More Turf Wars in Jerusalem

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Illustration: Latuff. This is not going to stop.

More Turf Wars in Jerusalem
Ellis Dea

Now nine Jews have been killed in Jerusalem, clearly more than during the entire Gaza slaughter. The last one (if you want to make it 10) was an Ethiopian who was first shot by a Jewish soldier and then kicked, spat upon, and beaten to death (at least report, at least, he is dead, but then it is difficult to believe any “official” reports). Of course, he was suspect from the start because he was, in Yiddish terms, a “Schwartzer,” and Schwartzers are, of course, suspect and less than human. After all, they are black in color and not “real” Jews. They are Schwartzer Jews.

We hear complaints that Israel does not have any responsible representative Palestinian to talk about this with. Well, that’s right. BECAUSE THEY PUT THEM ALL IN PRISON! C’mon, really, do they think nobody knows what is going on there? Ever hear4 of a guy named Barghouti? Probably not if you stick to corporate media.

Well, John Kerry snapped into action right away and bravely said that Israel had the right to self-defense. What the hell, or how the hell, does that fit here? Perhaps he means that the Jews should build more walls and lock more Palestinians in a smaller area while the Israeli builders knock down more buildings and put up condominiums to sell to other Israelis. I don’t know. Maybe we should give them another 3 billion dollars a year? Yeah, that would help.

There is not much new about all of this, actually, as it has been going on daily. The only new thing about it is that Israelis, mainly soldiers if seems, are also being killed. See, the Palestinian men, mainly, have learned how to stick the blade in, twist it, and then twist back and pull it out. That is how the last one got hold of an M16 rifle (guess where those are made) and then opened fire on another bunch of Israelis.

All that is clear is that this sort of thing is going to continue until the Jews forget their sense of entitlement as the “chosen people,” and start treating all humans as humans, not as “animals” to be herded and slaughtered.

Here is some more in-depth discussion:




human rights lawyer. He’s a Palestinian citizen of Israel who previously worked as senior attorney at Adalah, a leading human rights group in Israel.


senior analyst at the International Crisis Group, covering Gaza, Israel, Jordan and the West Bank. His new article for The New York Times is headlined “Mismanaging the Conflict in Jerusalem.”

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death toll from violence in Israel and the Occupied Territories has increased with new Palestinian stabbing attacks and an intensified Israeli crackdown. On Sunday, an attacker identified as a 21-year-old Arab citizen of Israel knifed an Israeli soldier to death and then opened fire at a bus station in Beersheba, wounding 10 people. The attacker was killed. In an apparent case of racial profiling, a mob of soldiers and bystanders then shot and beat an Eritrean man to death, mistakenly thinking he was a second assailant. After sealing off East Jerusalem neighborhoods last week, Israel is widening its crackdown on Arab residents and continuing military operations across the West Bank and Gaza. The United Nations says last week was the deadliest for Palestinians in the West Bank and Israel in 10 years, raising concerns “of excessive use of force, and violations of the right to life and security of the person.” We are joined by two guests: Jamil Dakwar, a Palestinian human rights lawyer with Israeli citizenship, and Nathan Thrall, senior analyst at the International Crisis Group whose new article for The New York Times is “Mismanaging the Conflict in Jerusalem.”


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