Turkey, Daesh, Isilanity, Erdogan, Putin

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The Emperor and the Holy Man




Arthur Schopenhauer

A well-know American expression is that you “can’t tell the players without a scorecard,” an expression going back to pre-portable radio days of baseball, still applies today when trying to follow the Mid-East. This is a modest attempt to provide one. Everything here follows from my indisputable treatise on life called “The World and Will and Idea,” or Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung, if I remember accurately. In other words, everybody is defining reality they way they want to.

Turkey just shot down a Russian fighter jet. That much is objective reality. After that, everything become a matter of interpretation.

Erdogan wants to be an Emperor. Ever since his party gained a majority, he feels invincible and all-powerful. He says that he shot down the Russian jet as an act of “self-defense” as the jet was in Turkey’s airspace for over 30 seconds, yet was warned 10 times. Fast talkers, these Turks.

Daesh, is pretty indefinable other than to say it is sort of a religion, best called Isilanity. It is derived from Wahabism, a form is Islam invented in the 18th Century by a nut called Wahabbi, a guy whose father and brother said to him, to translate freely, “You’re nuts!” It is also the practiced religion of Saudi Arabia and other gulf states that call it Islam. It includes such ideas that a thousand lashes and a fine is appropriate as a reaction to a blogger who says things you don’t like. Isilanity is similar, but more idiotic.

Erdogan supplies Daesh with money in exchange for safety and cheap oil. In this respect, Daesh is similar to the Mafia, but lacking the moral compass.

Putin is the leader of Russia and does not like his country’s interests or people to be harmed. If any entity does that, he will inflict pain on them, but in his own way so as to deter them from further activities in that direction. No western country has shot down a Russian plane since the 50s, so now, about 60 years later, it is time for Russia to make sure that it does not become a habit. One should also realize that the last would-be Emperor to attack Russia was Napoleon, and he was not successful, far from it. Putin will not attack Turkey with bombs — yet. But Turkey will be the worse for this action.

Daesh attacked a Russian passenger plane over Egypt, and the next day almost 200 Daesh targets were hit. Daesh then claimed responsibility for the bombing and another 200 targets were hit.

The United States thinks that Assad needs to leave, but Putin disagrees. Some call Assad the “lesser of two evils,” but such a notion has not relevance here. Without Assad, Daesh takes over.

Since most of our readers are in Europe, there is some confusion about the Republican candidates. Donald Trump claims he had a vision and predicted 9/11 and also saw people cheering as the towers went down. Objectively, this never happened, especially in New Jersey (still noted as the place that took the Orson Welles’ Broadcast of the War of the Worlds as real), but that did not happen. It does not matter, if Trump says it happened, people believe it did.

The black guy running is named Ben Carson, no relation to Johnny Carson. There is no truth to the rumor that he had to retire from medicine as a result of dementia (at least so far as we know). He also saw the “film”, but that was a video clip that was ten years old at the time.

There is no point to any further explanation right now. The entire thing is absurd beyond words. We only need to close by saying that the only refugees that posed a significant danger in North America came over on the Mayflower and gave the indigenous population small-pox, a disease lethal to them and that is what is being celebrated here in the U.S. this holiday.


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