Silly Season — Republican Primary Season

Posted in Uncategorized by @honestcharlie on August 5, 2015


This was the last President from the Republican Party. Who is stupid enough to top that and thus be the next President?

I have heard it said that he is so stupid that he takes notes while watching the Three Stooges, to get the number right if nothing else. However, he is stupid enough to follow George II and, of course, comes from Texas.

Ted Cruz is also running. He is the guy who said that Obama is the leading state sponsor of terrorism. He also has the advantage of being stupid. He has the disadvantage of a college education, but he is redeemed by also coming from Texas.

Donald Trump. Usually, one does not need to say more, but he did say Hillary Clinton was the worst Secretary in the history of the United States. I suppose he never heard of Dulles? Who was the only Secretary of state ever to be elected President? Thomas Jefferson. Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump knew Thomas Jefferson and you are no Thomas Jefferson.

I imagine you have heard enough. The only candidate so far to speak rationally, if wrongly, is Rand Paul. This gives him the disadvantage of only being understood by people with triple digit IQs (a minority in the party), but he does has a base of quasi-Libertarian followers who like the legal pot and prostitution ideas and not getting into wars overseas (another minority in the party).

Appropriately enough, they will all appear the same night on Faux news. Faux chose which ones appeared where, ignoring the error of measurement of all the polls which is about 4 points.

Perhaps the first woman President will be Carley Fiorina who may do to ISIS what she did to Hewlet Packard, but we doubt it.

Well, have fun.


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