The Absurd Times God, Isis, Politics, Goodbye

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Above: this is what we have declined to.

Zarathustra stood amongst his animals, his eagle on one wrist and the falcon on the other. He leaned forward on his walking stick, glanced at the sun, and then to his animals.
“Ye all are with me as I glanced at the sun, and what would the sun be without those form whom it shines? Yet I am weary of man and how he has gone under and kept sinking.
“Yea verilly, I thinketh that man has sunk to his greatest depth and shall never rise up.”
With that, Zarathustra grew melancholy. He gazed about and saw his friend and said “Thou shalt go down to man and tell him how deep he has sunk. Let him know I am no longer with him, but thou, thou shalt return after this last trek and tell me what transpired. Let not man depress thee, but have fun in telling him the most recent of the truths. The tell him that Zarathustra seeks a new breed and future and bid him farewell.”
His friend replied “I’ve quit these morons, you know that.”
And Zarathustra replied with a heavy heart “Yea, I knowest that, but thou owest me this one last favor. After that, we shall stay on this mountain and roam as we wish”
And his friend replied, “Ok, ok, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to use that Renaissance English you use.”
And Zarathustra replied “It be a common error, verily Common, but speakest thou as thou wilt”

Also Sprach Zarathustra


So, here I am to clue you in. I wanted to take a break from all this nonsense, but once more around the rosie.

Let’s start out with an old simple issue, marriage. An English poet once wrote the only two lines of his worth remembering. It consists of a preface of a prospective wife named Margaret who said “I will not marry you unless you stop smoking your cigars.” At that point, Kipling wrote:

“A million Maggies are willing to bear the yoke,
And a woman is only a woman, but a good cigar is a smoke.”


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