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Illustration: It seems that France does not see fit to tolerate support for boycott, divestment, and sanctions against dear Israel. Israel, of course, recently pointed out that it was not Hitler, but a Palestinian Cleric, that thought of sending Jews to gas chambers. Angela Merkel set him straight immediately, threatening copyright infringement.




Welcome to the U.S. Political scene, everyone. Some may have a bit of trouble figuring it out, and we are not about to make sense of it. We report, you, well, that’s your problem.

Ben Carson leads the pack this time. Joseph, yes, of Joseph and Mary, I suppose, built the pyramids in order to store grain. He probably did this to keep his mind off things while Mary was pregnant and not talking to him. A guy’s gotta keep busy.

He is the first candidate to cite as a qualification for his candidacy that he stabbed a friend, tried to hit his mother over the head with a hammer, and threw bricks and swung baseball bats at people. Of course, the anti-Carson media snapped into action and said "No he didn’t," thus reducing his credibility and increasing his popularity in the process. That’s the way politics works here.

Donald Trump comes next. That’s funny enough all by itself, but he was attacked as having asked the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson for campaign money. The trouble with this theory is that the Koch Brothers finance would-be witches and tea party types, people to the right of Mussolini, and Adelson usually finances people who want to adopt Israel and also put manned moon stations upwithin 8 years.

The most recent International activity came as a Russian Passenger jet was blown up over Egypt. At the time, Russia said there was no indication that ISIS was involved, but within 2 hours, almost 200 ISIS targets were hit in Syria in five to seven areas. By now, "Experts" are saying that it is 99.9% certain that it was a terrorist bomb, but then those are the same odds that President JFK would be assassinated in Dallas on November 22nd, 1963. (He was in office for 1,000 days.) At any rate, one does not understand the Russian temperament if one thinks they turn the other cheeck.

It rather reminds me of Tolstoy’s dying word (or at least some of them) when his friends tried to reconcile him with the Russian Orthodox Church to find his "Peace with God". He said "Even in the valley of death, two plus two does not equal six." Stubborn guy, that Tolstoy.

It reminds me of some of the more idiotic things said, or written, to me recently, namely, "The truth is the truth. If the facts don’t support it, change the facts." I replied "Your idiocy is most creatively blatant," and the quickly blocked the offender. One need not put up of nonsense if one has the good sense not to listen to it.

In older news, our George Bush I attacked Rummy and Cheney for leading Bush II astray. In response, one can only say that George II did have his own abilities, dodging shoes thrown at him being among the most obvious.

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  1. Barry Wright said, on November 8, 2015 at 8:01 pm

    I think it was actually the Russian Orthodox Church Tolstoy didn’t find copacetic, not God.

    “Even in the valley of the shadow of death, two and two do not make six.” — Leo Tolstoy Leo Tolstoy (1828—1910), Russian writer. Refusing to reconcile himself with the Russian Orthodox Church as he lay dying.



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