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Illustration: Have any of you even heard of this? This shows what plates you need to drive in what sections of Israel. Anyone who has had to renew plates in the U.S. and a DMV will appreciate the idiocy involved.

This illustration contains a word we have never before used at this site. We do not block those under 18, so we are careful, but we will use it here. We further state that we will not use that word again!


Illustration2: Self-explanatory

These are some thoughts, not really related, except to one thing: instead of a war on drugs, we need a war on stupidity. Granted, there would be many casualties, especially in the south, but hey, war is war, as our leaders have so often pointed out. One of you said “also ignorance,” but herein ignorance is considered a part of stupidity, especially willful ignorance.

The last war I liked was the War on Poverty. The War on Christmas would have been ok, but it never got started. It turned out we lost that one too. There was the cold war, the war on drugs, the war on terrorism, and now, please let’s have this war on stupidity.

After all, if we keep calling Hitler’s strategy Blitzkrieg, we should call popular beliefs Dumbfheitkrieg, or in better phrasing, we need a Krieg auf Dummheit.

Is there a difference between our political parties? Depends on how you measure. Still, voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil. W. C. Fields had a way of maintaining his own sort of integrity: “I never vote for, I always vote against.” Still, the essential problems remains.

Republicans seem eager to investigate Benghazi when less that 2% of them can locate the continent in which it lies on the map. Still, it would be more worthy of investigation if the interest was in why we got there is the first place than on what was said on Meet the Press on Sunday Morning after some outpost was attacked. Somebody said it was Ben•gha•zi, v.: The act of beating a dead hoax.

Let’s put it this way: the fact is that more than three times as many people think the Malaysian Airliner was abducted by aliens from outer space than can locate the continent on which Benghazi lies.

I’ve seen attacks on the VA hospital system, and they are justified. Now, who voted what way when the money was being asked for by the hospital system? Anybody checked? That is where the problem is, of course. Not enough doctors, staff, etc. Was it a move against “Big Government”? After all, once a person is a veteran, he is no long a piece of military equipment — he is a human being and therefore less valued? Still, overall, the standard of care there is better than in the private sector — unless you are very rich.

Paul Ryan, a Republican, said that any woman who has an abortion after being raped should have the same prison sentence as her rapist. See, he proclaimed he was a devotee of Ann Rand until someone told him she was a atheist. Gotta punish victims, you know.

For a month or so, CNN covered a useless search for an airliner 24/7. They have now turned their attention to Donald Sterling, the Owner of a Basketball team who sounds racist. He said that he was just trying to get laid, that’s all, and wasn’t racist. He also said that when Magic Johnson contracted HIV, he, Donald, prayed for him at the synagogue — maybe that saved Magic from AIDS? If so, here is the solution to the Boku Haram situation: Donald Sterling should pray for the safe deliverance of the kidnapped girls in the synagogue. That will save us, at least, from more stupid metaphors.

The fool’s wife in 79 years old. She has had so many face-lifts that Los Angeles is now below sea level.

I am so old I remember what the “Group W Bench” was.

I remember when the parties seemed to be different.

On Twitter someone said “The differences between the Zoos in the South and North is that the Southern ones include a recipe under the animal’s name.”

A farmer in Mississippi who walks into town with a sheep under each arm is called a pimp.

The word “fascism” has been misused and stripped of much of its meaning just as the word “decimate,” meaning reduce by a tenth, was replaced by the word “destroyed.”
I use the term to mean a government of the capitalists, with the military, combined with the political class or sector. All united. In addition, when you tell a group of people that they, as a class, or “race,” are inherently superior to all other groups, or “races,” you are not likely to find much dissent — from them.

For Ukraine, I’m referring to the “Ultra-Nationalist” faction that thinks all Ukranians are superior to all other races, that Ukraine is the center of civilization, and, even in Soviet days, called itself the “breadbasket of the Soviet Union.” I used to have some pretty silly discussions on this as I’m not that fond of breadbaskets per se.

It is more of a 19th century type thing as well. These are the people that had snipers on bother sides of the street firing down on the people and claiming that these were Russian agents. Ukraine also sided with the Nazis in WWII, very happy to have them attack Russia. A sizable minority marches with general approval while wearing swastikas. This is unfair to the swastika.
Now, this is only a faction, but it is sizable, about a half of the people who want a united Ukraine. The attacks these days on the so-called “separatists” rather remind me of how our media cheer on the Al-quaeda types fighting against Assad. These are sent by Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states as well as some European countries. Many speak little Arabic and are from Chechnia and those areas and some are relocating to Ukraine.

As far as Putin goes, he is fun, but I certainly don’t want to be that close to him. I’m sure you do know how we have broken our part of the deal by expanding NATO further westward, continuing to surround Russia. Russia has always had hostile borders and Napoleon and Hitler had attacks against Russia in common.

It is getting to be a lot like Israel, in fact. Now it wants to be officially a “Jewish” state, which it always has been, of course, but previously maintained the fiction that it was “the only democracy in the Mideast” (remember that one?) Well, many people in Israel are fascists and ultra-nationalist as well. God, they say is on their side (and don’t forget Auschwitz), but God could not be reached for comment. Between 28 and 30 million Russians died in that same war.

So, yes, the term fascist is misused, but these people in Ukraine (Kiev) are no friends of democracy or socialism. Dividing the damn country along that river would be a good idea, letting the east join Russia. The people in Crimea were thrilled to have their salaries tripled and be less looked down upon, and the same goes for much of Ukraine. I can’t remember the city (Odessa) off hand, but another southern area also wants out of Ukraine. Another vote to separate got 90% in favor


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