The Select Idiot Committee

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Illustration: When I first saw this, the caption was something like “See, just don’t bomb OUR terrorists. It costs too much to create them, ok?”

The Select Idiot Committee


Czar Donic

Last week was a demonstration of what we have in charge of our country. All the television “news” networks televised every minute of the absurdity.

We should remind you of what we said several years ago: trying to get rid of Qaddafi was stupid. It was and now just about everyone agrees.

However, a Republican, with a couple exceptions, can not admit that any use of military aggression by the United States is stupid or wrong. I have no doubt that if a President wanted to bomb Brazil the congress would vote in favor of it. Still, they had to find fault with something to do with it, so they focused on e-mails. (She used e-mails.)

For a short time, it almost seemed that something of substance would emerge. A Republican from Illinois, Peter Roskam, read from a list of “talking points” that someone in her office prepared listing a timeline of actions she took to precipitate and foster the invasion. Furthermore, she had complained to her staffer that he had left out a few things and mentioned them. However, it was time for a vote and the matter was dropped with NO indication that he disapproved of those actions anyway.

Nobody mentioned that our stance at the United Nations was that we simply wanted to “protect innocent civilians.” Even more, nobody mentioned that it was this blatant lie that led Russia and China to veto any further motions by the U.S. In any other areas. In short, they learned the hard way that they could not, and decided they would not, ever trust us again.

For Putin, it became clear that this was not a new order of things. In fact, it is one of the reasons (others are given in previous editions of the Absurd Times) to actively interfere in Syria and protect its ally.

The rest of the world has seen refugees fleeing Libya and either dying or seeking asylum in Europe. Hundreds of thousands. This did not happen under Gaddafi.

As far as Iraq and Afghanistan, those matters are now understood around the world (with the exception of parts of the U.S.). If anyone thinks there will be some change in attitude now on the part of Putin, or of China, they are subhuman.

As far as Nation Building goes, our guest exclaims “We can’t even re-build Baltimore.” How do we really think we are going to rebuild some other country? Work on Detroit. Tell Nitwit Yahoo that Palestinians did not start the Holocaust in WWII. Better yet, just send the lot of these morons to a loony bin, or a black site somewhere.

Finally, ISIS decided to tell Palestinians that they should use knives. Now when did they think of that? Maybe Nitwit Yahoo suggested it to them? Makes about as much sense as all the above.


Former secretary of state and current Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton underwent a marathon day of testimony Thursday before the House Select Committee probing the 2012 attack in Libya, which killed U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans. Throughout the hearing, Clinton defended her record on Benghazi in the face of Republican criticism. Republicans say Clinton ignored pre-attack warnings and mishandled its aftermath, even though seven previous congressional probes have found no wrongdoing. Clinton handled Republican questions with a calm demeanor, and afterward panel chair Trey Gowdy, Republican congressmember of South Carolina, admitted the hearing failed to turn up anything new. Melvin Goodman, former CIA and State Department analyst, says the Benghazi hearing has ignored the real issue for Clinton to address: the U.S. bombing of Libya that destabilized the country and set the stage for the fatal 2012 attack. “What was learned was irrelevant,” Goodman says. “What was relevant wasn’t discussed.”


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