Megyn Kelley’s Period

Posted in Uncategorized by @honestcharlie on August 9, 2015


Illustration: Megyn Kelley, in case you don’t know who she is, taken from her You Tube diatribe about Santa Claus being white.



Czar Donic

No need for a large edition this time, but we do have to discuss the most serious and important issue being discussed about the current race for the nomination of the Republican Party for President.

The big question to be settled is this: DID DONALD TRUMP REFER TO MEGYN KELLEY’S PERIOD DURING THE DEBATE? She is one of the Faux or Fox News favorites who was asking questions during the debate. The debate was watched at one time or another by 36 million people, and only because Donald Trump was there as an entertaining participant.

She said, to paraphrase, that Donald Trump was evil about women. He said, essentially, only Rosie O’Donnel. She argued that he was generally misogynistic (again, not using that word as it is too big and, also, hard to spell).

He said she was bleeding out of her eyes and, uh, wherever. He also said the same about Chris Wallace, the son of the well-known legend. However, he did not way, uh, wherever about Wallace.

Now this goes straight to the core of what is important in American politics today, or at least politics in the Republican Party (sort of the Tories in the states). Polls show Trump is even more popular now than before, but that does not address this burning issue. We can not divert our attention with statistics.

So, what about Megyn Kelley’s period? Was she having one? did Trump mention it? Was Chris Wallace having one? Was Donald Trump having one? These issues must be settled before we can move on with other issues. No, not nuclear treaties, environmental disasters, economic inequality by design — all such issues have to wait until be can answer this basic question.

I know we are expert on political, psychological, and economic issues, but we have to admit here that we are positively stumped by this question. In fact, it did not even occur to us until Republicans, and then the media, began to argue about it.

If we ever do get a definitive answer, we will let you know. These are difficult questions and deserve to be taken just as seriously as, well, we don’t really care.


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