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Illustration: This came out after the Jordanian pilot was burned alive for all to see by Daesh, or ISIS.

It would seem that this action would discourage any reasonable person from even considering ISIS (Daesh) as a legitimate concern in the Middle East or anywhere else, but it did not. It was very inane for anyone to deal with them when they said the releasse of one hostage was dependent on Jordan’s releasing a prisoner and that the pilot would be executed if she were not released. The point was that the pilot had already been executed before the threat were issued. There is no government that could possibly negotiate with this organization given this lack of credibility.

Furthermore, it led us to wonder why there has been such an increase of people drawn to join the group, especially since one reasonably sane fighter quit and returned to France because smoking was forbidden. It come down to this: you need to remember inner-city gangs with their colors and tattoos, people joining in order to belong and also to enjoy the suffering of those who did not belong. The idea of joining a gang with some professed purpose and thus being able to inflict pain and feel masculine as a result is obviously too tempting to the hormone-ridden lower IQ scum that infest our planet.

We have had little to say here in the last two weeks and, ironically, during that time readership has grown tremendously. Perhaps this is because everything we have said in the past years and months has proven true, perhaps just as a coincidence. Whatever the reason, there is a vast need for a powerful spraying of this planet with some chemical that will reduce the effects of testosterone, especially, by at least 95%. Failing that, insanity will compound itself.

In case you wonder, the Koran explicitly praises both Moses and Jesus, Judaism and Christianity, and clarifies some of their basic concepts, much like Einstein clarified Newton.

No more to say for now. Freeze your balls off.

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