Putin v. ISIS

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Illustration: Think about all the refugees. Does anyone still seriously think that attacking this man was a good idea for anyone except arms manufacturers? One of our proudest moments was FACEBOOK labeling our post on the subject at the time as “objectionable”. It isn’t easy to get objectionable on Facebook. Finally, the benefits mentioned are the real reason the corporate world was so happy to attack Gaddafi.

Putin v. Isis and other twitterings


John Wick

It is about time to straighten a few things out, see?

Ok, now, the rumors are that Putin is going to put Russian Troops in Syria and do battle with ISIS, ISIL, DAESH, or IS, whatever your mood is at the moment. There is little point in wondering about it for these reasons, put in the form of questions:

  1. Do you know of any time, ever, that Putin has simply given up on a Russian base, especially one that is Internationally recognized such as the two in Syria which are is two ports on the Mediterranean?
  2. If he is going to send many Russian troops to Syria, do you think he would announce it ahead of time?
  3. If he is not going to send such troops, would you expect him to say so?

Now, another thought that needs to be considered when thinking about whether such a move would be successful: think back and remember all the pirate attacks off the coast of Somalia. Once, these pirates took a Russian vessel. The Russians reacted. Since then, there has not been one single pirate attack. It may not have been a pleasant experience for the Russians immediately involved, but such attacks have ended forever.

If you still think he may not take such action, you can ask yourself if you really think that he will abandon Crimea.

Finally, the mention of this has reached the corporate media. Of course, it has been denied by our administration, but, of course, we are ever vigilant. This brings to mind that long truism that one should never believe a rumor to be true until it is officially denied. Russians are embedded with Syrian soldiers in Damascus and they will strenuously defend their two ports. That’s that.

There is more, but that is enough for now. We can observe that none to the gulf Arab states are helping the refugees from Syria. Only people who speak German are.

Finally, we’ve re-opened the Absurd Times to the public on Facebook. Maybe they will honor us by calling it “objectionable” again.


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