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We have launched the New Absurd Times Television Network. In accordance with the most accepted American news practice, everything is labeled “BREAKING NEWS,’ no mater what it is, if you already knew about it, or, quite frankly, do not care one bit. It is abailable on You Tube and updates will be posted on You Tube, probably on Sundays, if we really feel like it. Just search on Absurd Times or, perhaps Czar Donic.

Justice Scalia is dead, BTW. So much is made of him being a “textualist,” meaning one who read the actual text of the constitution and interprets it the way it was meant to be understood. This is all very well and good if you understand the people who wrote the text. Now this was the Revolution, folks, the time of Voltaire, Rousseau, and the French Revolution as well. In fact, the French invited our leaders over there for advice during their revolution. If Scalia bears any resemblance to the thinking of that period it is to be found in the character of Pangloss in Candide. He certainly was no Tom Paine.

You can find out what you need to know about the miracle of American Capitalist “Privatization” by visiting .

Since this is a Political season, people around the world are wondering what the hell is really going on here. We had one President who served out his full term in only 39 days, William Henry Harrison. A great model and he was even more short-lived as a leader that the underesitmated Shapoor Baktiar, who served as President of Iran between the rule of the Shah and the Ayatollah. 41 days, I believe it was. No statues were erected for him, whereas we cling to our images of Jefferson Davis on the Confederacy. Actually, if might have been a wise idea to simply let those states go and allow any slaves to immigrate, but then we do need our Consititution with his prohibition against “involuntary servitude,” a point important these days in the battle between Apple and the FBI.

Obama will visit Cuba soon, the first President to do so since Calvin Coolidge. The great Depression soon followed. More about Cuba soon.

But first, Apple. The FBI is trying to force Apple to write code to break its own encryption, just once, for the San Bernadino terrorists, both dead. Now, a warrant can be issued for things that exist, but to force someone (and thanks to Citizen’s United, remember that?) including corporations to do work against their will is unconstitutional. It amounts to Involuntary Servitude. So did the draft, but that was a different issue. When Viet Nam began to be a real internal cause, the first complaint was why guys had to be in the Army to get killed if they couldn’t drink. So the drinking age was lowered. Then the complaint was about voting. So Nixon lowered the voting age. Then people sentenced themselves to marriage rather than be in the army. Eventually, Nixon said “What the Hell,” held a lottery, and got rid of the draft, or conscription, or legalized involuntary servitude. One does wonder, however, why the FBI doesn’t simply ask the NSA for the information?

An attempt to close Guantanimo is being attacked by Republicans (you know, those people). Donald Trump says he is going to keep it open and put a whole bunch of “bad Dudes” in there. Rubio and Cruz are essential the same, although Cruz says that Obama should stay in Cuba because he wants a “Socialist Heaven” and would feel right at home.

Now, as absurd as all that sounds, we also have an greement with Cuba to return that property to them. After all, it is in their country and hence is “occupied territory”. Of course, as we see on the West Bank, the concept of “occupied” is quite slippery when used in American politics.

Oh, yes, we forgot about abortion. All these laws prohibiting abortion unless the clinic has admitting privileges is nothing more that a way to enforce anti-women legislation as “sanctity of life,” beliefs which are religiously motivated, clearly a violation of the First Amendment. So far, I think we have at least three, probably more, violations of the constitution here.

Actually, though, religion is a force for ill right now in the world. One might be tempted to say that God saw the Republican Primaries so far and decided we already were in Hell so there was no need to bother about it anymore.

Here is some more on the Apple controversy.

As the government continues to take a bite out of Apple, Apple CEO Tim Cook says the FBI’s request to unlock the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino shooters is the “software equivalent of cancer.” In an interview on ABC, he explained why the tech giant is resisting a court order to help unlock the phone. TheFBI says Apple is overstating the security risk to its devices, and argues the litigation is limited. “It won’t be unique to this one phone. It would be something that the government can use against any phone. And even if you think that it’s OK for the government to be able to break the encryption of anybody’s phone … what backdoor is accessible to the U.S. government would also be accessible to whatever is the American enemy du jour,” says our guest Barry Eisler, who has written about government surveillance in fictional form. He is also a former CIA agent. Eisler is the author of several books, most recently, “The God’s Eye View.”


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