an Emperor is a close second:

Here is a discussion, but keep in mind that the New York Times is an establishment Newspaper:

The New York Times has published a major two-part exposé titled “The Libya Gamble” on how then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pushed President Obama to begin bombing Libya five years ago this month. Today, Libya is a failed state and a haven for terrorists. How much should Hillary Clinton be blamed for the crisis? We speak to journalist Scott Shane of The New York Times.


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