Iran and our Species

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Illustration: Last Supper by Da Vinci, shown here to point out that humans are capable of doing better than those discussed below, or else as an example of devolution of the species or the descent of man.



Czar Donic

I have simply not been motivated to write anything for some time, but several thoughts have occurred that I’d like to share. Perhaps the only positive thing about all this is that several counts against Ron Blagojevich have been dropped and a reduction of sentence recommended. A great step forward in fighting corruption.

Iran: It seems the Great Satan (the U.S.) has a deal with the Axis of Evil (Iran) to prevent it from having a bomb.

Listen my children and you shall hear,

Something closer to reality than the B.S. you’ve been fed for many a year.

But first, a few other things to mention.


One of you recently sent a copy of a Fatwah issued by some crazed Wahabbi saying that drinking camel urine is a cure for bad breath. Now many people replied with gusto and anger, but I simply remarked “Darn. Not a camel in sight.” This was only because the forum only allowed 127 characters. What I would have liked to says is “W.C.Fields voice: Godfrey Daniel! And not a camel in sight. All these children wandering around with mouths reeking of lollipops and milk and not an ounce of camel urine to pump down their throats!” Well, maybe I could have achieved a few more unfollows that way.


This is a boon to comedians. I haven’t seen Saturday Night live in a long time, but they have long since lost their edge anyway. Here is a good laugh: DONALD TRUMP. See? It’s enough all by itself. He attacked McCain for only achieving war hero status by getting captured. Sarah Palin has not come to his rescue. Trump is ahead of the other 15 in the Republican primaries so far, but so was Michelle Bachmann (remember her, she said she grew up with John Wayne only to learn, or be told, that it was John Wayne Gacy the gay killer pedophile of Chicago who came from her home town. Anyway, Trump also gave out Lindsay Graham’s cell phone number and because of this, John K. of Ohio who announced for President the same day was ignored. simply ask around and see who knows the name K. and who know Trump gave out a cell phone number and you will find out how well our political system is working these days.


Some people have found out that many white cops are racist. Sarah Bland who died in Texas after failing to signal for a lane change is simply the last example. There is only one point to make in addition to this situation, one that has not been mentioned anywhere else. Sarah was driving to a new job in Texas. She was driving there from Chicago. In none of the photos is it clear what license plates she had on her car, but it is safe to assume they were Illinois plates. Well, if you have Illinois or New York Plates on your car, you can drive to Florida fairly safely, but if you go south and then turn towards the west, through “Dixie,” you are a target. Been there, done that.


It seems all the donations made in the U.S. are in some warehouse on the east coast. Meanwhile, the Saudi planes continue to bomb and kill people. Our media seems to think it’s all the fault of Iran.


It just keeps getting worse, but the news here ignores it completely. They did celebrate the one year anniversary of the Malaysian Airliner crash. Who shot it down and why is still shrouded in mystery since all the Ukrainian weapons at that time were Russian made. The pro-anti-Putin people in Ukraine prefer, btw, the term Nazi as they do not like the neo part of it all.


Our latest suggestion is for everyone in Anwar Province who is not Daesh or ISIL should leave because we are going to bomb it. Does the same logic apply to Chattanooga? I think not but, unfortunately, we are not always dealing with logic here.

For example, Iran is on our list of State Sponsors of Terrorism. This is because it supports Assad and Hezbolla, it seems. Originally, it was because they were Shia. We started the whole Shia v. Sunni thing, but now what we really have trouble with are Wahabbi nuts, a version of the Sunni wing now gone even more wild than ever. Most ppl think it is not even Islam at all. Iran is the only country that has made any progress against ISIS, btw.

This is no reason to like Iran, of course. It is also no reason to hate it. We need to wait and see how Donald Trump will handle it.


The nuclear talks are mired in idiocy, or rather the conversation over what they mean is. Republicans and some right-wing Democrats talk about “terrorism,” as if Iran is responsible for it and insulting to the U.S. (or Obama is) and poor Israel is now in fear for it’s existence. Let’s go back a bit and see how we got here, way back. At first I wanted or thought to also restate recent history, but then it is clear that most of the post-Shah history is available online. What is needed is the material that is not easily available.

