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Illustration: Carlos Latuff from about a week past. Israel is begging for it and they will most likely get it.



Czar Donic

Too much to digest, actually, but here is a bit of it:

A bombing killed 130 people or more in Turkey during a peace demonstration. The governments there were only, ONLY, 97 killed and blamed it on ISIS. We can wonder about this as we can not remember a single bombing that happened that ISIS did not take “credit” for that they accomplished. They did not take “credit” for this.

The Turkish government snapped into action immediately. They blocked Twitter. You have to hand it to Erdogan, the Emperor is not one to sit back on his laurels. Smirk

The U.S. Government also snapped into action. After spending half a billion dollars training some Syrians to fight ISIS, these well-trained, lean, mean, killing machines, promptly got captured, joined the enemy, or simply got lost somewhere out there and died. Not to be deterred, we dropped 50 tons of weapons and ammunition on the so-called Free Syrian Army. Rumor has it that the spectacle of 50, or was it 50,000 tons of stuff dropped from the sky scared the Free Syrian Army off towards Turkey and the weapons were picked up by Assad’s troops. Well, if they dropped 50,000 tons of stuff like that on you, wouldn’t you run like hell? I’d sure get outta there.

Stateside, the looney tunes segment of Congress, the Republicans, along with a few kind words from the Pope, convinced John Boehner to quit both as Speaker of the House and member of Congress, effective in 2 weeks. The problem is that the appointed replacement said that the Benghazi committee was convened for political purposes to discredit Hillary Clinton. We had long ago said that the only reason for such a committee would be to investigate why the hell we removed Gaddafi in the first place. Well, anyway, he was telling the truth about the committee and thus committed a gaffe. A gaffe is defined as telling the truth when it is to your disadvantage or pisses someone off.

The situation now is that nobody wants to be speaker, even though it is third in line, the President, the Vice-President, and the Speaker of the house, in case of a string of deaths. In addition, there is no rule that one need be in congress to be speaker. We would like to suggest Tiger Woods for the position as we have never had a Buddhist speaker.

A group of Saudi Royalty types went to visit Putin to tell him to stop helping Assad. That may be the funniest event of the month. We do not have a direct transcript of the meeting, but we are convinced it is hilarious. He did offer to sell them some military weapons, however, so they can protect themselves from all the angry women in their country.

You may have noticed that every November there is a spate of discussion on who killed JFK. Is was a long time ago and today the truth seems even more absurd than it did at the time, but a new book rather clears things up. Our Donald Trump, let’s just say Donald Trump, says that Hillary Clinton was the worst Secretary of State ever. Well, he was wrong as he does not remember John Foster Dulles. His brother was Alan Dulles, head of the CIA. Fortunately, this book has just been published and we print a transcript of the interview here as it tells us who really started the crap with Iran and Cuba, why the CIA hated JFK and wanted to stab him in the back repeatedly and how it was behond all the real crap that went down before they finally decided that Kennedy was just to great a liability for the United States (despite the fact that he tried, halfheartedly, to go along with a lot of this crap):


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