The Absurd Times Critical Theory: Knowing What it is About

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and his Masterpiece

We have recently, and fortunately, seen much more about Critical Theory (sometimes called the “Frankfurt School,” a bit too reified for my tastes), but there is little evidence anyone talking about it knows what it is all about.

Max Horkheimer, partly inspired by Arthur Schopenhauer (and not as much by Nietzsche as many seem to think), is the center of this program and devoted much of his energy towards finding the means to correct social problems using philosophy as a tool. The entire program could be characterized as a synthesis of the political left and the cultural right (if such terms mean much to you), with dialogue or give and take as a key issue, an approach sometimes referred to as “dialectic”.

For this reason we reprint one of his earlier works, written as Hitler was gaining strength and sanity loosing it. Hitler has since gone and hence has no strength, but sanity is even more rapidly on the decline.

Max Horkheimer 1939

The Social Function of Philosophy


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