The Absurd Times Ukraine, Idiocy, Russia, Benghazi, and Sense

Posted in Uncategorized by @honestcharlie on March 7, 2014

Ukraine, Idiocy, Russia

Just recently, Lindsay Graham proclaimed proudly on Fox that Russia’s reaction to Ukraine was a result of Benghazi. I heard this in disbelief. Preposterous! How could he get away with it?

Shortly thereafter, someone posted this survey of right-wing types, Fox news advocates, that shows where these people thought Benghazi was located. As you can see, only 2% of them could even locate the correct continent! There is no wonder these people would swallow that nonsense. They know nothing else. Still, I feel obliged to say I am not making any of this up, because what is to come is even more surrealistic.

The question was asked whether or not the U.S. has any military agreement with Ukraine, asked of course by someone who wanted a nice little war. The answer was that we did, of sorts. There was mentioned an agreement between the California National Guard and Ukraine. So, we might ask, what happens as a result?

The answer is obvious. Because of Benghazi, we send the California National Guard to Kiev (two syllables, idiots) in Ukraine and then to Crimea to rescue it from Putin who is oppressing the Tartars. That makes perfect sense.

We will get back to this issue shortly, but meanwhile, Nitwityahoo was here visiting with Obama, the most hated U.S. President of all time in Israel and who has facilitated the most for it. His, Nitwityahoo’s, speech to AIPAC was about BDS, boycotts, divestment, and sanctions. If you are interested in boycotting goods that profit Israel directly, here is a product code strip, they thing they scan to ring up your purchases:

So, look at the first three digits. This is solely done here for the purpose of giving Israel the attention it deserves during these busy times.

OK, back to Ukraine. There seems to be a contention that Crimea, a Russian speaking and Russian Ethnic section of Ukraine, can not vote to secede from Ukraine and join Russia as it wishes. This is according to its constitution. However, the constitutional president of Ukraine was overthrown in a coup engineered by the “West,” as conversations involving a U.S. Ambassador show. Also, those gunmen or snipers you saw, allegedly Pro-Russian have now been forensically identified as members of the “Ultra-Nationalist” opposition. Actually, Russia has every right to grant the request of the democratically elected President of Ukraine, who is currently in Russia, and take military action.

Putin has already gotten permission to do just this, to protect ethnic Russians in Ukraine from his own Parliament. That sounds legal enough to me. All we have to do is identify which parts are ethnically Russian and which not. Fortunately, we have this map:

So, it seems quite clear. Russia should get the red places and Poland the yellow or green (whatever that other color is). Or to make it easier, everything east of Kiev should be part of Russia or the Russian Federation and west should be part of NATO.

Now, we have not mentioned NATO. Article 5 of the agreement allows any member of NATO to have all of NATO act as if it has been attacked. Russia has been surrounded by enemies for a couple thousand years, at least, while the U.S. is safely surrounded by two oceans.

Another fact is that Europe relies on Russia for a great deal. The energy supplies are only one factor here, but they are critical.

There is one more idiocy I would like to clear up. Our press, 90% owned by 6 corporations, tells us that Russia forbade American adoption of its orphans because of Georgia (the one over there, stupid, not Atlanta). Actually, that ban went into force after a woman here, in one of our southern states, sent back an orphan she had adopted. She just put him on a plane to Moscow, put a note on him saying something like “he’s a pain in my ass,” and then forgot about him. Russia decided that Americans are not very reliable so far as adoption is concerned and it would rather take care of its own orphans.

Some people say that Ukraine first saw humans as far back as 32,000 B.C. The people who think this is important are the same people that think the world is only 6,000 years old.

I did not make any of this up!


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