The Absurd Times Dennis Rodman, the Force, and Korea

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Dennis Rodman, the Force, and Korea


Illustration: The Worm

More about the worm:

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
Drunk in Public Newport Beach, CA (Aug-1999)
Battery Miami, FL (5-Nov-1999)
Driving without a License Costa Mesa, CA (Dec-1999), pled guilty (Jul-2000)
Driving While Intoxicated Costa Mesa, CA (Dec-1999), pled guilty (Jul-2000)
Disturbing the Peace (Jun-2001)
Drunk in Public Newport Beach, CA (Sep-2003)
Driving While Intoxicated Las Vegas, NV (Oct-2003), pled no contest (Apr-2004)
Reckless Driving Breckenridge, CO (26-Jul-2005)
Failure to Appear Breckenridge, CO (14-Sep-2005)
Brandishing a Weapon Century City, CA (30-Apr-2008), charge dismissed
Domestic Violence Century City, CA (30-Apr-2008), pled no contest (24-Jun-2008)
Witness Tampering dissuading a witness, Century City, CA (30-Apr-2008), charge dismissed
Failure to Pay Child Support 2010
Contempt of Court
Traveled to North Korea Feb-2013

I’m not sure why there is so much coverage of this event. We keep hearing some rather conventional questions about his trip to Korea and whether he is working for our government, perhaps on some humanitarian mission, or whatever.

Folks, these media people (sounds like enemies in a Flash Gordon movie, like the Clay People) have no idea as to the character of this guy. His nickname is “The Worm,” having to do with his way of playing defense in professional Basketball. In the United States, among basketball fans, he was universally hated by everyone except the people in the city he was playing for. To them, he became a hero. When he was traded from Detroit to Chicago, all of a sudden he became loved in Chicago.

I have absolutely no interest in basketball, but while the Chicago Bulls were a championship team, including Michael Jordan and Scotty Pippen, Rodman was a key player. The only reason the assemblage of characters that comprised that team was the manipulation of their Coach, Phil Jackson, a great devotee of Zen Buddhism. Phil Jackson seemed more proud of certificates sent to him by Zen Monks than the championship ring, or trophy, or whatever it is the championship team gets.

Rodman, in addition to his defensive skills, was a surreal force of strangeness that worked against opposing teams. His multi-colored tattoos and variously colored hair combined to present a strangeness that the game has never seen before.

He often sat with a hood, recalling Star Wars, and referring to himself as “The Wizard.” This guy is so far out that any attempt to get into his head would result in instant Alzheimer’s.

Now, there is the current leader who reportedly feeds his political opponents to hungry dogs, but who is a great fan of basketball. He is short, chubby, and also quite strange. Our media spends a great deal of its time criticizing him, as if such coverage would affect anything other than nodded agreements for an uneducated viewing public.

That is really all that anyone needs to know about this situation.

Next time, I think it’s time for Habermas.


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