The Absurd Times Gates v. Strangelove

Posted in Uncategorized by @honestcharlie on January 17, 2014

Gates v. Strangelove

I had to put these two images together just to make sure that they really are not the same person or a reincarnation. See, the last week or so has been like a bad acid trip without the benefits of one with everything as the old Zen jokes goes.

Our past Defense Dr. has written a book called “Duty,” ja, Duty über Alles, bestimmt, nicht wahr? Or something like that. At the time I was watching pundits “break” the story, however, nobody had read the book. Still, it was quoted extensively, and praised and belittled, excerpted selectively, from no one said what, but it had something to do with New York.

It seems he said Obama “lacked passion” while sending 30,000 extra troops to Afghanistan. This was exceptionally cruel as he should have been very gung ho and happy about it, especially when troops died. After all, what is he going to tell the parents and family of the killed “heroes”?

What is a hero, anyway. I had a flashback to Pat Tillman, I think his name was, a million dollar plus corner-back in the NFL who gleefully did his patriotic duty and rushed over there and became a real hero, shot in the back by his fellow soldiers (although that was not the story we first got).

It seems we also have a duty to stay in Afghanistan to support that strange guy with a cloak and funny hat, Kharzai, I think it is spelled, and whoever else against evil.

Then the Doctor appeared live, wearing an out-sized neck-brace, and I think this is what reminded me of the Dr. Strangelove. (I’m still not sure if the book has been published, however, so it is not clear what he would be signing copies of.)

In Japan they sell apps for your smart phone that will turn it into a Geiger Counter. That is nice. Take your readings with you, day or night.

They buried a big fat guy in the desert as he died, the doctors assure us. Arable land is hard to find in the area of Palestine.

In Pennsylvania, it is not wise to use your licorice smelling water for anything else but to flush toilets.

Our President made a speech about search and seizure of our private information. No particular reason, he is just a nice guy.

A white-haired guy with a pale complexion from two years inside an embassy in London appeared on CNN and said he did not believe it would be wise of him to go outside now, despite the assurances of the United States that it was not after him. He said that Snowden was the reason the President was making that speech. I believed him.

I guess a lot more happened, but that is all I have the stomach for right now.

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