The U.S.A. has been called the “United States of Amnesia” as it forgets the past. The truth is, however, that it is impossible for people to forget things that they never knew. What follows is information that you will find nowhere else all together, and certainly are not allowed to be taught in school. So, the American electorate has absolutely no concept of what reality is in this situation. That, of course, will not hinder them or it from arguing about it. That’s what we call “democracy”. Alternately, we call it “patriotism,” which has eloquently been defined as “the last refuge of a scoundrel”.

We will start in the early 50s, about 20 years after Jimmie Rodgers died (just to include everyone). We were defending “democracy” against the evils of Kommunism, defined as anything left of Henry Ford. Joe McCarthy of Wisconsin was finding “communists” in the state department (just like today, it seems), and the military. He was persecuting writers, especially, with great zeal and continued until a Republican (Eisenhower) was elected. He accused Eisenhower’s brother as being a sympathizer as well as the military, and the rest of the Republican elite just was not going to allow that to happen.

Still, we continued to support free elections overseas, just so long as we approved of the results of the election. [Quick
question: when Bush insisted on elections for the
Palestinians, while hating
Arafat, who won that election?
Hamas. End of
that right
then.] Well, at that time, Iran had a free election and a guy named Mossadegh (sp?) was elected. Since we did not like him, he was removed and the Shah was put in his place by the Dulles brothers with the full consent of our government — Iranians were not consulted. The Shah did what we told him to, even supplied oil to Israel, created a savage secret police called SAVAK, and so on. You know, good ol’ fashion democratic government. The Shah was no Kommunist, not at all.

The Shah put lots of people in prison and tortured quite a few, but he still adhered to democracy, we were told. A great friend of ours, he was indeed. Eventually, during the Carter Presidency (we skipped over Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, and Ford as all was well, we are told) the people had enough and began to revolt, both left and religious groups combined in this effort. Even SAVAK was unable to kill and maim enough people to keep the Shah safe, so he got sick and left the sacrificial goat, Shapur Baktiar (sp, again) in charge. During the turnover, the poor guy kept staring up to the heavens, out of one prison into another, doubtless hoping a lightning bolt would strike either him or the Shah, but it was not to be. After a month, but before two months, he was killed and the Ayatollah was established as leader.

After awhile, some students took over the U.S. Embassy and the program AMERICA HELD HOSTAGE became a hit, hosted by Ted Koppel (who bore a striking resemblance to Howdy Doody). Jimmie Carter tried one rescue that failed. Then Ronnie Raygun’s campaign made a deal with the Ayatollah not to release the hostages until he was sworn in. This came to pass, and eventually we were treated to Ollie North testifying to Congress about the Iran-Contra scandal. If Raygun was told about all this, he forgot all about it.

Well, we got more angry at Iran [BTW: not a missle was fired at any
country during
Carter’s Presidency — one reason he is so disliked by other
former Presidents] and sent guns and information to our ally Saddam Hussein. Later, during Bush II, we said that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction and knew it because we had the receipts.

Now, most of what followed is common enough knowledge that we can stop the nostalgia and focus on the nuclear issue. Iran signed the IAEA agreement about development of peaceful means, Israel has not, and never will. 80% of the public in the Mideast would feel safer if Iran did have a nuclear weapon, but Iran never seemed to want one. In fact, the last president, whose name has always been a puzzle, Ackmedeniajad or something like that, said that such weapons were “20th Century” and that Iran was capable of defending itself. Additionally, for over 200 years, there is no record of Iran invading any other country (and a couple islands nearby claimed by Iraq are merely under dispute).

So, who came out on top with these negotiations? It was a zero sum game. Further discussion is stupid and those who raise issues over it are the same ones that started us in Iraq in the first place. We are not pleased and would prefer some good artwork or literature henceforth.


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